Birthday Surprise
By Thomas Mc

Chapter 6

The next day Kristen and Stephanie were working together at the music store when the Johnson boys sauntered in. They were again loitering in the same area of the store as last time and Stephanie warned Kristen to keep an eye out for them. Kristen remarked that she was already aware of them.

While Kristen hung near the store phone, Stephanie moved out onto the floor and began straightening the CD racks while steadily working her way over toward where the three boys were standing. Once she reached a position where she could clearly see what they were doing she settled in and busied herself industriously rearranging the CD's while keeping a wary eye on the three boys.

After about ten minutes of this the three brothers began grumbling angrily among themselves while glancing over at Stephanie. Both girls were getting a bit worried as all three of the boys were adopting rather aggressive stances as they began to move away from each other. Soon it became obvious to the two girls that Keith, the oldest, started working his way toward Kristen while Lance and Marty were slowly working their way toward either side of Stephanie.

The two girls were starting to feel really afraid and Kristen was about to grab the phone to call security when Jonathan Kent wandered casually into the shop. He swept the store with a glance then looked over at Kristen, a slight frown on his face. He then strolled over to a spot near where Stephanie was standing, nodded to her and began flipping through the CDs.

The three brothers started looking uncertainly at each other and less than a minute later they decided to leave. All three of them gave both girls the evil eye stare before walking out of the store.

Stephanie and Kristen glanced at each other and breathed a sigh of relief at the departure of the three Johnson brothers. Stephanie headed back to the checkout counter followed closely by Jonathan.

The three looked at each other in silence for a moment then Jonathan spoke. "Are you two girls all right? The tension in here when I walked in was thick enough to suffocate a person."

Stephanie responded. "We're just fine now. Those Johnson boys looked like they were going to start trouble but they changed their minds when you walked in. Thanks."

"No problem." Jonathan responded with a smile then he turned to Kristen. "I just came by to see you. Can you take a quick break; maybe get a coke or something?"

Kristen glanced at Stephanie who nodded back at her. "Sure, I can take a few minutes." She responded.

As Kristen and Jonathan walked toward the food court he commented. "The way both of your hearts were racing, I would say that things were getting a bit serious back there."

Kristen nodded. "Yea, I think that things were about to turn nasty when you walked in."

Jonathan nodded back then took her hand and stopped, pulling her around to face him. "Just remember, if things ever turn bad, all you have to do is yell and I'll be there in a flash."

She looked down at the floor. "I know."

Jonathan put one hand under her chin, encouraging her to look at him. "Just, promise me that you will call out for me if you ever get into trouble . . . OK?"

She nodded. "OK." There was the faintest shimmer in her eyes as she looked back into his deep brown eyes.

He held her gaze a moment longer then he leaned in and gave a quick peck of a kiss. They smiled at each other then they turned and together headed into the food court.

~ x S x ~

The evening of the Senior Prom had finally arrived. Jonathan Kent stepped up to the front door to Kristen's home and pressed the doorbell. A minute later the door opened and Jonathan found himself facing a very stern faced man that just stared hard back at him for several seconds. Finally the man spoke. "Yes?"

Despite being invulnerable Jonathan found that man's stare a bit intimidating and felt a strong urge to step back. He held his ground and put on his best friendly, and hopefully harmless, smile. "Hi, I'm Jonathan Kent. I'm here to pick-up Kristen."

The man stared at Jonathan for another couple of seconds then stepped back. "You may come in and wait. My daughter should be down in a minute." The man then led Jonathan into a family room. The coffee table was covered with newspaper, on top of which sat a partially disassembled 45 semi-automatic pistol and gun cleaning supplies. "Have a seat." The man pointed to a chair next to the table then sat down on the sofa.

Over the next couple of minutes of tense silence, the man resumed cleaning and inspecting the gun parts.

After a quick glance at Jonathan out of the corner of his eye Paul finally spoke. "You know, Kristen is really looking forward to tonight." Paul looked down the gun barrel then he wiped at it with a grey cloth as he continued speaking. "She is my only daughter and very special to me." He then looked at Jonathan through the gun barrel. "If anything ever happened to her, I don't think I would be responsible for my actions." He set the barrel down on the coffee table and looked Jonathan straight in the eye. "I'm trusting you to take good care of my little girl tonight."

Jonathan nodded his head. "Don't worry, sir. I know how special Kristen is and I will do my best to be sure that she has a good time tonight and get her home safe and sound."

Kristen's father picked up the handle and trigger assembly and began inspecting it. "I'm counting on it."

