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Characters: Neku, Joshua (Beat, Eri, Rhyme, Shiki)

Prompt: "After the incident with the otters was resolved I felt a lot better."

Neku would never forget the incident with the otters.

Shibuya doesn't have a zoo. It's just a district in Tokyo (alright, a pretty important district in Tokyo, as far as the celestial underworld was concerned), and there wasn't much natural life in the cramped little corner of Tokyo. Unless you counted insects, pigeons, or the rare weed poking up through the sidewalk cracks. To a young and curious child seeking knowledge about the animal kingdom, Shibuya was not the best place to grow up. Your best bet was the internet, or picture books from the library about the jungles of South America or the deserts of Australia.

To a not-so-young but still very-curious dead kid seeking knowledge on the kingdom of animalia, picture books and documentaries on Animal Planet simply would not cut it. Joshua was a picky kid. He'd spent most of his life (prior to the games) in the WildKat, pouring through Hanekoma's ratty old National Geographics, absorbing as much knowledge as humanly possible. He'd begged his parents to take him to the zoo, but every time they'd promised they would, "something came up" or they "weren't feeling well", and it was back to looking up pictures of peacocks on the interwebs.

When Hanekoma suspended Joshua's powers, everyone's worlds had been turned upside down- Joshua not excluded. Making the best of being virtually powerless was not an easy thing to do. However, non-Composers were allowed to leave their districts- because, technically, they didn't have districts to begin with.

After Josh had finished his preliminary "I Lost My Powers Unlife SUCKS NAO" moping, this realization struck him like a frying pan to the face. A rather good analogy, considering that very day Neku had struck him with a frying pan, in the face. Because apparently, climbing through windows and lying on someone's bed waiting for them to get home without permission is considered "breaking and entering", "illegal", and is something only done by people with "Stalkerish Tendencies". Or something like that.

Anyway, back to the otter incident.

Neku had been to a zoo once, maybe twice in his life. His mom had pictures from when he was a baby, before dad had left. He didn't remember much. Apparently some giraffe had bitten the hat right off his head and made him cry. His mom even had pictures to prove it. Shiki and Eri had pulled them out one time while they were over, and they had fawned all over them. He'd made sure to burn all baby pictures of himself, because when he wasn't home, certain Composers liked to creep through his stuff. And his mother had no qualms about him. He loved the woman, but some days, she drove him up the wall.

ANYWAY, back to the animals. Animals were pretty cute. N-Not that Neku liked cute things. That was unmanly. And Neku was the living, breathing epitome of manliness, and he refused to let anyone (especially Mr. Pink and Frilly himself) tell him otherwise.

So, when Mr. Pink and Frilly came barging into the Ramen Don with pamphlets for the zoo in Ueno, demanding that all six of them go immediately, Neku was hesitant to agree.

"Zoos are crowded, dude." Beat had pointed out, slurping up ramen rather noisily. "Tons of snot-nosed brats yellin' and cryin'. Plus, it smells like shit."

"But Beat! We could see all the cute little monkeys..." Shiki squeed softly, looking at Neku with those huge, shiny, adorable eyes. He could feel his defenses weakening already. Monkeys were cute... Monkeys were really cute...

"Come on guys. The trip isn't even that long." Joshua thrust a pamphlet into Neku's face. "They've got tigers, and bears, and an elephant. And, most importantly, they have peacocks." Joshua's smug little smirk warped for a moment, widening into a genuine smile.

"What's so great about peacocks?" Beat scoffed. Joshua shot him a look so nasty, it would have disintegrated weaker men. Luckily, Beat and Neku were used to Joshua by now, and the fact that he had no powers (or physical strength whatsoever) diminished his intimidation factor by... Well, a lot.

"Peacocks are fabulous birds." He huffed, practically turning his nose up in disdain. "They're colorful, they're beautiful, they're elegant... They're my favorite animal." He added the last part rather quickly, his voice quiet. For a moment he seemed almost excited. Who would have thought the prospect of getting to see peacocks would make Joshua excited?

The group squabbled for a bit. Mostly, it was Beat who was against the trip. Eri was on the fence, since she loved the animals, but didn't want to waste the money on bus fair or an entry fee.

