To make up for all the angst of late, here's a random (and dumb) drabble about Neku and Josh. :3 Inter-TWEWY, during Week Two.

Theme: Bad Signal

Characters: Neku, Joshua


"Alright, let's get going." Neku came to a halt in the middle of the street. People were everywhere, walking by him and through him, completely unaware of his presence as they continued chattering amongst themselves. This was the par he hated the most... having to hear their thoughts while he scanned for Noise. TMI cranked up to eleven. Seriously, what was wrong with people? Did his thoughts sound this bizarre?

Have people been listening to my thoughts? The thought made Neku shudder. The Game had been going on long enough, he supposed. Players had probably run into him time and time again, overheard his thoughts when scanning for Noise. This made him uncomfortable. He'd never thought about the shoe being on the other foot, having his own mind probed by complete strangers, whilst he was completely unaware... How violating.

"What pin did he say he wanted again," Josh asked with a sigh, flipping open his phone. "Something from Natural Puppy?" Neku looked over, shrugging. Reapers usually asked for stupid stuff.

"Happy Beam, I think. Come on, let's get ready. There's probably a lot of Noise around here." Neku pulled a few pins out of his pocket, sticking them on his collar and banishing thoughts of thought reading from his mind. Joshua was frowning.

"I can't get any bars here." he said, sounding concerned.

"Oh no." Neku replied, not sparing the sarcasm. Joshua shot him an "if looks could kill" sort of glare, then looked back at his phone, shaking it.

"Yes, oh no. I need this to fight." he grumbled, holding it up higher. His scowl deepened, and he got up on his tiptoes.

"It's not like you do much with it anyway..." Neku breathed. Joshua looked away from his screen, glaring at Neku.

"I'm sorry, did you say something, partner dearest?" he asked dryly. Neku shrugged, pulling his headphones back on.

"Nothing important."

"Right. Ug, why can't I get any bars?" Joshua tried to jump, but he didn't get very high. Neku was glad no one could see him. It was actually painful to watch. Josh sucked at pretty much everything physical. Neku still wondered how he'd wound up with him as a partner.

"We need to go somewhere higher." Josh said, looking at Neku expectantly.

"How? We have to beat the Noise to get past the walls, remember?" They couldn't complete there mission is they didn't get by the walls, but they couldn't do that without getting those stupid pins for the Wall Reapers. Why did they even want Natural Puppy pins any way? Just... Why? Neku sighed, shaking his head. "Look, Josh, I'll handle the Noise this round." It's not like it'll make a difference if you help or not, he added silently. Joshua's eyes narrowed.

"Right. And I supposed I'm just going to sit there and get tossed around while you "handle it"? No thank you. I just need to get a little higher," Joshua demonstrated by raising his phone as high as it would go. Neku held his tongue. They were wasting time like this. Maybe he should just scan for Noise...

Joshua started walking toward Neku. "Wait. I think there's a signal over here." He walked past, then frowned, walking closer. "It's right around here."

"Hallelujah." Neku tossed his hands in the air, his voice deadpan. "Can we just get this mission done, Josh?"

"Patience, Neku. It's a virtue!" Josh clucked his tongue, standing on his tiptoes again and stretching his arms up.

"So I've been told." Neku rolled his eyes. He grabbed his own phone, flipping it open to check he time. They still had awhile before they had to complete the mission, but the faster they finished, the sooner Neku could relax. He didn't buy into Josh's philosophy about letting the other players handle the missions... if everyone had that mentality, they'd all be erased. And if he got erased... That meant Shiki would be too. And there was no way in hell he was letting that happen. Thus, he would continue to put up with Josh's shit. Even if it drove him to the brink of insanity...

What happened next, Neku was not really prepared for. Even if Joshua had warned him before hand, he probably still couldn't have prepared himself.

Josh's weight crashed onto his back, nearly knocking him over. Neku stumbled forward, swearing loudly as he reached up to try and keep his headphones from falling.

