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Unexpected Invitation

September 13, 2005

I guess it was true what they said: adrenaline does surge in an emergency, giving you the ability to do what you never could before.

It was only by chance that I happened to be in Forks that day. Someone had told me they thought they'd seen a master cylinder for the Rabbit in some thrift shop. Of course, they were wrong.

I was walking across the street to meet up with my ride when I heard a loud blast. There was smoke everywhere, people screaming, and cars screeching to a halt.

That was when I noticed the flashing lights amid the mess of tangled metal. Not too many people in Forks had a police cruiser, which meant there was a good chance Charlie was in there. Without a thought, I ran into the thick smoke.

Charlie was inside his car, which was lying on one side with the driver's door at the top. He was struggling to get out, but his door wouldn't open, and he wasn't using the window. It seemed like something was keeping him trapped inside the car. He looked up with relief as I approached, but his expression changed once I got close enough for him to recognize who I was.

"Jake, get the hell out of here! The car might blow up! The firefighters are on their way, I'm sure." Yeah, the twenty middle-aged volunteers who maybe saw a fire about once a decade—I wasn't going to wait around for them.

I didn't reply. It would require too much effort and oxygen.

"Get out of here now, or I'll…I'll make Billy ground you till you're thirty!"

Figures. The guy was on the verge of dying from smoke inhalation, trapped inside his cruiser, and he still couldn't swear!

I peered in through the window and saw what was keeping Charlie from getting out. The crash had pushed the dash, and it had collapsed on his lap. I tried to reach in to get his leg out, but the space was tight and the back seats were separated from the front. Damn police cars.

The door was my only option, but the handle would rip off if I pulled on it too hard.

"Lean away from the door, Charlie."

"Jake, what do you think you're doing? You're too damn skinny to rip a door out!"

Guess the guy was able to swear after all. I decided to let the insult go by. This was no time to look for ego petting.

With one hand on either side of the window frame, I grabbed the door. Charlie was right—I wasn't strong enough. Why couldn't Sam be here? He was the biggest guy on the reservation. If anyone could get this damn door opened with his bare hands it would be him.

I closed my eyes and pulled as hard as I could, hoping for that surge of adrenaline I had heard about but always believed to be myth.

Maybe the car was lighter than most. It could be that parts of the door had come apart or broken off. But whatever the reason, I was able to rip it right out, and I landed flat on my ass with the door on top of me. It was a hard enough fall that I should have been hurt—or at least winded—but I felt fine.

Once the initial shock faded, I dropped the car door onto the asphalt and got up to get Charlie. The dash couldn't be too heavy, could it? If part of the engine had been pushed in, it might be. As with the door, the dash lifted easily, giving Charlie plenty of room to get out.

He winced, unable to stand on both legs, with little space to maneuver in. Eventually, he was clear of the dash and I was free to pull him out.

Without thinking, I moved in front of him once we were on the ground and squatted slightly.

"Get up on my back, Charlie."

"I'm not getting piggy-backed by you, Jake!"

"You can't walk!"

"I'll crawl!" My sisters were right—men were idiots.

"You'll die first!"

I didn't wait for an answer. I reached back and lifted him onto my back. Even during a life or death situation, I recognized how imbecilic we would look as we came out of the smoke. I was a fifteen-year-old kid piggy-backing the town sheriff. Eh, desperate times called for desperate measures.

He was lighter than I anticipated. Perhaps some of that heightened adrenaline was still lingering…

Charlie was right about the car too—it blew up.

There was so much activity that I was only able to get some of the details of what happened. Some truck came into town, driven recklessly, and Charlie was close by and tried to pull the guy over, but things didn't work out so well. It turned out the truck was transporting something that was either flammable or explosive, or both.

After I got out with Charlie chaos broke out around me. People were all talking to me at once but not listening to my answers. A few minutes later, someone pulled on my arm and led me away from the crowd. It wasn't until I was seated that I realized I was in the back of an ambulance with Charlie. I thought of Leah and how pissed she'd be when I didn't show up at our meeting spot. Seth would keep her calm, and they'd figure out what had happened sooner or later. Forks was a small place—news travelled fast.

All the way to the hospital, Charlie kept grumbling that nothing was wrong with him. He ended up being pretty much right. Charlie had a broken leg, a few scrapes and bruises, but otherwise he was unharmed. During this time I didn't take note of anything or anyone around me. The place was a flurry of activity and confusion. Focusing on anything other than the two of us was too difficult—that was, until I heard her speak.

