Amy's p.o.v****

The world shook with the blast, wind blowing my bangs from my face and my ponytail back, the ground shaking and crumbling, the sky around us fading as the world wavered and returned to the stadium in which we entered at the beginning. The water was gone, the sky replaced with the stadium's roof, the ground still littered with our comrads. But, this time, they weren't unconcious, instead stirring, looking around confused.

Behind me, Bobobo, Softon, Over, Don, Jiggler, and Gasser all clustered, standing in a V formation. Ahead of us, Baldie Bald shook, pushing himself up with his arms, laying on his stomach as he managed to get a knee up, kneeling before us. His head snapped up, face covered in dirt and marks, a cut on his lip as his entire right shoulder pad broke off, the chest plate with a massive crack up the center.

" will will"He choked out.

"You're right."I heard, and looked up, shocked, as Suzu and Rem ran up behind Czar Baldie Bald and stood him up, grasping his arms tightly.

"We all will!"Captain Battleship appeared behind him, wrapping a forearm around the Czar's neck. Halekulani gripped Baldie's abdomen, Giga holding back his hand as Major Minor held back his other hand. J, making a surprise appearence, joined the group, latching his hand to the Czar's chrome, giving us a thumbs-up.

A new power filled me, seeing all our old enemies now helping us, holding back the one man that sent us all through this trouble. Even those that I would have sworn would kill us the second they saw us again, all helping. And my friends behind me. I looked back, seeing them, and asked,

"You guys ready?" Bobobo placed a hand firmly on my shoulder, giving me a nod.

"This ones yours, kiddo."He said. I looked at all of them for confirmation. When they all gave a simultanious nod, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.

For eighteen years I'd bore a burden. All the lives of the people I'd killed, they'd been weighting down on me. I never quite understood how to get the weight off my shoulders, to rid myself of the guilt and the pain. Now, as I turned to face Czar Baldie Bald the Fourth, I knew. I pulled out a needle, my aura twisting around me like angry flames. The climax of this journey was near, all the pain, the struggle, the laughs and the tears, everything we'd gone through was for this moment.

I was gonna make it count.

I ran, feet pushing back the ground behind me, memories flashing in my eyes. The people I killed. Meeting Bobobo. Meeting Softon. Meeting all my friends. That creepy pedofile guy with the goose on his head. Over.

"Super Fist of the Scorpion: Deadly End!"I screamed, pulling my fist back and slamming it into the crack in Baldie Bald's armor, seeing a purple light flash out of it. Baldie screamed, looking up as everyone quickly stepped back.

His scream echoes off the walls as he began to shake, the light breaking his armor in half, skating across the floor as a light engulfed Baldie Bald, growing and growing until we could no longer see him, flashing and growing twice its size in a second before slowly, slowly, slowly shrinking, moving and compacting down until it showed what was left of Czar Baldie Bald the Fourth.

A Hair Ball in the shape of an octopus, that screamed and quickly dissapeared in a poof of smoke. There was a moment of silence, everyone looking around at each other, as if trying to get confirmation that that actually happened. And, for the first time, and just for the hell of it, I started the cheering. I threw a fist into the air and screamed,

"Wooooo Yeah!"

"Yeah! Amy did it!"Beauty screamed, running over and latching onto me. I pulled her into the tightest hug I could muster, feeling others swarm around us, everyone cheering and crying and cheering some more and throwing their fists in the air and laughing and sighing and falling down and high-fiving eachother and just plain letting it show how happy and relieved we all were, Hair Hunter or not, that the Chrome Dome had fallen.

-That night-

The moon cast a white light over the dark hill, the long green grass billowing and moving like a wave, as I sat, looking out into the distance, the stadiums and ex-hair hunters behind us. We'd set up camp, not caring at the moment what was going to happen to us now that this was all over. But the question didn't need to be asked, because Bobobo knew the answer. He'd explained it to me in detail after everyone had fallen asleep.

