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2. flirting

3. romance

4. betrayal

5. ...wait for it...*drumroll* A LOVE TRIANGLE(cuz every story needs one)

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Amy's p.o.v

Smoke, ash, hair. So much hair, and yet so little hair attatched to the heads of the unconcious citizens who lay scattered about, moaning or not moving at all. I grit my teeth and clenched my fists, anger surging through me. How could they? These people just walk in and take these people's hair, all for Baldy Bald the 4th and the Hair Hunt Kingdom! It was horrible.

I couldn't even imagine losing my just-past-shoulder length, jet black hair with one strand of hot pink on the choppy side-bangs, always pulled into a ponytail to prevent tangling.

"Amy! Don't let them see you, or they'll put a dent in our 'dos!"A small voice ordered me, frightened. I looked down to see my younger sister, looking up at me with her blue eyes and light pink hair.

She'd worn the same outfit since she was little, with a white jacket(red + on the back) and red shirt, jeans, red shoes, and large black braceletes. Some would say we looked polar oppisite, with my little sister looking innocent and fragile while I looked tough and unbreakable. My style, low-cut black jeans with a chain on the pocket, combat boots, a less-than-half shirt and a fishnet shirt with long sleeves, was a portrayal of my tough attitude towards people.

The scorpion tattoo on my neck was something else, though...

"Amy, seriously! Before we get caught-"Beauty, my sister, was cut off by a man zooming up behind us, giving us a malicious glare from his eyes and his bald head, resting on a large scooter. My protective nature kicked in and I grabbed Beauty, pulling her by her hand away from the rock she had crouched behind and out into the open space that used to be our town square.

There I stopped, suddenly surrounded by Hair Hunters, all smiling toothy smiles, like snakes, snickering.

"Stay next to me, Beauty!"I ordered, the 1-inch-shorter sister huddling to my side, eyes wide with fear and anger at these men. One man snickered and said,

"No use in trying to save her, both of your hair is ours!"

One man jumped at us, and I reached behind me, pulling four sharp needles out of my back pocket and throwing them at the man in the coolest pose I could muster up. They all his his chest, piercing the thick armor, causing him to fall to his knees and freeze, passing out. A murmer of concern went through the crowd of hair hunters, things like 'what was that?' and 'who is she?' filtering through until one of them looked at my neck and pointed, face shocked.

"Looked at that! It's...It's...The Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo!"He shouted.

I smirked, laughing quickly. Yes, they all knew who I was now. They might have never seen my face, but they'd heard of my kind. Once every generation someone was born with this same tattoo, marking them as masters of the Fist of the Scorpion, one of the strongest fists known to man. For people who think the tale ends there, it's a gift. For people who know the truth, it's a curse...

My thoughts snapped back as the same man shouted,

"She can't get us all at once!" I reached behind me with one hand, the other pulling Beauty to me. I grasped at nothing, and my face fell. 'Great, I ran out..' By instinct, I wrapped my arms around Beauty and used myself to shield her from the approaching men. If I got hurt it didn't matter, but if I let them get Beauty...

Hmm, I shouldn't have had time to finish that thought. Now it's just hanging there like a cliffhanger to be explained in a later episode after a dramatic plot twist. Hmm... I lifted my head and looked around, shock filling me as I saw a pile of Hair Hunters, all of them moaning and beaten to a pulp. In front of us stood a very tall, extremely muscular man with a large, impressive yellow afro that went well with his skin tone.

He wore a light blue shirt with two buttons streached over his massive chest with chest hair peeking out, shades, black pants, and brown shoes. A few more Hair Hunters ran up, shouting and ready to fight. There was no way he could take them both at once...

"Wow!"Beauty exclaimed, as the man ran towards the charging men, two black nosehairs at least ten feet long shooting from his nostrils and attacking the men, sending them flying backwards at least five yards. I stood in shock and admiration. This man just took out an entire squadron of Hair Hunters with his nosehairs! It was incredible, mesmerizing, and inspiring.

I'd spent my entire life hating the Hair Hunters, but not being able to fight them, not knowing anyone who was able to. But now this man, with his nose hairs of fury...

Wait...NOSEHAIRS? My jaw dropped and I looked as the man turned towardsd us, a hand on his hip and a seriously badass look on his face. Two nosehairs wiggled out of his nose, like snakes.