I'd only seen her a couple times, months ago, so I didn't think I'd recognize her voice, but I did. The thought of our last meeting, when I had crashed her prom, embarrassed me. I was sure my face was going red, but Charlie wasn't paying attention.

"My father's in the hospital, Edward! The last thing he needs is for his only daughter to be the victim of a car accident!" I pictured in my mind how she'd look pissed off, like she probably was right now. The image made me smile.

"I'm terribly sorry, love. I was only thinking of Charlie and how concerned you were. Ah, but no need to worry, he's fine—just a broken leg." How would he know that? Oh, that's right, his dad was a doctor. Maybe he had called him first. But he sounded like he had just found out. I mean, if he knew beforehand, why would he have driven here in such a way that Bella was upset about it?

"How would you know? We haven't seen him yet!" There was a short pause before she spoke again. "Oh, yeah, forgot about the mind thing." Mind thing? What was that all about?

They should have been close for me to hear all this, but it was taking them a long time to get here.

Charlie seemed unaware his daughter was mere steps away. Was he unable to hear her? Maybe his hearing was starting to go. I mean, the guy was old, probably forty or something.

After what seemed like an eternity, during which every beep and tick of the medical equipment screamed in my ears, she appeared.

The guy she was with, her boyfriend from the prom, glared at me. What the hell was up with that? He couldn't possibly be upset about the prom after all this time!

"Wish you didn't come, Bells," Charlie said to her. "Jake would've taken me home. He saved me, you know."

"He did?" Incredulous, she looked me up and down. I had changed a bit since prom. In addition to the couple of inches in height, I had also filled out a bit. It wasn't like I had turned into Quil, but at least I didn't look like a complete beanpole anymore. She blushed, and her head shook slightly as her eyes came up to meet mine again.

"Tore the door right off and pulled me out before the explosion," Charlie continued, not taking note of the subtle movements I could see in his daughter.

"Thank you!" she said to me. Then she smiled and turned to her boyfriend. "Guess the party's cancelled." She was completely happy about this! Since when did a girl not want to go to a party, especially in Forks where nothing ever happened?

"What party?" Charlie asked.

"Bella's birthday party," the doctor's kid replied.

"Bells, go, have fun. I'm fine." Charlie waved his hand at her, as though he were shooing her away.

She bit her bottom lip. It seemed the thought of attending her own birthday party was torture.

"Jacob, want to come?" she asked out of nowhere. "As a proper thank you." She smiled at me, and I thought I saw her eyelashes bat. "They've gone all out." I'm sure they had. They were probably the wealthiest people west of Seattle.

"Sure, sure," I blurted out, instantly regretting it. What was I thinking? We barely knew each other, and that entire Cullen family was about as intimidating as they came! They were the richest people these parts had ever seen, all good looking, and not a single one was my age.

"Perfect!" She looked genuinely happy that I had said yes. Okay, maybe this wouldn't be such a disaster after all. Then she turned to her boyfriend and gave him a smug smile. There was more to this than I knew.

I looked down at my torn, stained clothes. I was a wreck and probably smelled of smoke.

Her boyfriend pulled on her elbow and jerked his head, indicating he'd like her to leave. She gave him an irritated glare but followed.

They didn't go far enough because I overheard the entire conversation even though they were whispering. What was up with that? Maybe I'd been exposed to some chemicals that made my hearing better.

"Love, the boy is uncomfortable." Was I that easy to read?

"He said yes! It's my birthday party, isn't it?"

"Yes, but he's just come back from the scene of a disaster and is in no state to attend any event." That made me even more self-conscious about my disheveled state.

"Don't be a snob! I don't care how he's dressed. And as I've already pointed out, it's my party!"

"He's downright embarrassed, and it's more than his current state. The boy is aware this is a celebration for your birthday, and he has no gift to give."

Shit, I hadn't even thought of that!

"Jacob saved my father's life! That's better than any gift that can be purchased!" I hadn't thought of that either, but I was glad she had. It made me feel better about the situation. "I…I didn't mean it that way! I'm sure whatever all of you have bought me is great, even though I told you I didn't want anything…" She let out a loud sigh, like my sisters do when they're irritated with me. "Look, Alice isn't expecting us for a couple of hours or so. I'll bring Jacob over to my house and let him clean up there."

"I can come by and pick you up."

"Edward, I have a car."

"That monstrosity can hardly be deemed a car."

