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It's been three years in this life, and I still can't get over the stupidity of the human race. The human race is supposed to be all-powerful, almighty, and ever changing (evolved). It will admit to all it's accomplishments, with a minimal amount of it's downfalls, but yet most of all that inhabit it fail to acknowledge that they are still animals. They may be bigger, smarter, and growing rapidly, but they are still apart of the animal race. I was once apart of that race; Homo sapiens.

So, I clap for them; I clap for something I used to be. Something that has evolved into a civilization with so many technological advances, and yet they know nothing about what lies beneath the world they live in. This is where animals and humans differ. Animals can sense the predator, whereas humans cannot. They cannot smell, hear, or see it coming, and they sense nothing. When they smell me I can feel their curiosity, and when they see me I can sense their lust.

I've moved from everything I was once taught. I have no standards. I have no morals. I have no heart. When I entered this new life, I had no clear vision of what I was, but now, I know. There is only one group at the top of the food chain, and that group is more dangerous than anything imagined; vampire.


The music pounds through my ears; I can hear every underlying beat, it breaks down into individual tones, and yet nothing can distract me from the light burn in my throat. Let the prey come to you. The bodies around me are pressed together like sardines. They have no shame sweat that glistens on their bodies. They smile, do a simple roll of hips and pelvises, they laugh, the kiss, their hearts race, and yet all I do is watch them. My eyes are nearly black like the shadows outside, and as I sit still I can almost feel the rhythm of all the heartbeats in the room beating in sync around me. Come to me. My inner beast whispers to them, and I let her; it's been a while since I let her out to play.

"Hello beautiful." This one has an accent; British I believe. His breath is warm, and he smells delectable; I want to devour you.

"Beautiful?" I question, "as if I didn't already know that." I'm cocky, but I can afford to be. He wants me, and I know it.

"How about I buy you a drink?" Only if it comes with a side of you. I look up at him through my lashes, and lick my lips. He blinks; I smirk.

Straightening my back so I stand by him, with my back still facing the bar, I lean towards him. "Only if it's dirty." I whisper, his heart leaps and I trail my pointed nails underneath the hallow of his chin. He quickly asks the bartender for three shots of tequila, and I don't hesitate once they're in front of me. I wrap my lips around the top of the shot glass and quickly tilt my head back. Look ma, no hands. The vile taste of liquor slides down my throat, and inwardly I cringe.

"Damn." he says, his accent is thicker, huskier, "I'm Ian by the way." he picks up my hand and kisses it.

"I bit my lip in response, "Iz." I hat the name, but by tomorrow he won't remember a thing.

Finally I look into his eyes. They are green like water lilies, and his hair is sandy like the beach. "Would you like to dance?" he asks.

My eyes trail lower, past his built arms, and obviously strong chest. I want to undress you. Fuck you. Taste your blood. I grab his tan hands, with my leather gloved ones, and I say, "How else can I repay you for the drink?"

I lead him to the middle of the dance floor, but he begins to move behind me before I can find a definite position. I whine my hips on him, and play with my hair. I try to give him all he can get, letting him in, his hands find the V just below my waist, and I poke my ass out to graze his middle. He grows a little in excitement; I turn towards him, my hands encircle his neck, and I lean in. "Maybe you're getting ahead of yourself. I could be dangerous." My warning; I always give them one, and I hope that they take it seriously.

He laughs, and I know yet again I've found the same type, "The only thing that's going to be dangerous is this wood you're giving me."

"Maybe we should take care of that?" I take the lead, and as I walk through the crowds of people I close my eyes. Don't you wish you could find me Edward? I ask my self mentally, but I know that even if my power to disappear failed me now, I'd never give him the satisfaction of getting inside my head.

"Your place or mine?" Ian whispers when we make it outside, and suddenly I am bored with his presence.

I slam into the brick wall of the dark alley that stands in the back of the club, careful not to damage his fragile body, and I recklessly push my lips against his. He doesn't shy away from the coldness of them; instead he grabs my head and carries the kiss deeper. "Who said anything about a place?" He looks at me, and as I stare back, I wonder if he feels the threat; predator and prey. I trail my hands up his body, under his shirt, and he shivers at the rough touch of leather. This one is cute, I think, How about I give him a show. The redness of his cherry lips call to me, so I unzip my jacket. The cold night air hits my skin like a summer rain ,and he gasps at the wonder of flawlessness. My skin shines like the moon, pale and beautiful; the have on resembles a fresh pool of blood. He kisses the hallow of my neck, my shoulders, the tops of my breasts. Fuck and feed, My mind screams to me, but the beast has other plans; Just drink. The burning in my throat intensifies, and as I am covered in the gloriousness that is his scent I know what I want. I must feed.

I snap my head up, and when my lips find his neck, he moans, "damn, you're beautiful."

"Beauty comes with a price." My teeth dig into his skin, and hid liquid spills out, down my throat, and into my well being; I find myself feeling stronger. Damn he tastes good. His pulse begins to slow and quickly I suck his blood clean of my venom. Licking the womb clean I see the little bite marks begin to fade. He look at me, eyes half open, and I smile, "Tomorrow, Ian, this will all be a distant memory." he doesn't call out to me as I put on my jacket and walk away, because I control the situation; it rests in my hands.

There's a point where you realize that killing prey is no longer satisfactory. It's the game of bringing yourself to that final edge of starvation, and then resisting the slaughter; that screams of fun. Humans are just our game, and with this control, vampires could rule the world. I am Isabella Swan, and my name is the only thing I treasure from my human life.

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