The Northwestern

"Anakin," Obi-wan called over the megaphone. "Get in the wheelhouse."

Anakin sighed as he walked across the slippery deck and into the safety of the ship. After taking off his rain gear, he climbed up the stairs to see Obi-wan talking to a Togrutan teenager. He knew that it was Ahsoka. She turned around with a bright smile on her face.

"Hey, Anakin," she said cheerfully. "I was jus talking to your brother. It looks like this job should be fun."

"Anakin, would you mind showing her around?" Obi-wan asked, hunching over a map of the crab grounds.

"Sure," he said, leading Ahsoka out onto the deck. "Okay, listen up, greenhorn. I'm only going to say this once."

"I'm listening," she said, looking at him.

"You see that platform right there?" Anakin asked, pointing at the launching ramp. "Never, ever stand behind that, unless you're opening up the pot. If that thing gets loose, you have a half-ton chunk of steel crushing your ass. Got that?"

Ahsoka nodded, eyes wide with fear. She thought that crab fishing was an easy way to get some cash, but she didn't really believe that right now.

"Okay, next," Anakin said, turning to the back of the boat. "Those are the crab pots. When the guy running the hydros is stacking those, stay the hell away from them. If the waves kick up, you get a half-ton block of steel swinging around."

Ahsoka was ready to run off of the boat screaming by then. And Anakin had only scratched the surface of the ship.

"Ice is now your biggest enemy," Anakin said, turning to face her. "When it gets cold out here, and you've got waves going over the deck, the pots triple in weight. If there's too much ice, we flip over and sink like mother fuckers. Got it?"

Ahsoka almost fainted at that last reason.

"Also, when we're getting close to flipping over, we have to whack all that ice off to keep our weight down below," Anakin continued, tossing her a sledgehammer. "Get used to swinging that sucker. This season will be cold."

Ahsoka smiled at him thinking of cold weather. Her smile faded when Anakin's face turned serious.

"And if you think that it will be slightly chilly, you've got a brain problem," he chuckled. "I'm talking about forty-foot seas, freezing spray, and temperatures of seventy-five below zero."