At first, I didn't like it. But, as I mulled it over in my mind, it made sense. It was the most reasonable thing to do, when it came down to it.

"I take it Bobobo told you the plan."Softon's voice came, as the swirlly-headed man sat next to me, the soft grass barely making a sound.

"Yeah. It makes sense. For a change."I mused, picking up a blade of grass and looking at it.

"You think we'll miss everyone?"Softon asked, and I sighed.

"Yeah. But one year isn't too long of a time, we'll be back together before anyone knows it, stronger and braver."I explained, knowing deep down inside that this would probably kill me, being away from all of them.

"Bobobo had a point. Just because Czar Baldie Bald is defeated doesn't mean that there wont be someone stronger out there waiting for us, laying in the woodwork. Taking some time to train by ourselves is a good idea..."He trailed off and I smiled, feeling the soft blade of grass.

"You'll need to look after Beauty. She needs some time with her big brother."I mused, feeling Softon tense in shock beside me. I chuckled, looking out at the vast field in front of us, city lights glittering in the distance. "What? You thought I didn't notice? Please, everyone else can miss it, but I've been Beauty's surrogate sister for years now. I notice how you always seem to be near her, how you protect her whenever I can't. Our author might have failed to detail it, but I saw it. So, when you gonna tell her?"I asked, not needing the backstory just yet. He probably had his own reasons for leaving her.

"...Tomorrow, after we've all gone our seperate ways..."He took a pause, then added, "Thank you, for taking care of her all these years." I grinned softly and said,

"Hey, even though I didn't know she was your sister until recently, it was the least I could do. I don't think you understand quite how much you helped me that night, when you said you could be my friend. I might not be here now if it hadn't been for you. Thank you, Softon."

We sat in quiet after that, knowing that this was the last time we'd see each other for a year. We could try as hard as we wanted to make a year sound short, but when you'd become so attatched to these people, a year might as well be a century.

"Amy..."I looked over at Softon, and paused, face turning red. His face was close to mine, eyes looking right into mine, telling me something I already knew.

I took a moment, looking at Softon. Thinking. And feeling terrible, but true. I smiled and placed a hand on his face, saying,

"Thank you, Softon." Somehow, like always, he knew what I was saying. And for a moment I saw a sad acknowledgment in his eyes, and it hurt me to see him like that. But then he gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead and said,

"Don't mention it, kid."

He stood up and walked, back towards the campsite. I took a moment to myself, looking out at the road ahead of us. The road where we would go our seperate ways for awhile, to train, to learn, to grow. Our little gang of misfits, out in the world on our own for awhile. I had no doubt we could do it, but I feared for how it would make me feel, to be away from my friends. Taking one more steriotypical, angsty teenage moment to think of all the struggle and the memories I'd made along the way, I stood up, turning and walking back to the campsite.

I chuckled, seeing everyone laying in a circle around the fire, long gone out, with a tent covered in glitter and diamond, reading 'Don Patch' on the front. I lay down, right between Beauty and Bobobo, seeing Over just a ways away from me, Softon next to Beauty and Gasser next to Jelly on the other side of the firewood. I streached, one hand behind my head as I felt Beauty roll over, snuggling next to me. I smiled, and then felt a heavier weight on my other side, looking down to see Bobobo snuggling next to me, cat ears and a mouth on his head.

I sighed, chuckling as I reached one arm up, letting the blade of grass go and watching it flutter away into the night as I lay, closing my eyes and falling asleep amounst this crazy group of misfits, that I wouldn't trade for the world.


So, there you go folks, the tear-jerking, tissue-dirtying, ice-cream-munching ending to one of the most emotionally and mentally draining stories I've ever written ever. I have to say thank you for reading it and giving me your feedback. Trust me when I say that I read each and every one of your comments and took them to heart, and I love all of you with all my butt, cuz, you know, it's bigger than my heart, and man do I need a lot of space for all this love!

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