Did this guy just fight with NOSEHAIRS? What..how...who was this guy?

"Thank you for saving us, sir!"Beauty exclaimed, smiling her sweet smile that I'd yet to master being able to do. The best I'd got was either condescending or evil. So I just gave him a suspicious look as he said in a very deep voice,

"Hey now missies, don't call me 'sir', the name's Bobobo. Really, it's Bobobo bo bo bobo! But call me Bobobo."

Long name if I'd ever heard of one. What a strange man...

"Thank you, Bobobo."I said, nodding to him.

"Call me SIR!"He shouted, surprising me and making my eye twitch. What was with this guy? He straightened up and looked down at me, saying, "Sorry, but I'm a hard guy to know. Who wants hair to grow? The poet named Bobobo!"

I bowed to him, knowing that, as eccentric as he might be, he had just saved Beauty and me.

"Well, thank you Bobobo, again."I said, straightening up in time to see a small man run out of Bobobo's nose, balding and with a small voice.

"Bring it in! Time for polishing!"He called, and the nose hairs retracted and the man shut two garage doors down, closing Bobobo's nostrils.

...I twitched along with Beauty, asking,

"What...did I...just see?"

"Just pretend you didn't see nothing! Anyway, it isn't me you should be thanking, it's your hair!"Bobobo said, pointing to my hair. I gave him the only look of mine that could appear innocent, and that was curiosity.

"My hair?"I asked, and he nodded, a serious look on his face. He crossed his arms and said,

"I shouldn't tell you this, but since you're here I might as well!...When I was just a boy, I could hear other people's hair. What you might no know is that your hair is alive, and it can talk and it has feelings. I knew other kids couldn't hear this and felt very lonely.

"Until one day I met a man who could also hear hair! He told me that it was a special skill given to members of the Hair Kingdom! From that day on I swore to protect hair, knowing that it had feelings and hurt just like you an me!" For some reason, I believed the guy. I mean, believe it or not, I'd definitly seen weirder...kinda.

"So that explains why you came to our aid, you heard our hair in distress."I reasoned.

"No."He stated, and I grit my teeth. Okay, now he was just frustrating.

"But you said...I almost understood!"Beauty complained, and Bobobo explained,

"Let me show you the rest of my life story!" There's more?... He leaned down and the top of his afro opened up like a box, showing a small viewing area. This was all in this guy's afro?

Getting over the initial creep factor, Beauty and I looked in as a curtain pulled back to a scene...

Young Bobobo ran into his house, where his father watched TV.

"My father was just a hair ball with a big heart!"Bobobo said, and it was true. His father was one black hair ball with huge eyebrows and a face, bouncing around. I didn't even want to know how that was possible.

"One day, the Hair Hunt troops came to our house."Bobobo narrarated, and the door to his home flew open, revealing two slimy-looking Hair Hunters.

"Hey, why aren't you just one fine specimine of hair?"One sneered. The dad gave a nervoise laugh and said,

"Who me? No! I'm just an ink blot!"


"No, actually, but if you want hair take my son! Now that's hair!"The dad exclaimed, and the Hunters dragged away Bobobo, who called out to his father that he would remember to write.

The curtain closed and Bobobo straightened up, a tear rolling down his face.

"From that day I swore to protect all hair and avenge my father!"He exclaimed, one hand in a fist. Beauty and I gaped at him and I exclaimed,

"Your father sold you out and just stood there while you got carried away! He was supposed to protect you! You were his family!" It would be an understatement to say familly was important to me.

Bobobo still smiled and said,

"Yeah, he's a great guy." I wanted to slam my head into concrete. There was no getting through to this guy! I realized that he was walking away, dirt clouds blocking my view of him partially.

"Hey, where are you going?"I shouted, feeling a strange urge to follow this strange, strong stranger.

"I'm going to go demolish Hair Hunt Headquarters of G block!"He said, hands in his pockets. Inside me something stirred. Was it the need to avenge my parents? The hate I felt towards the Hair Hunters? The need to get stronger? The want to protect Beauty with the aid of this man? Or something else to be revealed over time in later chapters?

"You going alone?"Beauty called, surprising me. It was always interesting how our minds were always on the same wavelength. He kept walking, and Beauty and I looked at eachother.

"Let's go, sis!"I exclaimed, and she nodded, running alongside me through the dust. As we ran, I got the strange sensation we were being watched...