Their plan had been perfect, almost flawless they thought. They had imagined it to be that way at least, imagined that they took account of all the possible variables in the situation. But once the plan was executed, and almost successful, they were proven very wrong.

When they had come up with the plan to capture "The Solution," Amon himself, they knew it would be difficult. They knew that, and that was why their team took so much time and effort to painstakingly go through every detail of the plan; and through every single scenario they thought of the plan would work. But their outcomes changed when an unthought-of variable happened.

"Did it work?" Asami whispered, her voice hissing through the tension she and the two brothers felt. They looked on below, through the smoke to the box and could not tell what had happened.

Mako frowned, his eyebrows furrowing, "I… don't know. It almost looked as if…" he mumbled, his voice trailing off.

"As if what?" Asami asked, eyes going wide in the fear that something had gone terribly wrong.

"As if someone jumped and pushed him out of the way… at… at the very last second." Bolin spoke softly, finishing his brother's thought. The three teenagers all turned their attention back on the ground as the smoke began to clear. There was no evidence that someone still hung around, but there was a banging on the metal box below them.

Bolin grinned, "It must have worked," he said, turning to Mako.

"I don't know," He said, extremely unsure of the situation. Simultaneously the three stood up and made their way to story below them. "I have a bad feeling about this." The fire bender mumbled, slowly approaching the box as the banging continued.

He and his brother slowly approached the caged window and peered in. "Well?" Asami urged, waiting for them to tell her what they saw.

Bolin frowned, almost pouting, "It's not him. It's just an equalist," he mumbled, feeling and looking almost dejected.

Mako groaned, "He must have pushed Amon out of the way." Just then the three could her running on the floor above them.

"Did it work?" Korra asked, bursting onto the balcony and grinning like a madwoman. Her happiness faded though as her three companions all shook their heads. "What? No… It had to have worked…"

Mako sighed, "Some stupid equalist pushed him out of the way," He grumbled, hitting the metal cage hard afterwards.

Korra came down to join them; "Well…" she started, looking around sadly, trying to find the solution to her problem in the room around her, "We can always keep the equalist as a hostage? And try to find information out about the equalists?" She suggested, glancing at her friends faces.

Asami shrugged, "I can't think of any better solution," she said, while the brothers nodded their approval.

"We take the equalist then." Korra said, sighing sadly, "Hopefully we can get some information out of them."

"Lin, have I ever mentioned how cool it is that you can metal bend?" Korra said, watching as the ex-chief and some of her friends on the police force moved the cage with their bending.

Lin sighed, rolling her eyes impatiently, "No. But I have been told by many others how 'cool' it is," she stated, looking unamused.

Korra ignored the metal bender and walked up to the box, peering in. The equalist, despite their predicament, seemed perfectly comfortable, splayed across the bottom on the box and their arms behind their head. Korra's eyebrows furrowed.

"What's wrong?" Mako wondered as he, Asami, and his brother walked up to join her.

She turned to them, a look of confusion still present on her face, "Well, Mako, if you were an equalist taken by the Avatar and her friends how exactly would you feel?"

The look of confusion seemed to be contagious as it spread onto Mako's face, "Uhm, a little worried I guess… maybe anxious."

"That equalists looks like they're sitting at home listening to the radio," Korra stated, feeling unsure of their improved plan now. The four teenagers all had a worried look and rushed to follow the cage and the metal benders into the next room. A holding cell covered a good portion of this room, the bars cutting the space almost in half. The metal benders placed the cage like box into the cell and made sure to close the doors. As soon as they were secure they opened the side of the box, allowing full view of the equalist inside.

Lin stepped forward to the equalist, her metal bending cords readied just incase, "Step outside the box," she ordered, watching carefully as the equalist stood up and walked out, sighing loudly and impatiently. "We ask for you absolute cooperation during this time. We don't want to have any conflict past this point, but we would like to as-" But before Lin could even finish speaking the equalist was moving.

It happened so suddenly that it took a handful of seconds for people to react. This gave the equalist enough time to block not only Lin's chi, but 3 of her other officers. Asami and Bolin, being two of the closest people to the equalist, made their moves. Asami held the element of surprise by coming from behind, sweeping her leg gracefully under the equalists and tripping them easily. Bolin was quick from the front, snatching the equalist by the waist and pinning them in a bear hug against him, holding their arms to their sides tightly.

Lin glared up at the equalist angrily, "Why you…" she spat, almost growling as she walked forward.

"Lin," Korra said, almost in a warning. "It's natural that someone like him would pull something like that. He just wants to get out." Instead of being met with a glare from Lin, Korra's response was met by a laugh.

Everyone turned to the equalist pinned against Bolin as they basically laughed their head off. Korra frowned walking up to the equalist and looking into the mask, "Something wrong?" she asked, feeling hurt that she was almost being laughed at.

"All you benders and your assumptions," the equalist trilled, laughing again lightly. That was when Korra ripped the mask off of the equalist.

"Or she, Lin. She could just want to get out."

The spiky haired girl that the mask had hid grinned at the Avatar before her. Perfect, Korra thought, looking into this smug girls face. We've captured a child.