Birthday Surprise
By Thomas Mc

Chapter 15

Still trying to come to terms with the fact that Mayor William Henderson was in his house, Paul escorted him back to the breakfast nook. Sharron looked up as they walked in and, recognizing Bill, dropped her spatula. After a stunned moment she retrieved the spatula and dropped it into the sink then got another one from one of the kitchen drawers. Henderson introduced himself then Paul introduced his family.

Bill glanced over at Superboy, still floating in a cross-legged sitting position at the table, and couldn't help the amused snort that escaped him spoiling his characteristic dour expression, at the unusual sight. Then he got serious as his attention centered on Superboy. "OK now, what is this all about?"

Superboy responded. "This is Christopher's discovery . . . I think he should explain it."

Sharron had begun setting out the food on the table. She seemed a bit uncertain as she took in the important people that were currently occupying her breakfast nook. "Um, ah, Mister Mayor, would you like to have some breakfast while we talk?" She blushed a bit.

Bill glanced around at the faces of the family then smiled at Sharron. He hadn't had breakfast yet and the food smelled very good right now. He also knew that these people were a bit nervous in his presence and sitting at the breakfast table with them would put them more at ease. "Yes, thank-you. I would like some breakfast. And, please, call me Bill." He took one of the two empty seats and Paul took the other one. As Sharron continued serving the food he turned his attention on Christopher. "Now, young man, what is this all about?"

As Christopher spun out his tale about what had happened Bill began to frown as the seriousness of the situation became clear to him. He also glanced occasionally at the others gauging their reactions and coming to some surprising conclusions. This family knew a lot more about Superman and Superboy than most people did and there was definitely something going on between Superboy and the daughter, Kristen. He would bet a year's salary that Kristen knew that Superboy was really Jonathan Kent and he suspected that Christopher might also know. He wasn't so sure how much the parents knew. It was obvious, however, that they all knew the truth about Kryptonite.

After Christopher finished telling about the mornings events Bill Henderson thought for several seconds then started talking. "So what we have is kryptonite in the hands of two very unsavory characters and we have a very limited window in which to act before it is turned into even deadlier weapons to be used against you and your father."

Superboy nodded. "And Dad and I can't really do anything because we can't get near the stuff."

Bill turned to Christopher. "I know a friendly judge that I can trust that will be able to supply us with warrants. But I will need a carefully worded deposition from you about what you saw. There should be no mention of kryptonite. Instead describe it as glowing radioactive crystals. That way we can get fast action and keep the concept of Kryptonite out of the picture." He took a note pad from his pocket. "If you will write down those addresses I get started on those warrants while you get some paper and write down and sign your statement."

Christopher wrote down the address for the warehouse and the gun shop then handed it to Bill. Sharron left the room saying that she would get Christopher some paper to write on. Bill studied the addresses a moment then was on his phone.

"Hello, Judge Sanders, Bill Henderson here. Sorry to disturb you but I need really a big favor." . . .

"I need two search warrants." He repeated the two addresses.

"The objects of the search are illegal radioactive material." . . .

"The material in question appears to be a glowing green crystal." . . .

"That's right they are suspected of receiving dangerous radioactive material and one of the recipients is believed to be wanted for making bombs used in terrorist type attacks." . . .

"Yes I have a witness." . . .

"I will have an officer stop by in about an hour with the witness's statement to pick up the warrants." . . .

"OK, and Thanks." He clicked off then dialed another number.

"Hello, Greg, Bill Henderson. I have a critical situation here. I need you to assemble your SWAT team." . . .

"Once your team is assembled I need you to come by my current location to pick-up a witness statement then go to Judge Sanders' office to pick up two search warrants." . . .

"It's about nine thirty now. They need to be ready to move by noon." . . .

"No, I can't be directly involved in this. I'll explain when you get here." He repeated Paul's address.

"Thanks Greg. See you when you get here." . . .

Bill put away his cell phone. "Chief Hughs should be here in a bit." Bill took a bite of the breakfast in front of him then he turned his attention to Sharron. "This is very good, Mrs. Mathers."

Superboy chimed in. "I second that. This is very good."

Sharron blushed as she smiled back at both of them. "Thank-you." She turned her attention to Bill. She had noticed that despite his well known deadpan cynical disposition Bill Henderson was actually a very pleasant person. "Um, if I'm supposed to call you Bill then you should call me Sharron." She blushed again at her own words. She was still trying to adjust to the number of very important people that were passing through her home. Now they were expecting the Chief of Police.

Bill turned his attention to Christopher who was intently writing away. "How is it coming there, Christopher?"

Christopher glanced up from his writing. "I'm about halfway through, Sir."

Bill nodded. "Good, but there's no need to rush. Take your time and make sure that you've got your facts correct."

A short while later Superman returned. He was invited to partake in breakfast and accepted. Two minutes after that Police Chief Greg Hughes arrived. After introductions were exchanged Bill Henderson immediately got down to business.

