Pre-assignment title: For Providence Lights The Path to Happiness

By thalia-csiny / philyra91

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Emmett/Rosalie, Human AU

Emmett McCarthy is a strictly blue-collar car mechanic who works 16 hours a day and is content with his lot in life. Rosalie Hale is the daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon and has everything she can possibly dream of. When providence steps in and gives them a little shove, who would have thought that the one thing that was missing from both their lives was each other?

Rosalie Hale, daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon, and Emmett McCarthy, son of a car mechanic, probably would never have met in their entire lives. She grew up in a house with maids and a butler, had her own debutante ball, attended parties every other night, and owned three properties, including a lake house, in her name. He graduated from high school, played college football and subsequently inherited Ursidae Car Repairs from his father, working 16 hours a day. While he didn't lived from paycheck to paycheck, he was by no means affluent.

But as fate would have it, they met when Rosalie's red BMW, uncharacteristically and obstinately, broke down right in front of Ursidae Car Repairs. She came out of the car, five-inch stilettos first and all legs, to borrow a wrench from the shop after giving it a cursory look. The staff, so unaccustomed to having such ravishing beauty in the store, was too stunned to stop her. She simply walked right in and grabbed a wrench from the nearby workstation with nary a glance at anyone else. Emmett, who was grumbling about why no one was handing him the tools like he had asked, wheeled himself out from under a car and was equally taken aback at the beautiful, statuesque woman in his shop. He was neither a poet nor a playwright. He would never compose sonnets or even write a decent haiku but in that moment, he didn't think blue eyes could look that blue or that skin like hers could be that fair. He did, however, manage to regain his composure rather quickly and tried, in vain, to clean his oily, grimy hands on his overalls before offering it to her.

Her standoffish manner did not put him off, as one might expect, because after all, Ursidae Car Repairs gets all sorts of customers every day. He was very much impressed by her knowledge of cars and when Rosalie failed to fix the BMW on her own, mostly because her tight dress didn't allow much room for bending and Emmett was too much of a gentleman to expose her to the lustful eyes of his staff, he offered his own expertise. After much bargaining, with mostly eye rolls and unimpressed shrugs from Rosalie, he was to bring the car back to the Hale compound in three days. He even managed to secure the possibility of a future date but no one knows if it was due to his charm, or sheer dumb luck.

That was two years ago.

Now, as they snuggled on the couch, she sitting between his legs, watching yet another mindless blockbuster movie, Rosalie couldn't help but think it as providence bringing them together. What if she had decided to take the Cadillac that afternoon? What if her car had broken down two blocks earlier or later? What if Emmett had taken the day off and left the store to his manager? What if he had thought her as another mindless bimbo that couldn't tell the difference between a car clutch and a clutch purse? What if her seemingly detached and unsociable manner had put him off?

It was not that she found him unattractive or unpleasant, even underneath all that filth and grime. Truthfully, something in her stirred when he started speaking. He had an easy disposition that made it very tempting for her to simply relax and let her guard down. But she had been cheated before, by men worth far less than her, wanting to get ahead in life using her good name. She was wary and somewhat fearful that such a friendly gentleman like Emmett could ever turn out to be one of those deceivers.

Their meeting simply had to be fate's doing, or at the very least, a really good string of happy coincidences.

Rosalie felt Emmett's hand move form rubbing her upper arm to clearing the hair from the back of her neck and it made her wonder how it was even possible to want someone like she wanted him. She wanted him all the time, anywhere, in every possible way. It wasn't like she was becoming more of a wanton but rather; Emmett was making her more self-aware of her sexuality and she couldn't be happier by this.

His lips were nice and warm on the crook of her neck and she smiled as she felt his breath gently caressing her skin. She murmured soft sighs of pleasure and he took it as a sign to carry on, his hands making their way under her shirt, growing bolder and bolder with each caress. The calluses on the bottom of his fingertips, formed from years and years of laboring as a mechanic, tingled the soft smooth skin of her abdomen. She remembered how when Emmett used to first touch her, he was constantly worried that his calluses made her uncomfortable, as if they were proof that a man of his station could never hope to attain a woman like her. He would always use the back of his hands to touch her, stroke her, brush against her until one night, she finally told him to touch her whichever way he liked because the calluses were turning her on. She spoke softly in his ear that it was she who did not deserve him, the man who smoothed all her rough edges and made her want things outside of her privileged upbringing.

She leaned back, resting her head on her shoulder and he took the opportunity to kiss her from the neck to her earlobe. He knew that was always her weak spot and true enough, as his teeth lightly grazed the flesh there, he could almost feel her shudder in his arms. As his right hand traveled up her body, over her bra and his fingers rested gently around her neck, his left hand, quite deftly, unhooked the button of her cut-off jeans. He teased her a little, playing with her zipper for an unnecessarily long time, which lead to some soft-hearted whimpering from her. Just as she didn't think she could bear it any longer, he dipped his hand into her panties where she was starting to ache and his fingers began to gently rub against her.

Rosalie squeezed her eyes shut as her own hands held on to the only thing available, his pant leg, and gripped it so tightly that Emmett let out a muffled curse. He massaged her sex with slow movements that matched the movements of his mouth on her neck in their tempo and when she whispered, heavily and laboriously, that he better fuck her now or she was going to rip his head off, his hand slowly pulled away, much to her frustration and delight.

She quickly maneuvered herself to straddle him and in one quick stroke, pulled off the shirt she was wearing. She was trying to hike up Emmett's shirt as well when he said, "Rose, baby, slow down." She, loath to actually admit it, couldn't help but pout.