"Plus, snacks... And We'll probably want to get souveneirs... Oh! And we'd have to go to the petting zoo, so we'd need to buy food for all the goats. Ug... Way too expensive." Eri huffed, crossing her arms.

"I think it'd be fun." Rhyme smiled. "It's the first week of Summer. Let's make the most of it while we still can, right? Before somebody remembers their homework assignments?" She looked at Beat expectantly, and all the color drained from his face.

"U-Uhm, y-y'know what guys? Rhyme and pretty boy are right." He laughed nervously, gulping the rest of his ramen and standing up dramatically (toppling most of their ramen in the process). "Let's go to the zoo!" He pointed up dramatically.

"Keep it down!" Ken cawed from across the room.

That was how they'd ended up at the zoo. After scraping together all that they owned, taking a crowded subway to Ueno, and wandering the streets until they reached their destination... Well, they'd reached their destination. Thus, all Hell broke loose.

Eri and Shiki took off immediately to go see the petting zoo, and Rhyme vanished, which caused Beat to flip the fuck out. He found her by the elephant a few minutes later, but forgot to yell at her when he saw how happy she looked. Neku couldn't help smiling. Rhyme was leaning over the fence, staring at the elephant with her eyes the size of dinner platters, an enormous grin plastered on her face.

"I knew they were big... But I never knew they were this big!" She breathed, looking up at her brother with amazement. Even Beat seemed awed by the beast. It flapped its giant ears at the three of them. Neku swore he saw it wink.

"Do you know where the monkey exhibit is?" He asked, as nonchalantly as possible. After hearing about the cute little monkeys, he hadn't been able to get them out of his mind. If only Shiki hadn't disappeared with Eri... It would have been fun to go and see them with her. With all the squeeing she'd do, he wouldn't feel compelled to do it instead.

N-Not that he would! Damn Cuteness Proximity!

Beat pulled out their designated pamphlet, which had a map, and opened his mouth to answer Neku's Monkey Question, when Neku was abruptly kidnapped.

"Come with me~" Joshua linked his arm in Neku's, dragging him away.

"Beat! Save me!" Neku crowed, flailing his free arm back at his blond friends. Rhyme smiled sadly after him.

"It was nice knowing you Phones!" Beat called after him. Neku made a mental note to murder Beat's skateboard next time he had the chance.

"Oh hush." Joshua scoffed, dragging Neku through the crowds. "What do you think I'm going to do?"

"Take me to your lair and do unspeakable yaoi-related things to me?"

"Close. We're going to see the peacocks." Joshua smirked.

"Oooh. That was my third guess." Neku shrugged. Joshua raised an eyebrow.

"And what, pray I ask, was your second?"

"That you were going to eat me."

"Har har. You should be a comedian." Joshua rolled his eyes, craning his neck so that he could see through the crowd. "Ug. It's so much harder navigating in the RG." He sighed, pushing a lock of hair behind his ear. "And it's so hot out..."

"It was your idea to come to the zoo." Neku reminded him, pulling his arm out from Joshua's grip. His arm was bony. Not as bony as Neku's arm -let's face it, nobody had bonier arms than Neku, with the possible exception of Eri, who looked like a walking eating disorder -but still, not very comfortable to have latched around your own arms. Especially not when it was this freaking hot out. The air was heavy with humidity, downright oppressing.

"I think it's this way." Joshua said suddenly, taking off. He vanished into the crowd, and Neku swore, fighting his way through the throngs of people after him. Luckily for Neku, Joshua had the speed of a tortoise on Zzzquil, and finding the fluffy-haired boy was not very difficult.

"Are you trying to get me lost?" Neku scowled, coming up behind him. Joshua was leaning over the iron bars of a fence. He didn't seem to notice Neku's presence. "Are you even listening to me?" Huffing, he looked down into the enclosure-

And almost died.

Otters. Adorable, fluffy, baby otters. The man that Neku wished he could be flipped his middle fingers to the world and ran away into the deepest recesses of Neku's mind, and Neku leaned over the fence, staring down at the too-cute-to-be-real animals with eyes a'sparkling. It was all he could do not to let out a Shiki-worthy "Squeeeee!"

Let it be known that Neku took great pride in being stoic. He may have learned about the Magic of Friendship, and he may have been more smiley now, but he was still the hardcore child of the streets he used to be. And dammit, he was practically a man. He spent just about every moment that he was with Josh commenting on how frilly and girly and disgraceful he was to the male race. So how awful would it be if, by chance, Neku happened to have a weakness?