Henderson handed Greg the statement. "Greg, this is Christopher's official statement on what happened early this morning. You're to take it straight to Judge Sanders and she will sign the warrants as soon as she gets this. I can't stress to you how important this is."

Greg nodded as he read through the statement. The further he read the wider his eyes got. Finally Greg looked up at Bill, his face registering a combination of surprise, and grim fear. "Is this really Joey Carson?"

Bill's expression was now just as grim. "Christopher identified him from that 'America's Most Wanted' segment. He said that he got a good look at him."

"My God, Bill. Radioactive material in the hands of 'The Bombmaster' . . . That's the stuff of every cop's worst nightmare."

Bill shook his head. "It's worse than you know and I can't explain to you why but it is imperative that the green crystals are recovered as soon as possible and immediately turned over to STAR Labs." Greg stared at Bill a moment, his brows furrowed in uncertainty, then he glanced over at Superman and Superboy. His expression turned to one of shock as he looked back at Bill. He opened his mouth but Bill cut him off before he could say anything. "Don't ask and don't discuss this with anyone else. Just make sure that that stuff makes it to STAR Labs."

Greg nodded to Bill. "I'll get it taken care of." Greg nodded to the rest of them and Paul escorted him out.

When Paul returned to the room Bill exhaled a huge sigh. "Now all we can do is wait and hope." He noticed the look on Superman's face and became worried. "Superman, you can't be involved in this."

Superman looked back stubbornly determined. "I can't just standby and let them risk their lives for me. I have to help."

"How? You can't get anywhere near that stuff." Bill Retorted.

"I can at least fly high cover for them. Warn them of any traps or other dangers." Superman responded.

"That could cause other problems. If you are present everyone will wonder why you are staying in the background rather than taking direct action."

Superman paused to think a moment. "You saw the look on Greg's face when he glanced at me just before he left. He has already figured out that Kryptonite is involved." He replied. "I will stay out of sight and only communicate with Greg on my cell. Regardless, I have to be there to help any way I can."

Bill sighed again. "I suppose there's no way that I can talk you out of this."

Superman shook his head. "Nope, not a chance. Chief Hughes should arrive at Judge Sanders' in about fifteen minutes. I will meet him there and work out the details." He then looked over at Sharron and smiled. "In the meantime I want to enjoy this marvelous breakfast that you have prepared.

~ o ~

After he had finished breakfast Superman left the Mathers family's home to a final admonition from Bill Henderson to watch himself and stay well away from any place where the kryptonite might be. Once everyone had their fill of breakfast they all moved to the family room to await news of the raids about to happen.

A few minutes later a cell phone rang. Everyone glanced around curiously looking for the source then Superboy pulled out a cell phone from somewhere behind his back and answered it.

"Hello?" . . . He glanced at the others who were looking back curiously at him. "I'm at Kristen's place." . . . Again he glanced around. "Two pieces of Kryptonite have been located in the hands of some bad guys." . . . "Dad went to meet with some policemen that are going to raid those two places." . . . Superboy's frown deepened as he listened for a long time. He closed his eyes and nodded his head very slightly. Finally he sighed and responded. "I won't. I promised Dad that I would stay here until he returns." . . . His frown deepened even more. "Mom, that might not be such a good idea." He listened a few moments then shook his head and sighed again. "But Dad won't be able to do much to protect you this time." . . . Another sigh. "I know Mom, just, please, be careful." He closed his phone with another sigh.

Superboy/Jonathan looked up, his face creased in a worried frown.

Kristen reached out and took Superboy/Jonathan's hand. "Are you OK?"

Superboy/Jonathan responded. "Just worried about my mother."

Kristen dropped Jonathan's hand self-consciously. She needed to be more careful. She knew how worried Jonathan must be about both his parents and she wanted to put her arms around him to comfort him but she wasn't supposed to know Superboy that well. She knew that she mustn't do anything that might give Jonathan's secret away. Keeping Jonathan's secret was proving to be much more difficult than she had expected, especially under these close and very stressful conditions. Kristen looked around at the various expressions on the faces of the other's in the room. It was bad enough that they all now knew about Kryptonite, and now she was worried that her actions may have just given too much away.

Paul had been quietly observing everything that was going on. The first thing that struck him was the close physical proximity between Kristen and Superboy. The second thing that struck him was that there seemed to be much more going on between them than he had first thought (The look on her face when she had touched Superboy's hand in sympathy had been very instructive). The third thing was his realization that, based on the phone conversation, Superboy's mother was apparently a normal person (something he had not previously considered).

Sharron had noticed indications of a definite connection between Kristen and Superboy (especially when she had touched his hand). Though they were trying not to show it she was certain that they were more than just acquaintances. She began to wonder just how close they really were and where Kristen's relationship with Jonathan fit in all this.

Henderson watched the interaction between Jonathan and Kristen. He had been in on the Kent family secret for several years now and he had heard about the bomb incident at the high school. He suspected that Kristen also knew the secret and by the looks on her parent's faces he suspected that they didn't know. The older brother however was a bit of a puzzle.

Continued in Part 16

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