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Extra chapter- Birth scene

I drove Bella to the hospital and her face was beet red from all the weird noises she was making. When we got to the hospital, I rushed to the reception and asked for help but the receptionist was busy screaming my name saying stuff like "OMG its Edward Cullen, I am must be dreaming". I had to tell her to keep quiet and to tell us where the doctor was. The doctor came with a wheel chair and placed Bella on it and pushed her to the delivering room. We stayed there for at least 30 minutes before the doctor came and told us that Bella was ready to deliver. I didn't know what was inside there when I went into the delivering room too but I should have known better since the last time I went into a delivering room it did not end well and also the process was a long one. When we got there the doctor put on a serious face and he started saying "push miss, push"

"Ughhhhhhh whoo huuu ahhh whoo ughhhhhhh ahhh!"

"Come Bella you can do it"

"Edward do you want to give birth if you think this is easy" her grip on my hand was tightening as she was saying that.

"Uh I guess"

"Sweetie do me a favour"

"Sure I will do anything for you"

"Go wait outside" wasn't expecting that.


"Edward you do not want to temper me so just go outside" her grip on my hand was tightening more and more as she said that.



"push "the doctor said.

"can you stop with the word push its not helping" Bella said.

"breathe, I can see the head now you have to push harder"

"whoo ahhh! doctor can you please call Edward"

"okay nurse call Edward"


I had been out for 1 minute when I heard Bella screaming, I really wanted to go and comfort her but I didn't want to make her mad either. I saw the nurse come out and I rushed out to her to ask what was happening, but before I could say anything she told me that Bella wanted me inside with her.

"Give me one more push"


"Congratulations you have a baby girl, but you still have to keep on pushing"

"Fine, just my luck"

"Ahhh! Whoo Edward couldn't you just get me pregnant with one baby but no you have to do two"

"I will try to do that next time"

"Oh nah we have too many kids and I am not going through nine mon—owww whoo –this of being pregnant and this"


"Come on miss I can see the head, just give me one more push"

"Whoo ahhh whoo ahhh"

"Congratulations you have a baby boy too"


I was holding Ej and Bella was holding Elizabeth Marie and Emma was sitting with Bella on her bed. This moment felt so perfect like it was meant to happen. And when all our children were asleep Bella told me something that made me even happier.

"Edward I love you with my heart and I would love to get married with you so my answer to your question before is yes"

"Man I feel like I am floating on cloud nine" and then I kissed her.