Neku... Liked cute things. Chibis, kittens, bunnies, puppies, chibis of kittens, puppies and bunnies, those cute little keychains and baubles you could buy in Otaku Stores, ponies... You name it. It was a curse. Ever since he was young, he'd had the inexplicable urge to say "Awww" and cuddle cute things. Unfortunately, that was not a very dude-like thing to do. Thus, Neku hid his love. He stopped drawing chibis and cute things at school and focused on MANRY things. Like monster trucks, and robots, and dinosaurs. And robotic dinosaurs riding monster trucks while battling sharks with lasers. Yeah.

Back to the main point, Neku spent a great deal of time mocking Josh for liking things quite similar to what he himself liked. If Josh were ever to know, he would never let him live it down (and Josh already had enough over him). He would call him a hypocrite. He would tell Beat, and Beat might disown him as his Man Friend, and then Shiki and Eri would kidnap him and take him on shopping trips to look at cute clothes (he liked cute things- NOT cute clothes!) and never release him from their girly clutches. Ever. Or, you know, something like that.

So, basically, to get back to where we were, Neku was trying very hard not to flip the fuck out. Because oh my god, look at the baby otters. They're so cute! They've got those big noses, and they're flipping around and playing with each other and- AWWWWWW that one has a little squeaky toy! Aren't they so cute? Aren't they, aren't they?


Fucking Cuteness Proximity.

Luckily for Neku, not a single word of this escaped his mind. It wanted to, but he was a master at holding this sort of thing inside.

"Aren't they cute?" Joshua smiled- actually smiled, as in, not a smirk or a maniacal grin -and Neku managed to peel his gaze away from the adorable fluffy creatures.

"What? Erm, I guess." Nice save, Neku.

"I've never seen one in real life." Josh leaned back over the fence, watching the cute little things swim about with a look of rapture in his eyes. "I used to read about them, in the National Geographic." Josh looked up at Neku, his smile looking a little nervous. "That's how I found out about peacocks. That, and Animal Planet." He giggled, still sounding a bit off.

"What's the deal with you and peacocks?" Neku asked, relieved to change the topic from the otters to, well, anything else. Joshua's gaze returned to the otters, and the nervousness left his smile, bliss replacing it.

"Have you ever seen a peahen?" He asked. Neku nodded. "They're rather ugly, aren't they? Dumpy brown color, nowhere near as beautiful as the male bird." Joshua then looked up at the sky. A few pigeons passed overhead. "That's not how it is with humans. You see girls, and they dress up all gorgeous, and guys are allowed to dress down and look like slobs. If a girl dresses all dumpy, guys won't like her. If a guy tries to dress pretty or even slightly feminine, then other guys will beat him up." Joshua huffed, his smile fading. He looked at Neku with a seriousness in his eyes that made Neku nod in agreement. He knew exactly what he was talking about. Like with the cute thing. Guys and girls seemed to be divided into two categories, and anyone who overstepped their bounds was ostracized.

"That's not how it is with birds though." Joshua's smile returned. "Female birds are never as colorful as the male. They're always brown, or have duller colors. Male birds have crazy feathers, bright colors, and put on these weird shows to impress the girls. It's how they attract their mates. They put on these elaborate shows, for these dumpy little females that everyone thinks are boring..." He looked at Neku with his smile wide. "It's amazing. It's so opposite from us."

Neku stared at him, not sure what to say. It was one of the strangest things Josh had ever said to him, but it hit home. So he nodded, because once again, Joshua had him at a loss for words.

Joshua's mouth became a line, the edges not poking up or down. "Every time I saw a picture of a peacock, or even thought about them... I'd just feel a little more normal. Like... If these beautiful birds that everyone loves can be flamboyant and colorful and not be judged for it, then why not me?" He stared down at the water, the line of his mouth tight. The look on his face told Neku he'd said too much. Joshua didn't talk about himself much, and when he did it was always trivial things. Now that Neku thought about it, he hadn't said an incredible amount about himself now, but even in those few things he'd mentioned, Neku had managed to pick up a lot.

Josh's eyes were glued to the otters now.

"I say we steal one and take it home." He announced, loudly enough to get a few stares from others -and to change the subject.

