After the match was made the weeks came faster. Pressure hit me like a ton of bricks. Here I am sitting in my tour bus getting ready to walk into the arena. Tonight we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Im nervous. Every time we come to Pittsburgh I get that night off. I usually stay in St. Louis, so I don't have to deal with the flashbacks. Its been 9 years since I have been here and walking off the bus, feeling the cold air of March hit my face, I have already been regretting to come back. As I walk past that old dumpster, tears start forming. I keep telling my self to calm down, that they wouldn't care where I am.


When I walk in I see Daddy with Nikki, Bryan with Brie, and Dad. I got my food and went to sit down with them.

"Wondered when you were going to join us." said John.

"Well, sitting in my bus alone wasn't fun."

"Jennifer, I missed you." proclaimed Nikki

"I just saw you last week" I laughed

"Jennifer, are you okay being back here?" Randy asked making me choked.

"No, but I had to come."

"Jennifer, Vince would like to see you in his office with Randy and John. Its important" said a Stage member

*Vince's Office*

I walked in with John, Nikki, and Randy to see Vince, Stephanie, Paul, a lady in a business suit, a cop, and a man and woman.

"Jennifer, please sit" said Stephanie

"Jennifer do you remember this lady?" asked Paul

"I do. It's the lady that gave me the adoption papers for her." said John

"Hi Jennifer. Im Sherry. I keep an eye on your progress while you were here. Your education is wonderful. I understand that both of your fathers had the best tutors for you. Jennifer these people beside me are your real parents."

When she said that my grip tightened around John and Randy's hand and heart started to beat faster and I blew up.

"After 9 years you thought it would be okay to come back into my life? You thought everything would be better? Well guess what? Its not. If you didn't want me then, why the hell would you want me now? My life is better after you BOTH left me. I don't want anything to do with you like you didn't want anything to do with me. I have a wonderful family a beautiful little sister. I did have a fiancé but I didn't think it was a good idea to I broke up with him. After WrestleMania, im done with in ring competition for good. Everyone here loves me. Something that you both didn't. if you are here for some kind of an apology or some shitty excuse of why you couldn't keep me. I don't want it. You guys are so messed up. This right here is why I don't come to Pittsburgh. So you two can leave, I have a show to get ready for. " I said with tears streaming down my cheeks

"Come on Jennifer lets go" said Randy with John and Nikki standing up.