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"What have you got for us O?" Batman asks as their vehicle flies through the wooded rode on its way to the city proper.

"Us?" Oracle asks.

"Yes. Call my companion...Nyx," he answers with a smirk.

"No," Diana says next to him, worried.

"Ah, the great primordial goddess of the night. You must think very highly of her," Oracle says, with humor in her voice.

"Seriously, you can't call me that," Diana says, a little bit more forcefully.

"Alright Princess, calm down, you're among friends," Oracle tells her. "Lady Bird just said that she could use some back up."

"Where?" Batman asks.

"I'm sending the location to your GPS right now," she answers.

While thats happening Batwoman is hiding in the shadows among the rafters of a warehouse, while three dozen shifty looking guys busy themselves unloading unmarked trucks. "Is someone coming O? This looks like about three times as many guys as Penguin was supposed to have. Hell I'm missing having Bullock's hairy backside covering me right now," the dark skinned woman in the mask says over her cowl's radio.

"Calm down rookie, Black Bird and friend are on their way. By the way, you owe me that bottle of vodka!" Oracle tells her.

So the boss is coming, Renee thinks to herself. And who's she calling 'rookie'? As she thinks that all the lights in the place go off. She switches her cowl to night-vision just in time to see the Batman swoop down and snatch away one of the machine gun wielding henchmen paroling around the edge of the group. "Well, time to go to work," she says before dropping down. Batwoman lands behind two very worried gunmen, who she grabs by the collars and smashes their heads together, finishing with a roundhouse kick to the back of their heads just to make sure that they stay out for awhile.

"ITS THE BAT!" some panicked criminal yells in pure fear right before he catches a batarang upside his head. The man next to him points his gun in the direction he thinks the projectile came from, only to be grabbed from behind by very large arms. One such arm wrenches his gun hand away and squeezes just the right points to make him drop it, while the other wraps around his throat in a sleeper hold. "I'm out of town for a week and your boss thinks he can just pull a job this big in my city?" Batman asks the man as his vision begins to tunnel. "Sounds like someone needs to be defenestrated again." The Dark Knight drops the now unconscious man and finds another that needs his attention.

The population of awake criminals in the warehouse has taken a recent and dramatic decline. One of the smarter ones has taken a crouched position next to one of the trucks and has his gun aimed at something shiny that seems to be moving in the near distance. Deciding that he would rather not just open fire into the dark, the gunman reaches into the truck and turn on the headlights. The lights bathe the area in front of the care in harsh a harsh white, and there he sees the tall masked form of Diana standing in the middle of a rough circle of her knocked out opponents with half of a ripped in two assault rifle in each hand.

The criminal is awestruck for a second, before the warrior woman's gaze falls on him, at which point he aims his gun and opens fire. His target however drops the weapon pieces in her hands and easily deflects the bullets. The man hollers in frustration and disbelief as he empties his entire magazine at woman, only for his gun to start clicking empty and to have her still standing and glaring at him. The gunman drops his useless weapon and turns to run only to slam straight into a tall man in black armor and cape. He looks up into the white lenses that will be in his nightmares for the rest of his life, and he stutters,

"I...I...I," before the giant before him punches his lights out.

"I had him," Diana says, stepping forward.

"So I could see," Batman answers, looking at the dozen or so men littering the ground around her.

"Did I go too far?" Diana asks him.

"No. They seem to all be breathing," he answers.

The two of them just stand there for a second before Montoya walks out of the shadows.

"Wow! I'm...I'm Batwoman. I am one of the guardians of Gotham...but damn you are just..." she stutters a bit when Diana turns and looks her in the eyes. "Wonderful..." Batwoman says wistfully.

The two are quiet for a moment before Batman asks, "So hows Kate?"

"Kate!" Batwoman says, finally capable of looking away from the Amazon. "Kate is...just great. In fact she's probably waiting for me." She pulls out her grapple gun and is just about to disappear into the night when she turns back to them and says, "Nice to meet you, and boss...I'm glad that I already bought the vodka," before firing her line and zipping away.

Diana turns back to her host and says, "You have some interesting friends."

"You don't know the half of it," he answers. "Come on, the police are on their way, and we should be gone before they get here."

