Riding down the beach of her island home, Diana Princess of Themyscira, looks into the vast ocean. Those beautiful blue waters are the limits of her home and the edge of all she knows of the world. Her mother and sisters were granted the island long ago and since then have hidden here from the outside world (or "Patriarch's world") ever since. While Diana loves her mother, her people, and her home part of her yearns to leave these shores and see the world that she has been sheltered from. As she thinks that she sees something in the distance, black, and leaving a trail of smoke fall out of the sky and crash into the forest. Immediately the Princess chases after it.

Having spent her entire life exploring Themyscira she knows the Island like the back of her hand, so in no time she rides her white horse to the site of the crash. The object is shaped like a bat but forged from black metal, with a glass covered section in the head. It hangs from the wrecked trees with black smoke rising from the back and obvious battle damage on the back and wings of the vehicle. As she approaches the glass canopy slides open and a black creatures moves about inside of it. When he stands she sees that it is a man in black armor, a horned mask, and a long cape. The man drops out of the wreck and falls to the ground several feet bellow, landing easily on his feet. Then he stands straight up and looks at the princess through white lenses.

Diana draws her sword and points it at the new comer. "I am Diana of Themyscira, and no man is allowed on this Island. State your name and why you have come," she orders calmly, keeping her nervousness out of her voice.

The man in the mask looks at her and says something, what she doesn't know, though she does recognize the word "Greek". Before Diana can speak up again he says in a language closer to hers, "You understand now?"

"Yes," Diana answers, deciding to use simpler words given the situations. "Why here?" she asks.

The man looks back at the wrecked vehicle then back at her before answering, "Crashed."

Feeling somewhat foolish for that question, Diana then asks, "Name?"

"Batman," he answers simply.

The princess pulls a bit of rope off of her saddle, keeping her blade pointed at the man the entire time. "Lay down," she tells him.

"Who you?" Batman asks.

"Diana," she answers. "Amazon."

After he hears Amazon the man in black darts into the forest, with Diana quickly chasing after him. As she closes in on her target the princess has to admire his speed, agility, and stamina as it is on par with some of her sisters. But Diana surpasses him in all of these areas and she knows the terrain, so really it was only a matter of time. Apparently Batman figured this out as well as he skids to a halt and turns to her again.

Diana points her sword at him again and demands for him to, "Lay down," again. In response Batman holds up his hands, palm first, but Diana can see something is being held concealed by his right hand. She points her sword at said hand and says, "Drop." In answer the man in the cape throws the gas pellet on the ground and then disappears in a large puff of smoke.

Diana quickly stabs into the smoke cloud, but he's gone. She looks around but can't see any tracks on the ground leading away. Perplexed, Diana looks about higher on the trees, but can not see her prey in any of the shadows amongst the branches. She knows he must be hidden somewhere near though. Diana closes her eyes and listens. All of the Amazons have been blessed by the Goddesses of Olympus, but none have been more blessed then Diana. She is stronger, tougher, and more agile than any of her sisters. More importantly at the movement though is the fact that she can see like a bird of prey and her ears are sharper than her sword.

Eventually she is able to block out all the sounds of the surrounding forest and pinpoints quiet breathing and a strong heart beat. Using her ears to aim her strike, the Amazon quickly turns and throws her sword at its source. In answer the man in black leaps out of the tree, dodging the blade (as she knew he would), and throwing his own weapon at her as he does.

Diana blocks the bat shaped throwing blade with her bracer, then stalks towards her enemy, swinging her rope which is now shaped into a lasso. "You are coming with me," Diana tells him.

"We will see," he answers.

Diana throws out her lasso, but the Batman doges the loop, grabs the rope, and uses it as leverage to launch himself at the princess and deliver a left cross directly to her face. It is a blow strong enough to knock out a prize fighter, but against Diana it does little more than knock her head to the side.

The surprise buys him enough time to break away, where he rubs his bruised hand through his gauntlet. When the princess turns back to him, her face completely unmarred, he sees that the blow harmed his hand more than his opponent. "Metahumans," he grumbles under his breath.

