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Dinner passed by without event. I sat at the Hermes table and glared at anyone who tried to engage me in conversation. After dinner I went for a walk in the woods without anyone knowing.

When I was a fair distance, I reached into the pocket of my grey jeans and pulled out a Swiss army knife. I flipped the knife open and stared at the silver knife. Memories of my life at home filled my head, swirling, blocking out everything but the pain I felt at my mother's hands. Abuse seems kind of cliché, I admit, but some of us just aren't lucky.

Holding it at my wrist, I took a deep breath and made the cut, gasping at the familiar rush of pain as my crimson blood spilled onto the green grass below. I dropped the knife and fell to my knees, shoulders shaking as I held back tears.

After what felt like an hour, the pain dulled to a bearable point. Breathing heavily, I picked up my knife and put it away before staring at the cut. If I was lucky, I could make it to the restroom, then the Hermes cabin, without being noticed.

I snuck back through the woods and over to the disgusting restrooms. Honestly, can't the Gods take better care of this place? Never mind that-I had something more important to do.

I washed my arm under the faucet, watching the red stained water run down the drain until my cut stopped bleeding. After carefully drying my arm, I proceeded to the Hermes Cabin, holding my sleeve down in a way that the fabric wouldn't scratch against my wound.

I was just about to enter the house when I heard two female voices speaking.

"…itan children."


"I said, I heard that some people have run into Titan children. Like half-Titans or something."

I pressed my back against the wood and peaked over the side of the house. I couldn't see the two females, but it looked like they were hugging or something. One had an Italian accent, and the other sounded French.

"DemiTitans?" the French one asked.

"Most likely," the Italian one said, "I heard they found a few-a pair of twins for Hyperion, a son for Oceanus and two different daughters for Eos."

"What if the Titans got the idea of powerful half-human children from the Gods?" she sounded scared.

"Don't worry, love," the Italian girl said, "I'm sure their just rumors. I mean, can you see the ever prideful Titans, locked up in Tartarus, reproducing with humans?"

The other girl was silent for a moment. "I…it might be possible. I mean, this way they can have their children fight the Gods and us in their place as a sort of distraction or something."

The other girl laughed softly. "Not even a daughter of Athena and you are good at coming up with theories," she breathed softly, enough so that I could barely hear her, "But don't worry, amore mio. I promise you on my last breath that I will protect you to the ends of the Earth, from Olympus to Tartarus."

"As will I for you, Mon amour."

I guess it was safe to say they were lovers. But why won't they show their love to the world? Are they afraid of being ridiculed? Of being put down and spat on? I can relate to their fear. I lived like that for most of my life, and even now, I show fear towards my preferences. But just because I was afraid didn't mean these girls had the right to hide their feelings.

"What are you two so afraid of?" I asked, coming around the corner.

They jumped and the taller one placed herself in front of the smaller one. "Stay away!" so she was the Italian one.

I smiled at them. "There's no need to hide what you are. If you love someone from the bottom of your heart, you shouldn't fear what others think. The only thing that matters is your partner and no one else, right?" how odd it sounded to have these words come out of my mouth. Perhaps I had a soft side after all?

The two girls were stunned speechless. After a few moments, the French one asked, "Who…are you?"

"A friend," I said before leaving them and entering the cabin. I lied down and mentally scolded myself before bandaging my wound with some gauze in my backpack and falling asleep.

A black clad figure exited the shadows after Lyric and the two girls had disappeared. He stared at the Hermes cabin.

How surprised was he when, while headed back for his cabin, he heard Lyric make that little speech to those two girls. I mean, an aggressive young male like that, sounding so earnest, so eager to help those two get over their fears, so…empathetic…

"What's gotten into you, Lyric?" asked Nico Di' Angelo before turning and heading back to his cabin.

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