The two of them leave the warehouse the same way they entered and ventured out through the night. They ended up stopping several muggings, one robbery, and helped rescue several people from a burning building, then as the night blurs into early morning the two find themselves sitting next to each other on Wayne Tower, looking down at the city around them.

"I've never seen such wanton hatred and aggression. Your city looks much less beautiful up close," she tells him.

Bruce mulls over that for a few seconds before answering. "The entire population of your Island home could be lost amongst all the souls that fill the city below us. All of them trying to survive without the blessings of gods or personal paradises to call home. In the strife some of them resort to crime as an easy way out of their problems, but more try and stay true to themselves and stay above such things. Those are the people I fight for, because I can't stand to see victimized by the crazy or the evil. Or just some idiot with a gun."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you," she tells him.

"You haven't offended me," he tells her. "Come one, we have to get back. We have a big day tomorrow."

They return to the Manor where Diana finds her guest bedroom (which just happened to be located right next to Bruce's room), inside of which there is a large and amazing bed and one of the greatest marvels she has yet discovered in Patriarch's world, the indoor shower.

In the morning the Princess hears a knock on her door. She stretches before getting up and answering the door, finding Casandra. "Naked," Casandra mentions, while balancing a pile of clothes in one hand and a plate of food on the other.

"Oh," Diana says looking down at herself and stepping to the side so Cas can get in and shut the door behind her. "I left the rest of my clothes in the plane, and didn't think to get them."

"Then you took a shower and didn't feel like getting them," the young Wayne girl says, putting down the clothes on the bed and tray of food next to it. "Sounds like something I would do."

"Did your father send you?" Diana asks, crossing her arms over her chest and crossing her legs together.

"Yeah, so I guess that means he was expecting you to do that too," Cassandra says. "Or are you just disappointed that he didn't bring them?"

Diana blushes and looks away. "Thats not..."

Cassandra shrugs. "Don't worry, he likes you. Now get dressed, he's taking you to meet Clark," she tells her, heading out the door.

"Clark?" she asks.

"One of dad's best friends, he lives in Metropolis. You two are leaving in about two hours, so eat up and get dressed," Cassandra tells her before disappearing down the hall.

Down stairs Bruce is fixing his suit a bit while Alfred waits patiently next to him. "So you are taking her to meet Mr. Kent sir?" the Englishman asks.

"Yes. Next time something big comes up she'll show up next to Superman and the two of them will deal with it in a suitably flashy show. Then he'll introduce her to the UN, they will accept her into their ranks as a new ambassador, they will give her an embassy and..." he trails off.

"And Master Bruce?" Alfred asks.

"And then she'll be off on her own," Bruce answers.

"That easy?" Alfred asks.

"What?" Bruce says.

"You think it will be that easy to get rid of her?" the elder man clarifies.

"I'm not trying to get rid of her," Bruce tells him.

Alfred looks up at the stairs. "Thats good Master Bruce, because I don't think she's planning on going anywhere," he tells him.

Bruce looks in the direction his Butler is, and can't help but smile. There he sees Diana walking down the stairs dressed in a red blouse, a pair of tight blue jeans, and black high heeled boots. Damn, how does she keep getting more beautiful, he thinks to himself.

"So I hear I'm going to Metropolis," she says.

"A lovely city, I'm sure you'll enjoy it your highness," Alfred tells her.

"Does your charge enjoy the city?" Diana asks him.

"I enjoy the company of some of its residents," Bruce tells her, offering the Princess his arm. The two walk outside to the waiting limo and Bruce says, "Diana you should know that while we're out around citizens...I'm going to be acting very different."

"Different?" she asks as Alfred holds the door open for them.

The two slip into the limo and Bruce explains, "In order to help keep my identity secret, I put on an act when I'm out in public and unmasked."

"What kind of act?" Diana asks, intrigued.

"I take on the persona of a rich fool," Bruce answers.

The Princess chuckles. "This should be fun to see," she says.

"Well part of the act is that I'm a bit of a womanizer, so I'm going to be a bit more...familiar with you then I normally would be, and I would take it as a personal favor if you didn't knock me across several miles when I do," he tells her.

"We'll see," Diana tells him, with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Something tells me you will have an interesting trip, Master Bruce,"Alfred tells him form the drivers seat.

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