Her previous boyfriends, like her, had demanding jobs, and sex for them both was more of a quickie. It was, after all, hard to engage in hours upon hours of foreplay when your Blackberry was due to go off at anytime, alerting to yet another new email or meeting. So it came as a surprise when Emmett stopped her during their first sexual encounter when she was trying to finish him off with a blowjob after only fifteen minutes of fooling around. "Where I come from, we take things a little slow," he had said before proceeding to make her pant from the best kind of foreplay ever.

"Come on," she whispered into his ear and tugged on his shirt. Perhaps it was her crooked smile, or the glint in her eyes, but Emmett relented and let her pull off his shirt. But not one to let even his darling Rose best him at his own game, he caught her by surprise when he pushed her down to the couch. She let out a delighted squeal as she playfully slapped his shoulder.

He moved to hover over her and Rosalie's fingers went to tangle themselves in his curly brown hair. God, his beautiful, beautiful curly brown hair she hoped to see in their children someday. The first time she ever saw him bare-chested and on top of her, she found herself a little scared. It was obvious that he had the strength to do whatever he wanted with her. She had flashbacks to her own domineering father and meek mother. But Emmett was kind and gentle and patient and never once used his overpowering strength against her.

His head dipped to nuzzle her neck as her hands slid down and roamed the expanse of his back. She could feel his muscles rippling and tightening under her touch. She was aware of his hands being everywhere, rough calluses on smooth skin like coarse sand running against polished pebbles. He touched her shoulders, her arms, her curves, up and down her thighs, up and down, up and down and fondled the hell out of her butt. His mouth slowly moved downwards, licking and nuzzling all the way to her breasts. She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, bearing herself to his sight.

In thanking her, she watched him envelop those glorious lips around her nipple and begin to suck. She bit her lips to stop herself from screaming as his hands went to cover her own restless ones positioned on her hips. He took more of her inside, and she moaned at the wet warmth that was his mouth. By the time he switched to the other breast, she was writhing underneath his body, murmuring a string of curse words. He paid homage to her like pagans worshipping their Gods. He smiled against the side of her breast and carried on torturing her. Her fingers tightened in his hair and for a second, he was worried if she'd ripped his hair out.

The fire in both their bodies were burning into an inferno and Emmett wasn't sure if his body could bear it for another moment. He kissed the small cluster of freckles Rosalie had just above her belly button as he pulled down her jeans not-too-gently and tossed it aside. As he hooked one finger around the band of her panties and dragged it down her thighs and then legs ever so leisurely and tortuously, Rosalie's breath hitched in her throat as she whispered, "Yes…" He could see that she was willing and she was ready for him.

With one last article of clothing separating them, Rosalie sat up and pulled Emmett towards her by his belt. With expert hands, she unclasped his belt and removed his pants in record time. Finally, it was just his boxers and when that too was gone, she took him in her mouth and grinned when he hissed and utter curses. His large hands went to encircle her head as she licked and sucked his way to pleasure. It wasn't long before he had to stop her, his palm grazing her cheek as he gently pulled himself away. He wanted to delay his pleasure just for a little while longer.

Both breathing heavily now, he moved between her legs, parting them and when he lifted her thigh, she hitched one leg on his waist and rose to kiss his cheek, telling him without words that she was ready. He kissed her back and for a moment, there was just the pressure of simply his lips on hers and then fullness. Rosalie moaned into their kiss as they moved against each other.

It was a tender and delicious taking. With each painfully slow thrust, he peppered her face, her neck and her breasts with kisses. She felt him nibbling on her skin, sucking on that spot where her shoulder met her neck. His hands were in sharp contrast to her tiny wrists, which he held high above her head as she writhed not-so-gently in his grip, relishing in the restraint. It sent a spine tingling chill through her that only temporarily tapered the blaze coursing through her veins. She felt him move against her, hips to hips, chest to chest, lips to lips.

She found herself vexed and oddly titillated with this aggravatingly unhurried form of fucking. No, it wasn't fucking, it wasn't even sex. This must be the most exquisite, pure, sexy kind of lovemaking there ever was. Even when she tried to increase the rhythm of their thrusts, Emmett would grasp her hips and slow them down once more. In her frustration, she turned to biting, though very lightly, his neck and shoulders and she smiled when her nails left scratches on his back and he let out a string of expletives.

Not wanting to be outdone, Emmett moved her hand to where they were joined and he leaned back on his knees, using the new position to thrust deeply. He wanted her frantic with desire and the resulting scream made him wonder if the neighbors could hear them. They were both oh-so-close in climaxing but neither wanted to be the first. Each relished seeing the other's pleasure on their faces before giving it to their own gratification.

His lips finally found their way back to hers and his tongue darted out just to nudge her bottom lip once. Her arms went around his neck as he gently parted her lips with his tongue and their tongues joined in a tantalizing and seductive frolic of their own. At long last, Emmett began to pick up speed with his thrusts and Rosalie, breathlessly and impatiently, matched him thrust for thrust. She continued to pulse around him and he knew that they were both very close to release.

Her mouth formed a wordless scream of his name as she contracted around him and he followed her into ecstasy within seconds. He collapsed on to her but he was careful to bear the weight on his forearms, yet when she pulled him against her, he willing followed. All that was heard of their labored breathing and the pounding of their hearts. The exertion had left them sweating and spent in a tangle of limbs but also, glowing and blissful. As the remnants of pleasured ebbed and flowed through their veins, he flipped them over so that she was lying on top of him.

"I love you," his voice of leaves and wind against her skin. "I love you."

Their paths should never cross, but when they came together like this, it couldn't be more right or more perfect.

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