As they stared at each other they were interrupted by the sound of Kristen clearing her throat. They both and looked over at the family room doorway to see Kristen standing there looking quite beautiful and staring curiously back at them both. "I'm ready Jonathan." She announced.

Jonathan stood up. "Great." He stepped around the coffee table and approached Kristen, smiling. "You look fantastic, Kristen."

Kristen dimpled and blushed as she responded. "Thank-you, Jonathan. You don't look half bad yourself."

Jonathan reached out and took her hand. "We'd best be going. The prom starts in a few minutes and we don't want to miss anything."

She giggled, still blushing, the touch of his hand sending tingles up her arm. "Then let's go." She glanced over at her father who was scowling back at them. "Good night, Daddy. We'll try not to be out too late." Then she started pulling Jonathan toward the front door.

"See that you don't." Her father replied to their backs as they headed out of the room.

Kristen wasn't really listening because she was quietly trying to deal with the way Jonathan's hand in hers was making her heart race. Just as they reached the door her mother appeared from the back of the house followed closely by her brother.

"Wait!" Her mother called out. "Oooo, you two just look soooo cute." She gushed. "I just have to get a picture of you both. I'll be right back." She turned and walked quickly back the way she had come.

Christopher watched their mother walk away then turned toward Jonathan and Kristen. He leaned against the wall and shrugged while chuckling. "Mothers! Sometimes I think embarrassing their children is their main goal in life."

A minute later she returned with a camera and pointed it at them. "Now, move a little closer you two and smile."

Jonathan shifted closer to Kristen and reached behind her placing his arm across her shoulder. Kristen looked over at Jonathan and felt a shiver run up her spine as Jonathan smiled at her, giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze. Christopher straightened up from the wall and frowned in deep concentration as he watched the scene before him. He had seen this exact same action and reaction very recently. Then his eyebrows shot up nearly to his hairline in surprise. Kristen and Superboy in the used bookstore!

Oblivious to Christopher's reaction, the little prom date ritual continued to play itself out. "That's perfect!" Their mother exclaimed. "Say Cheese!" She snapped two pictures then stepped forward and kissed Kristen on the cheek. "Now you two go have fun and, for the sake of your father's poor heart, stay out of trouble."

"We will, Mom." Kristen replied.

Jonathan added. "Don't worry Mrs. Mathers. I'll look out for her and get her home safe." Then they turned and passed through the front door.

As the door closed Christopher, still looking a bit shocked, commented to his mother. "Don't worry, Mom . . ." He blinked twice and shook himself with a short snort of a laugh. "I don't think Sis could be in safer hands." He turned and headed into the family room mumbling to himself. As he entered the family room he took one look at the disassembled gun then looked over at his father by the window and momentarily cracked up.

~ o ~

As they descended the front steps Kristen noticed the car that they were headed for. It was a Superman-blue Mustang with bright red interior and gold racing stripes. On the fender just in front of the door was a tiny two inch high Superman shield and below it was the words 'Superman Special Limited Edition' in gold script.

Kristen remembered her brother drooling over that very model when it first came out last year on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Superman's first public appearance during the EPRAD space station incident. She giggled and looked over at Jonathan. "Isn't that color scheme just a bit obvious?"

Jonathan laughed. "It is just a bit over the top for me?"

Kristen shook her head. "It's almost like you're daring someone to make the connection."

He paused beside the passenger door. "This car actually belongs to James Olsen of the Daily Planet, a friend of the family. He let me borrow it for tonight since I don't own a car."

Jonathan opened the passenger door for Kristen and handed her into the seat and closed the door. As he trotted around to the other side Kristen glanced back at the house and saw her father and brother looking out through the family room window.

Jonathan pulled his driver side door closed and Kristen glanced over at him. "What was all that about back there between you and my Dad?"

Jonathan shook his head as he started the car with a roar of glass-pack mufflers. "I think he was trying to scare me." He chuckled. "He was pretty effective. I'm invulnerable and I felt intimidated."

Kristen giggled. "That's rich. My dad actually intimidating Superboy."

Jonathan pulled out into the street and shrugged. "I don't think your father likes me very much . . . or he just doesn't trust me with you."

Again Kristen giggled. "Now that is actually kinda funny cause Dad idolizes both Superman and Superboy." She shook her head at the irony of it. "I think it's because Superman once saved Aunt Katy or something."

~ o ~

Christopher joined his father at the window just in time to see Jonathan closing the passenger door of the very same car that he had dreamed about since it first came out. Once the car pulled away Christopher turned and headed for his room. A minute later both his parents were startled when they heard Christopher break out in a full throated, shake the walls, belly laugh.

Continued in Part 7

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