Sabrina Lonewalker

Peter was nervous that night as he pulled up in front of his father's kwoon. He really wanted to hear about how his dad had helped his, now, best friend. Knowing Kermit, it had to be an interesting story, especially since Caine had been involved. He smiled as he saw that the Kermitmobile was already parked outside. He then walked in and found them quietly talking over a cup of tea. Peter walked over and lightly kissed his father's forehead, than sat down with them. After a few minutes of companionable silence, Kermit began to tell Peter about the mission to Russia, Mariska and what had happened afterwards. Peter was fasinicated by the tale and rather proud of how his father had helped the grieving mercenary. Kermit grinned ruefully and looked over at his partner.

"If it hadn't been for your dad, Pete, I would, in all likeliehood have blown my brains out that night. That's how disgusted I had become with myself." Peter was shocked. Kermit thinking about suicide? He had never thought that Kermit would have even considered that option. Peter's face must have shown what he was thinking cause Kermit looked over at him.

"I know, kid, me, thinking about ending it all. But I was so disgusted with myself that I was about ready to do it. I blamed myself for what had happened to Mariska and her family. Later, of course, I discovered that the documents her brother had been accused of taking were not the ones I had gone in after, so it wasn't really my fault, but Mariska and I had become such good friends in so short a time, that I mistakenly believed I had done something that had gotten her and her family into trouble with the KGB. Fortunately for me, however, your father, quite literally, saved my life that afternoon and I have wanted to thank him ever since, but how, Caine?" Kermit asked, turning to face the elderly shaolin. "How can I ever repay what you've done for me?"

Kwai Chang Caine smiled that slow, enegimatic smile of his and turned to the ex- merc/cop. His voice, when he spoke, was low, calm and full of the inner strength that was an essential part of his being. Peter remembered that strength from his time at the temple and had missed it tremendously. He was so glad he could feel it and draw upon it again.

"You are my son's friend. All I ask that you do is watch over him whan I am unable to do so, and keep him from danger when you can. Be his friend, be his 'brother', if possible. This is how you can repay me, since you feel it is necessary to do so."

Kermit nodded and smiled his own slow smile. He then looked at a grinning Peter.

"Ok, Caine, I understand. I'll do what I can." Peter smiled and as the two men prepared to leave, the younger cop spoke only two words, but the joy in them was unmistakable.

"Oh, Yeah!"