Morgan, Seavers, and JJ had held at the top of the stairs to keep from startling the unsub. As soon as they hear the shot they race down the stairs. They see Emily pulling the woman away, Edgar rolling around in pain, his right arm nearly blown off at the socket.

Emily sees the knife on the ground near the unsub and goes to kick it away. In a rage, he grabs her leg and yanks her to the ground on top of him. He fights to get a hold of her gun, blood from his arm flying into her eyes and blurring her vision. Suddenly two hands are yanking them apart. Morgan ignores the man's howl of pain as he slams Edgar face first onto the ground. Reid runs to Emily, checking on her.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. Fine. Help the women," Emily mutters, trying to wipe her eyes and face clean.

"JJ and Seavers have the women. Here," he pulls out a handkerchief. "Let me help."

He carefully wipes away the blood on Emily's face. The first thing she sees over his shoulder is JJ holding the terrified Stacia Head. It strikes Emily in the heart that Edgar could have easily gone after JJ, and not a surrogate. Emily pushes to her feet.

"I'll go guide the EMT's in."

She walks up the stairs to meet the medical personnel. JJ just watches her go.

By 2:30 that afternoon most of the team is at the hotel to get ready for the trip home. Only JJ is still at the station, fielding questions from reporters. Emily turns on the TV in the hotel room and catches the breaking news update. She watches JJ work, not really hearing or caring about what she says. They had not spoken at the unubs house. Emily wasn't sure they would ever speak to each other again.

"Fuck this," Emily mutters. "Love means pain. I should have remembered that."

She quickly finishes changing and packs her bags. She texts Morgan that she'd meet them at the airfield then catches a cab, not wanting to deal with JJ at this time. She was busy trying to bury her feelings for JJ in a brick compartment. She needed time for the cement to set and the last thing she wanted was time alone with the blonde.

By the time the rest of the team arrives at the airfield, Emily is on the plane asleep, her Ipod on loud enough for them to hear. It is obvious to everyone she wants to be left alone. JJ is also making it clear she wants time to herself. It is a very uncomfortable 2 hour journey home.

As the team exits the elevator on their floor they find Hotch waiting for them. They take the time to welcome him back but he can see the light is gone from their eyes. He watches as Emily and JJ split up with not even a glance to each other. He looks at Morgan.

"My office?" Morgan nods and follows Hotch.

Hotch shuts the door as Morgan drops down onto the couch. Hotch goes to his desk and pulls out a bottle of scotch and a glass. He holds it up, silently asking Morgan if he needs a drink.

"Oh, hell yeah," Morgan says.

Hotch pours him a generous amount and moves to the sitting area, taking a seat across from Morgan.

"So, what do we do to fix this?" Hotch asks.

Morgan takes a sip of the burning liquid before answering. "You're not going to chew my ass out? Bust me out of the BAU for this fuck up?"

Hotch gives him a small grin. "No more martyrs, Morgan. We've had enough death here lately."

Morgan nods. "I'll drink to that." He takes another drink. Hotch gives him a moment, knowing Morgan is gathering his thoughts. "I didn't listen to Rossi, Reid or Emily. They all felt I should tell JJ everything we thought might happen but I was worried she might somehow let him know we were setting him up."

"Morgan, what made you think that she would suddenly forget herself? That she would suddenly ignore all her training and give away info we didn't want her to? Why didn't you think she could do the job?"

Morgan knows Hotch really wants an answer. He leans back on the couch and thinks about his answer. When he answers, he hates himself for it.

"She's been different lately. She's been questioning her place here versus her place as Henry's mother. She hasn't once done something to make her work questionable but I still reacted to her emotions. I didn't give her the benefit of the doubt because…because I didn't want her to mess up my last case as head of this team. I wanted to bring home one more win." He leans forward, elbows on his knees, his face in his hands. "I put myself, my record above the team. Hotch how the hell do I fix this? Emily and JJ…they aren't talking. Emily's gone all compartmental again. JJ's just ignoring us unless it has to do with work. What do I do?"

"I think you know what you have to do. I just hope they give you the chance to do it," Hotch says sympathetically.

Morgan nods and downs the last of the scotch. He walks out and sees Emily sitting at her desk staring at a letter. He walks down to her.

"Emily? Can we talk?"

She stands. "Later. I need to see Hotch."

She doesn't even look at him as she walks past him. With a shake of his head he goes to JJ's office. He knocks and tries the doorknob. For the first time he can remember, it's locked. He knocks again. The door opens a crack.


"Jayje, can we talk? Please?"

"Not right now. I've got work to do then I'm going to pick Henry up and head to my parents house for the weekend."

"All three of you?" he asks hopefully.

"No. Excuse me." She shuts the door in his face.

Morgan is at a loss. He can't make things right if the women won't even speak to him. He heads back into the bull pen and sees Emily packing to leave. Maybe she and JJ would get to work things out this weekend. He walks over to her.

"Emily, if you all need anything this weekend, please give me a—"

"I won't be home. I've been subpoenaed to testify in a trial that starts Monday. I'm leaving tonight so I can meet with the prosecutors this weekend," she tells him emotionlessly.

"Emily, please, talk to me—"

"I've got nothing to say to you, Morgan. Nothing at all. You gave an order, I followed it. Case closed. See you sometime next week." She grabs her bag and heads out of the bullpen. She knocks on JJ's door. JJ opens it.

"I don't want to do this here," the blonde states.

Emily ignores the comment and hands JJ the keys to the SUV. "I've got to go to Montana for a court appearance. I'm going to pick up clothes and leave. I'll take a cab." They stare at each other a few moments, then Emily looks away. "Can…can I go see Henry before I go?"

JJ's heart leaps into her throat. She nods. "Yes. Of course," she answers quietly.

"Thanks. I'll…I'll see you next week."

"Yeah. Next week," JJ agrees.

Emily turns and walks away, her heart breaking. JJ hadn't tried to stop her. JJ hadn't said she loved her. Why the hell wasn't her compartmentalizing stopping this fucking pain?

JJ shuts the door to her office and slides down the door to the floor, tears pouring from her eyes. Why didn't Emily fight for them? Why didn't she say she loved her?

Unknown to them, each woman had the same final thought: How could things have gotten so bad so quickly?