"What the hell are you doing?" he cried, wincing as one of Joshua's shoes dug into his hip. "Ouch! Joshua! What the literal fuck?!"

"Stop moving around!" Joshua huffed, his voice muffled. Neku looked up. Josh had his phone in his mouth, and a very determined look on his face as he tried not to overbalance and fall.

Josh had one knee digging into his shoulder blade, and one hand planted on his head. Neku had half the mind to spin around or jump- do something to knock him off. The only reason he could think of for not doing so was that he really had no idea what Josh was trying to do.

"Three bars! Neku, step back a little." Josh cried, his knees knocking against Neku's head.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Neku raged, shaking back and forth. Joshua's fingers dug into his hair, holding tight, and Neku winced. "Um, ow?! Josh, get off!" Neku shouted. He really hoped there weren't any other Players around to see this. Or Reapers. Or anything, really.

Josh had managed to sling both legs over Neku's shoulders, and was now sitting up there, holding his phone high.

"Four bars! Neku, jump or something!" Josh said, looking down expectantly.

"Oh, I'll do something alright..." Neku growled, trying to lean forward without falling over.

"Five! I've got all five!" Josh shouted, victorious. "Alright, I'm ready whenever you are Neku."

"Ready for what, exactly?"

"To erase some Noise." Josh replied, the tiniest hint of exasperation in his voice. "Try and keep up, Neku."

"We are not fighting Noise like this, Joshua!" Neku snarled, struggling to keep his balance. Joshua huffed, and Neku could only assume he was crossing his arms and scowling.

"I thought you wanted to complete the mission?" he asked coyly.

I want, to punch you in the face, Neku thought, gritting his teeth.

"We can't fight with you sitting on my shoulders."

"I can't get a signal any other way, Neku." Josh sighed, taking the tone of one lecturing a small child. Neku wondered if Joshua smashing his face on the asphalt would be enough to kill him, and how difficult it would be to get a new Partner within seven minutes. Sure it would be a hassle, but would it really be as horrible as putting up with Josh for the next few days? Neku weighed the pros and cons. "Come on Neku, he clock is ticking."

"Not like you care." Neku grumbled. Trust your partner, he reminded himself bitterly. Did this qualify as trust? Neku was pretty sure this was more along the lines of Joshua pushing his luck as far as it could possibly go, and then some. "You're lucky I can't get through the week without you in one piece." Neku called, tilting his head just enough to glare at Joshua. The boy smirked, patting his head.

"One of the many blessings I'm always sure to count." he replied pleasantly. "Now, let's go. My legs are starting to hurt."

"I swear to fucking God-" Neku seethed, shaking his head. Must trust Partner. Must not buck onto the concrete... Erasing your Partner was against the rules, but what about maiming them? Was that allowed?

"Tick tock, Neku." Josh tsk'd. Neku closed his eyes and pressed his hands over his ears, both to scan for Noise, and to block out Joshua's voice.

"This had better not become a habit," Neku warned. Josh giggled gratingly.

"Of course not, Partner. Wouldn't dream of it."


Inspired by some cute pic I found of Josh sitting on Neku's shoulders, trying to find a signal. I like to think he needs bars on his phone to use it in battle. No clue how they would fight like that- they fight in separate planes anyway, right? So it probably wouldn't matter in the end, they'd still get separate- Josh just needed some bars before he could start~ also, I know that technicaly, josh is playing from the RG, right? So he probably wouldn't be able to touch Neku. But he's magical Composer boy, so I think he could maybe just... alter his vibe ever so slightly, so that he could interact physically with beings in the UG? Not for a very long amount of time, because it would take a lot of energy and focus and he might lose control and zone back into the UG, full-on Composer form- but just long enough to harass Neku, or make him think that he's in the UG, depending on what time this takes place. Also, IDK what day this would be. Just some random point where they're trying to get past the walls. Neku doesn't think Josh killed him yet, so I guess it's during the first couple days :P