He was talking about the truck I had rebuilt! It wasn't like all of us had an unlimited supply of money!

"I don't need you to pick us up, and it'll probably make Jacob feel uncomfortable."

"Love, the entire evening will make that boy feel uncomfortable."

"Better not, because he's my father's best friend's son and he saved Charlie's life! I expect all of you to be welcoming."

"Love, how can you think any less of us? You know we always exhibit impeccable manners… Okay, most of us do, in any event." Now it was his turn to let out a frustrated sigh. "It is your birthday, I suppose. Fine, whatever you wish. You may drive over with him in your truck."

Was the guy giving her permission to drive her own truck?

There was a momentary silence as they walked back to the examination area where Charlie and I were. Edward looked peeved; Bella looked pleased.

"Jacob, if you're okay with it, you're welcome to come to my place to get cleaned up first and then we can drive over to the party together."

"Sure, sure, but what about Charlie?" I asked.

Her face crinkled with irritation, a little wrinkle appearing between her eyebrows. Then her eyes lit up, and she turned to look at her boyfriend.

"Why don't you make sure my Dad gets home?" Charlie nearly choked on his water when she said that. Guess he wasn't too fond of copper curls.

"No need, Edward. One of the guys at the station can come get me."

"Dad, aren't they all at the scene of…whatever caused all this?"

"Well…er… I mean…"

I wondered if Bella was as bad a liar as Charlie was.

"I thought so. Edward, please stay with him? If someone else comes, you can leave, but if the doctor discharges him before that, make sure he gets home safely, okay?"

"Of course, love."

Who used "love" like that? Sounded like something from those stupid black and white romance movies Rebecca used to watch all the time—the ones that were made when Ephraim Black was chief!

"Darn!" Bella exclaimed. "My truck–"

"Is parked inconveniently," Edward said, cutting her off. It didn't seem like the truth. Bella looked confused, and the guy was looking at her in a weird way. "I'll go get it and bring it around to the visitor parking lot."

"Oh…thanks, Edward."

Well, that was strange.

He left immediately, leaving the three of us in silence. It looked like I'd have to be the one to break it.

"Why don't we go wait for…him to bring the car around?" Why wasn't I able to use his name? I knew what it was. Bella smiled, probably relieved to leave now that she knew her father was okay.

"Dad, are you–"

"Go!" Charlie waved his hand, directing us to leave. "I wouldn't mind a little privacy before what's his name comes back and stares at me all afternoon."


"Yeah, yeah, I take it back, now go!"

The two of us walked away. I noticed she'd shoved her hands into her pockets even though it was a pretty warm day. It was a little insulting. I knew what she was thinking. She was probably turning eighteen—she was a senior—and I was a dumb sophomore who wasn't old enough to even have a driver's license. I played it cool, giving her plenty of personal space and keeping my own hands in my pockets as well.

"So, it's your birthday today?"

"Yeah, but I don't like making a big deal out of it."

"That's cool—neither does Charlie, so I'm used to it."

"Oh…I guess you've been around on his birthdays? Or…at least your dad has?"

"Generally the two of them and Harry Clearwater hang out at Charlie's drinking beer and watching TV on his birthday. I come along for the ride to make sure the old men eat something too."

She looked sad. Maybe she was feeling bad about having missed her dad's birthdays.

"So, Charlie's not so fond of your boyfriend," I said jokingly, in an attempt to change the subject.

"He's okay with Edward. It's just that I was…away for a bit last spring."

"Yeah, I know."

"You do?"

"Yeah, Charlie called my dad for advice when you ran away." She seemed to cringe at the latter part.

"He did? Why?"

"Because my dad's raised two girls already."

"Oh, that's right. How was he…you know, when I was away?"

I shrugged. What was I supposed to tell her—the truth? Charlie had been a wreck, blaming himself for her leaving and thinking she had died. Nope, telling her that probably wouldn't be smart.

"He was upset, I guess." I shrugged my shoulders. "But Dad and Harry were there for him." She didn't look convinced. "Hey, he was fine! It's not like he jumped off a cliff or anything, right?"

I smiled, hoping to make light of the topic, and she smiled back.

"Oh, we're in the visitor parking lot. I…I don't think I remember where I parked…" She turned around in slow circles looking for her truck.

I scanned the lot, expecting to see the guy pulling in. It hadn't been that long of a wait, and he'd probably had to walk all the way out to the far end to get the truck since the lot was pretty full.

