So…lazy…with this damn story! Well, enjoy, I guess.

Having nothing else to do, I walked over to the beach, sitting cross-legged on the warm sand as I stared at the sun that was starting to set. The sky had just started turning orange.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" I turned to see Percy behind me.

"Enchanting," I muttered as he sat next to me. "You're a son of the sea god?"

He nodded. "You're accepting this much faster than I did."

I shrugged. "In all honesty, it's hard for me to believe. But I'd rather believe the Greek Gods exist then go back to my stupid mother."


"Yes. The git that calls himself my father is a bloody idiot for even bothering impregnating that woman." My hands curled into fists. "If he hadn't, I wouldn't have been born and I wouldn't have this poor excuse of a life to live."

Percy was silent for a few moments. "I'm sorry."

"I don't want your pity!" I spat. My bangs hid my eyes, creating a curtain between me and him.

"What are you so aggressive?" Percy asked, "We receive many new campers, but never anyone so violent as far as I can tell. Scared, yes, but never aggressive unless they were an Ares child."

"I was born this way," I muttered, sighing. I stared at my fists. "If I could choose my attitude, I'd be different. But I was born with a short temper that I lose easily. I hate weakness, I hate feeling weak, and I hate having to depend on someone to help me."

"Sometimes you have to depend on someone."

"Tch." I stood up, dusting myself off, just as the sound of a horn rang in my ear, giving me a headache.

"Dinner time." Percy glanced at me. "Shall we?"

I was silent for a moment. "Fine."

I'm so sorry that it's so short! Please forgive me. I'll make the next one longer.

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