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5: You're a prince?

News of Arthur and Merlin dating was kept under wraps by the school. Without Merlin's knowledge Arthur and Morgana had gone to the whole school and told them that Arthur and Merlin's relationship was not to be advertised outside of the school.

Everyone adored Merlin and Arthur so the accepted their wishes. Merlin had been nervous when Arthur had started holding his hand at school and stealing kisses in the hallways but he was pleasantly surprised when their class mates smiled at them and made no comment.

Gwaine happily teased the two about their new relationship, often leaving Merlin's face burning red and hiding his face in Arthur's shoulder. Morgana was constantly telling Merlin how adorable the two of them were and how Arthur couldn't stop talking about him.

They two grew closer and Arthur began to take Merlin home after school. Hunith often found them in the living room, working on their homework together. She had been surprised by Arthur's constant appearance in her home, thinking he would rather be at his home as their home was nothing special. But Arthur surprised her and he often commented on how cosy and homely it was. It seemed happier there and Merlin said nothing about the two of them hanging out at his home.

She wondered how Merlin was coping with dating a royal member of the family but she saw no concern from him and he was a lot happier than she had seen him in a while. She did question it one evening though, once Arthur had left.

"How come you don't go to Arthur's?" she asked carefully. "Not that I don't love having the two of you here."

Merlin shrugged. "Arthur said he likes our house. He told me his dad is really strict and he likes being able to relax here."

Hunith smiled at this and her heart broke softly for Arthur. She had seen how strict Uther was on the laws and knew that it must have been stricter on Arthur and Morgana to keep up the perfect image he had set.

"You sure you don't mind us being here?" Merlin asked and Hunith kissed the top of his head.

"Arthur is always welcome here," she assured him and Merlin beamed brightly.

Arthur knew that he couldn't keep his identity from Merlin forever, but he thought he would have the chance to sit Merlin down and talk about it. No such luck since his teachers decided to blow it for him.

They were sitting in history, learning about leader figures in history when their teacher asked who modern days leader were.

"Of course we have King Uther Pendragon and in the future we will have Arthur," the teacher said, nodding to Arthur. He clenched his jaw and glared at the teacher who looked momentarily confused. Merlin frowned, thinking over what had just been said. Morgana shot a panicked looked to Arthur who swallowed thickly. Suddenly Merlin's eyes widened and he turned to Arthur.

"You're a prince?" Merlin yelped. There was a beat of silence before the whole class erupted into laughter.

Arthur watched Merlin flinch and his cheeks turn bright red and he hung his head with embarrassment.

"Merlin-" Arthur started but was drowned out by the laughter of their class mates and the teacher trying to calm them all down. The teacher eventually got them calmed but by the time she had the bell had rung. Merlin jumped up quickly, knocking his chair over and rushed out of the class, leaving his books behind.

Arthur sighed and began to pack up his things and then packed up Merlin's. He lagged behind, ignoring the whispers of his class mates who were talking about the two of them and Merlin's outburst.

"He was going to find out sooner or later," Morgana said softly and Arthur looked up to see her waiting for him.

"Yes, but I wanted to be the one who told him," Arthur sighed, standing and collecting their things. "Not the teacher."

"I don't think Merlin will mind that you are the prince," Morgana told him softly.

"I lied to him," Arthur said bluntly. "He'll hate me and break up with me and I brought it on myself."

Arthur marched out and Morgana sighed. She quickly pulled out her phone and quickly sent a message to Gwen, telling her too meet her at her locker so they could discuss a plan.

Morgana sent Gwen around to Merlin's that afternoon and the next day they were pleased to see Merlin and Arthur on the oval making up.

"They're so cute," Gwen sighed happily and Morgana smirked.

"That they are," Morgana hummed.

"So what happens now?" Merlin asked quietly, turning his head to look at Arthur. They were still on the oval, Arthur's arms wrapped around Merlin's.

"What do you mean?" Arthur asked.

"Well, you're a prince," Merlin shrugged. "I'm...nothing. I'm not going to be good enough for you."

"Stop," Arthur said firmly and Merlin's eyes widened. "You can't put yourself down Merlin now that you know who I am. I'm still the same person you were dating and were friends with before you found out."

"Even before I knew it didn't stop me from wondering why you want me," Merlin admitted quietly and Arthur's arms tightened around him.

"Merlin, I told you that there was something different about you," Arthur explained, gently cupping Merlin's chin. "You're like nobody else in this school or anybody I have met. You're honest, loyal, kind and loving. I love you."

Merlin reached up and kissed Arthur sweetly and gently. "I love you too."

"Nothing has changed Merlin," Arthur promised. "Nothing and nobody can tell me who I can date or that I can't be with you."

Merlin surged forward and pulled him back into a kiss that was deeper and expressed all the love and passion he felt for him. They didn't know what would happen in the future, when the world found about them but that didn't matter. They had each other and their love and that's all they needed.

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