"There! Over in the third row!" I pointed in the direction of the red monster I had rebuilt with my own two hands. He must have lucked out finding a parking spot so close.

Bella smiled, relieved, which struck me as kind of extreme considering the circumstances. What was she stressed about—that we wouldn't be able to find her truck when we already knew which lot it'd be in, or maybe that someone had stolen the beast? I shrugged it off as the two of us made our way over. She had kept it in good shape. That accident she had last winter hadn't put a scratch on it.

Once, I had begged my dad to sell this thing to Charlie but realized now that I missed it. It was familiar to me still, and sitting on the old vinyl seat made me feel homesick.

Bella was an infuriatingly slow driver, and since I didn't have a license, I couldn't offer to drive. To get my mind off the snail's pace we were moving at, I began talking. About what, I have no freaking idea! It's possible I may have made an idiot of myself, but she looked happy the whole time, nodding and acknowledging what I said, and once in a while she would add something to the conversation.

It was difficult to think about mature conversation topics with the smell of her shampoo filling the cab of the truck, and the way she kept licking her lips intermittently… The whole thing made me hot, literally, but she had all the windows rolled up and kept her jacket on. I decided she'd probably appreciate it if the windows stayed closed, so I suffered in silence. My face felt so heated I was sure it had turned red. Small beads of sweat began forming on the back of my neck, making my hair stick to it. Why did she have to drive so slowly?

Deciding that staring at her wasn't helping my perspiration problem, I focused instead on what clothing of Charlie's I could possibly borrow that wouldn't make me look like a total dweeb. My concerns turned out to be unwarranted.

When we got to the house, Bella ran upstairs and then quickly came back down with track pants and a tee shirt, tossing them my way and asking me to give her my clothes so she could wash them. I hadn't expected that. The last girl—actually, she was a woman—who had washed my clothes was my mom. Rachel and Rebecca were too fussy about the wash, and Dad and I were too impatient to figure out their complex sorting routine, so we did our laundry ourselves.

As predicted, Charlie's clothes made me look idiotic. The pants were loose around the waist, and I had to pull the drawstrings tight, which made them balloon out over my hips. At least the tee shirt was long enough to hide some of the bunching.

Bella was already sitting on the couch when I came back into the den. I guess it didn't take her long to get my clothes in the washer. It seemed a little strange that she wasn't upstairs getting ready for her party, but then again, a girl who liked a clunky truck—she told me she liked it—probably wasn't high maintenance.

"It's going a take a while for your clothes to be washed and dried," she said.

"I'm not going to make you late for your own party, am I?"

"No! That's not what I meant. It's just that…you know, you'll have to wait here."

She sounded nervous and looked uncomfortable. Wasn't this her home, and wasn't I the fifteen-year-old crashing a senior's birthday party?

"I don't mind if you don't mind." I smiled, hoping it would make her feel more at ease.

"No, not at all." She sat on the edge of her seat, looking as though she was balanced at the very end of the sofa cushion.

What was I supposed to do now? I couldn't very well sit next to her. She was seated in the middle of the couch. If I sat there, I'd be in her personal space. The only other seat was Charlie's easy chair, and that seemed rude. In a panic, my eyes scanned the room, looking for something to rescue me. I saw the remote control sitting on Charlie's chair, so I grabbed it and sat on the arm. This was okay. I wasn't taking over Charlie's spot, but I wasn't in her space either, and since I had to come here for the remote it didn't seem like I was avoiding her either.

"Anything you like to watch this time of day? Do you follow a soap?" She laughed. "What's so funny?" Wasn't that what chicks did? Rach and Becca used to watch them all the time. They raced home after school to watch them, in fact.

"Nothing. I mean, no, I don't follow a soap opera." She smiled at me smugly but looked more relaxed.

"Okay, anything else you'd like to watch?"

"Not really. Why don't you pick something?"

I shrugged and flipped through the channels. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as she shuffled through some books on the coffee table, pretending not to pay attention to the television. When a sports event passed the screen, I noticed her face scrunch up. I decided on a show where they test drive and rate cars.

Passing the time with her was comfortable. There wasn't much said between us, but it wasn't silent either. At first she pretended she was interested in Charlie's fishing magazine. Then she threw it down, leaned back into the couch, and began watching the show. I guess the magazine was as boring as it looked.

Never would I have imagined she'd be interested in cars, but Bella asked me questions about the show, the vehicles, and how I knew what I knew. It was even better than when I met her at the beach last the winter.