"Quiet. Do you want to get kicked out?" Neku growled. Josh giggled.

"Don't be such a downer, Neku. It was just a joke." He smirked. "Seriously though, look at them. Don't you just want to scoop one up and keep it?" They both leaned back over the fence. One of the littlest otters looked back up at Neku, and made the strangest yet most adorable sound he'd ever heard.

"Yeah," Neku admitted, a smiling tugging at his lips. "I bet they'd make fun pets." The little otter swam over to the edge, putting its little paws against the side and staring up at him. Neku waved a little, and Josh giggled.

"I think it likes you." Joshua teased. Neku ignored him. Maybe he could go and buy a stuffed otter toy at the gift shop... Or, he could get one for Shiki. She would love that-

"PHONES!" Beat's voice exploded right behind him, accompanied by a sharp smack on the back. With a demonic shriek, Neku launched forward, flipping over the rail and sailing down.

He landed with a splash, which was accompanied by the horrified squeals of the otters and children up above.

"Holy shit-" Beat was leaning over the rail, a mixture of guilt, shock, and amusement in his eyes. Joshua was doubled over, laughing hysterically. Neku could just make out the top of Rhyme's hat as she ran off, shouting for someone to get help.

One of the otters swam over, sniffing him curiously. He sneezed, and it took off, practically flying back into its little hut.

"Neku?" Neku looked up. Shiki and Eri were at the other side of the fence now, staring at him in embarrassment. Neku stood up, sneezing again. Great. Now he was soaked to the bone.

"Quick Neku, now's your chance!" Josh called between laughter. "Grab one and run!" He choked, his giggles seizing him again. Beat nudged him hard with his elbow, trying to hide his own smile. Neku recited every swear and curse he knew in his mind. He wasn't sure if he should unleash it on Beat or Josh. Rhyme came rushing back over, panting.

"They're getting a ladder!" She called. "Just hold on, okay?" Neku nodded, shivering. His clothes were damp, and even in this humid weather, it sent a chill down his spine.

"Looks like we'll need to get you a new shirt from the gift shop." Joshua smirked, his laughter having finally died down.

"Someone is going to die when I get back up there." Neku growled, standing impatiently near the wall.

An otter came up to his leg and sniffed it. Then it peed. Neku unleashed his rotten vocabulary then, and all were powerless to stop him.

They did eventually get Neku out of the otter habitat. It involved a rope ladder, fish, and a very pissed Neku. They didn't have enough money left to get him new clothes, so he rode home damp (he made sure to sit right in between Josh and Beat, so their clothes would get wet too). A few people who worked at the zoo had apparently overheard his and Josh's "plan" to kidnap one of the otters, and after his little dive into the habitat... Well, let's just say that the Otter Incident (which it would forever be known as) ended with Neku, Beat and Josh getting group banned from the zoo. For eternity. Or possibly longer.

The next morning, when Neku got up, he found a little otter plush sitting on his doorstep. He wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. There was a little note tied around its neck, in familiar, curvy writing.

Since we couldn't get a real one, figured this would have to do.

Let's go for the monkeys next time.


Neku rolled his eyes, a small smile playing off his lips.

"You're all weirdos." He said, to no one in particular, as he placed the otter on his desk. It sat like a little sentry, though he doubted it would keep any unwanted visitors out of his room. Absent-mindedly, he pet it, then went to go make (raid the fridge for) his breakfast.

Maybe his friends were weirdos. He didn't really mind though.

The others probably won't be nearly this long...

Fear and I decided that because of the Neku Incident (AKA TWEWY) and Joshua's general douchebaggery, Mr. H and the Angels decided it would be best for Shibuya if the Composer took a break. Ergo, Joshua is grounded :D They suspended his powers (cuz they're Angels and they can do crazy crap like that) and have a temporary stand-in, which you'll probably hear about later. Until Joshua can learn about the Magic of Friendship and see the error of his ways, he has to live as a normal dead kid. Mr. H thinks it'll be good for him, to get out of the sewer and hang out with Neku and the others and stop being a homicidal sociopath for awhile.

This takes place awhile after Joshua had started to integrate himself with Neku and co. When he first showed up Neku flipped out, and they went through some of the angsty/raeg process. Which you will get more of. Eventually. :D