Deciding to use her hands Diana drops the rope and grabs for him, but the man in black dodges bonelessly away from her. Diana decides to use the one strike she was taught since she was a girl and told to use on men, a strike that she has never had use of until today: a quick and straightforward kick between the legs. Unfortunately for her the Batman seems to have been expecting the attack and dodges it, at the same time he lands a blow that does hurt the amazon, a jab to her eye.

Seizing the moment the Batman turns and flees. Unfortunately for him Diana does a running leap which causes her to sail over his head and land gracefully on her feet in front of him. He's so stunned by this that he doesn't doge when the Amazon delivers a powerful uppercut to his jaw, which knocks him out cold.

Batman wakes up a few hours later, and finds himself tied to a chair in the middle of a grand marble room. Before him is an entire room full of women almost a beautiful as the one who knocked him out. They seem to be of all races, ranging from Caucasian to African to Asian, but all are tall muscular and beautiful. Several are dressed in artistically well made armor and are armed with spears or swords. Eventually he sees Diana again standing next to what looks like her older sister, who is wearing a golden grown and has in her hand a golden cord, which leads to a loop wrapped around his torso.

"Can you understand me?" the woman holding the cord asks in what sounds like English.

"Yes," Bruce answers immediately, almost against his will.

"That is because you are being held by the Lasso of Truth," she tells him. "While within its bonds you will understand everything said to you, and you shall be compelled to answer truthfully to any question posed to you."

"Metahumans and magic," he grumbles to himself.

"I am Hippolyta, queen of Themyscira," the woman questioning him says. "What is your name?"

"Batman," he answers quickly and simply.

The Queen narrows her eyes. "What is your true name?" she asks.

"Batman," answers again, his face like stone.

A red headed Amazon, larger than most of the others and wearing armor with a huge sword on her back, steps up to his chair, leans down to look him in the face, and asks with a threatening tone, "What did your mother call you?"

The Batman looks up at her, gives her half an infuriating grin, and answers, "Son."

While the red head frowns at him, Hippolyta asks, "Lying with the Truth?"

"It is the best way," he answers.

The red head grabs a hold of Batman's cowl. "At least we can look at your face," she says.

"That would be unwise," he tells her calmly. She ignores him and begins pulling off the mask. Instead of ripping off the cowl emits electricity, shocking the hell out of the large woman and causing her to fall to the ground clutching her hand in pain. The man in black looks down at her and asks, "Did you think I was lying?"

As the Amazon on the floor throws him a hateful glare (and several others in the room suppress chuckles) the Queen asks, "Why did you come to Themyscira?"

"I came by accident," he answers. "I was shooting down a missile, and some of its debris damaged my plane. I was trying to make a safe water landing, but instead I ended up here."

The room is quiet for a moment until Diana finally speaks. "Why did you run when I told you I was an Amazon?" she asks.

"According to myth and legend Amazons kill men who trespass on their home," he answers.

His answer surprises Diana, but the Queen simply orders, "Sleep." The Lasso glows for a bit as the Batman tries to fight the compulsion, but eventually he slips back into unconsciousness.

"We should live up to our reputation and dispose of him," the red head says, getting back on her feet.

"Is that what you want Artemis? For the world to think of us as murderers?" Diana asks her.

"He is dangerous," the fiery warrior retorts.

"As are you, I, as are we all. That doesn't make him our enemy," the Princess continues.

"He's a man, that makes him our enemy," Artemis tells her.

"Enough," Hippolyta tells them. "Throughout all our time here no man has mistakenly stepped foot on Themyscira. His being here may be the will of the gods. I shall seek their guidance in this matter. While I do I want you, Diana, to see this Batman to a room and I want the door locked and guarded until I return."

"Yes mother," Diana answers.

And with that the Amazons disperse, Batman is taken away, and the Queen makes her way to the temple of the goddesses.