Summary: Edward Cullen is a famous actor/singer and a player who gets married to an ordinary girl Bella Swan on one night in Vegas.

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Chapter 1(how we met)

My name is Bella Cullen and I am 20 years old and I live what you would call a famous life, but not because I do anything but am married to the one and only "Edward Cullen". You may all be wondering how I became to be Mrs Cullen but it all started like this….

I was dressed up and I had spent 3 hours trying to make myself look good since I was going to surprise Mike tonight. For it was our 3 year anniversary but when I got in his room what I saw shocked me he was in his bed making out with his so called best friend, Nikita and here I thought that he was okay with taking it slow when all along he was busy banging my ex best friend and using me for his arm candy. My eyes we starting to fill up with tears so I just slammed the door and started running back to my car " baby I am really sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I know it doesn't look…" that's what I heard him say before I got in my car and started driving.

I had been driving for hours before I saw that I had reached Vegas (even though I was underage I just felt like breaking the law for once). My eyes were bloodshot red so I went to the bathroom to fix myself up-applying some lipstick, massacra and eyeliner, before I went to the bar and started drinking my sorrows away( I know right how pathetic was I being). I had been sitting and drinking for a long time before I saw him. Words could not describe what my own eyes were seeing, if they were anything such as sex god then this man would have been one of them. With his amazingly touchable sex hair, his body that would make you melt, and those kissable lips that I just wanted to be on mine and taste them. I thought he looked familiar but I couldn't place his face to anyone who I knew. I hadn't noticed that he had moved from his seat and that he was now standing in front of me. Okay deep breaths, nothing bad can happen...right?" Hi my name is Edward Cullen and I was wondering what a sexy lady is doing in a bar by herself?"Said the sex god or by his real name Edward Cullen and his voice sounded like velvet oh cross that it sounded good that I would have melted on the spot-if it was possible. Hmm Cullen where have I heard that name before isn't he that dude who…. Nah what would I know. Oh my, he is probably waiting for an answer hmm what should I say" Hi uh my name is Isabella Swan or just Bella" I can't believe that I just said that I am an idiot. "So wanna dance?'' asked Edward. I found myself saying YES.


I woke with a headache and the first thing I noticed was that I wasn't in my room and neither was I in Mike's room-which for that one would be unexpected seeing that I have never stayed at his before or the other way. I kept on laying there for a few minutes and when I tried to get out of bed I felt something hold me back and when I turned around I saw a man who was spooning me, although I must admit he looked cute and familiar but also familiar…..hmm. I was broken out of my trance when he started to wake up and that's when it all started to click meaning I must have slept with this stranger, Oh my gosh I have to get out now. I had gotten out of bed and I was looking for my clothes when the stranger first talked "Who the heck are you and what are you doing in my hotel room? Although I don't mind the view" the stranger asked well more like he shouted at me and then he said the last part seductively. Such an asshole and here I thought men where gentlemen, who am I kidding.

"My name is Bella Swan and uh I umm think we uhh slept together yesterday and Oh My Gosh is that a ring on your finger that means you cheated on your wife. " I said. I could not believe this man had just cheated on his wife, although coming to think of it he looks a bit young to be married but who knows in this world we live in.