"Then how do they decide which is better? I mean, I bet most guys would want more power, but I'd prefer the one that's more fuel efficient."

"They use some arbitrary scale or something where they calculate the value for fuel efficiency with horse power."


"You know, whichever car offers the most power but uses the least amount of gas."

"But all of them get a different number of miles per gallon, and they all have different horsepower. It's like comparing apples to oranges."

"Not really. They do something with the numbers to get comparable values, I guess. To be honest, I've never really scrutinized the math behind it." In fact, I hadn't ever questioned it until now. How did they decide which car was better?

"And what about the price? I mean, sure, the blue car has lots of power and gets similar mileage as a lot of the others with less, but it's much more expensive."

She was making me dizzy.

"You some math nerd or something?"

"No…why do you ask?"

"Because you're taking my 'I feel like watching something light' viewing choice and turning it into homework."

"Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you."

"Why're you apologizing? I'm the one sitting in your house, watching your television, while you wash my dirty clothes so I can crash your birthday party!"

"I guess there's that…" She giggled and leaned back into the couch again. Bella looked relaxed and content.

When the dryer finally beeped, signaling the end of our banter, my heart sank a little. I couldn't remember the last time I had talked to a girl so easily. And she was honestly interested in cars. Well, at least she knew about them, but I was sure she still had no desire to get in one and test its limits. Bella was different. She wasn't showy, and she didn't care about how something looked or if others liked it or not. The entire time we watched shows and talked about them, the thing I kept picking up on was her need to know the purpose of everything. If there wasn't a use for something, she didn't care to know more about it. I liked that about her.

For me, being with Bella was more than trying to impress a pretty girl. We talked to each other like friends, as though we had been a part of each other's lives forever.

This was how it was with us. We even joked around and teased each other. When we were sharing this sort of banter, her entire face lit up, making her cheeks go pink like they did when she blushed. The easiness continued as we made our way to the party in her truck, making fun of our fathers and their love of fishing, until she pulled onto a dark gravel road.

It didn't take long for me to realize it wasn't a road at all. We rounded a corner, and in the distance I saw a large, white house. This was their driveway!

"Wonder if they ever bring home ice cream before it's melted," I muttered.

"They don't eat ice cream."

Who didn't like ice cream? Sure, Forks was generally damp and cold, but we did get sunny days, and I was pretty sure they had decent heating in that house.


"They're sort of…eccentric."

"Is that why you asked me to come, as a buffer?"

"No! I mean, sort of, I guess." She was as bad a liar as Charlie. "Alice, Edward's sister, can get carried away sometimes… But, I am grateful for what you did for Charlie. This isn't really for that. I could never pay you back for that."

"You could try…"


"I don't know… You don't have any ideas?"

"Uh…no? I did wash your clothes today." She was smiling now.

"That's not a bad start…"

"Start? Exactly what more were you thinking?" The truck was going so slowly I wasn't sure if her foot was on the accelerator.

"You know, a lifetime of servitude, that sort of thing."

"Uh huh. You don't ask for much, do you?"

"Hey, it's only fair! It's like…a life for a life."

"I'll get right on that." She rolled her eyes, but her mouth was turned up at the corners. "And for my first task, I'll bring you in so you can feast on cake!"

Bella turned into the drive, not bothering to park her car properly. She left the truck in front of the house, the passenger side facing the door. I guess this meant there wouldn't be any other guests. Some party this was going to be.

"So, it's just us, huh?"

"Yeah, sorry. I should've told you."

"It's cool, just don't abandon me. No offense, but that family's a little creepy."

"I'll stay close, promise." She looked right at me when she said that. I was mesmerized, staring into her eyes, when I felt her cool fingers on mine. Bella was holding my hand! "Come on, you ready?" I could only nod. "Okay, here goes nothing."

She pulled me up the front steps, her hand tight around mine. Before she got close enough to knock, the door flew open and an extremely small girl with short dark hair stood on the other side, an obvious frown on her face. She noticed me staring at her and instantly put on a smile.

"Bella, you've brought a friend! I'm so glad you changed your mind and decided to invite some people after all." She held out her hand in my direction. I tried not to look irritated at the fact that I was now forced to remove my right hand from Bella's grasp. Even though she was wearing gloves, her fingers felt cold. Not cool like Bella's but cold like ice cubes. "I'm Alice Cullen, Bella's best friend, and you are?"

"Jacob Black," I answered, but I surprised myself by saying in my head, Bella's soon to be new boyfriend.

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