I am back. Here is the first installment to the sequel – For all you fans that made the first story a success

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Chapter 1 – The team is back together

The Prophesy Prevails

Sequel to Chuck vrs The Unknown

Monday 07:00

Chuck scampered across the living room floor. His head was a little fuzzy from the events of last night better yet the whole weekend. He looked at his watch. He was getting use to wearing his dad's watch but the time on it, he wished, that it would slow down for now. He had to meet Casey in Castle at 8 as per instructed by Beckman and the way he looked and felt he wasn't ready for what he knew, would happen once Casey got a hold of him. Chuck tossed the blanket and pillows back on the couch, each item refreshing the events of previous nights.

The limo dropped Chuck and Sarah off. Their time in Washington ended up on a positive note. Beckman had accepted their relationship and the fact that the boss approved, seemed to lessen the stress and anxiety that they both had felt when they entered her office. Chuck recalled the limo drive up and through the Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, and the White House. As Chuck arose from his heavy make out session with Sarah he tried to get a glimpse of the Smithsonian Institute. For a nerd and a fan of mostly everything he had to see the infamous building. As Chuck rose to get a glimpse his eyes focussed on the magnitude of the building. He remembered as a child his dad talking about the museum and that one day he hoped that Chuck would get to see it. As the limo drove past his eyes opened up like a child on Christmas morning. "Hey Sarah you got to see this?"

Sarah could hear how excited Chuck was but the way Chuck was peering out of the limo's sun roof made her sneakiness and self-control battle against her, disobeying ration thought. Chuck stood at the perfect height for Sarah to have a little fun. As Chuck stared at the sights, Sarah was preparing for a little fun of her own. Chuck called down again to get Sarah to come up and to see what he was looking at. Sarah ran her hands up and down Chuck's leg. Chuck felt a surge of electricity run through his system. But being Chuck he just assumed that Sarah was trying to get up. When the feeling shot to his other leg he knew that wasn't the case. Sarah sat on the edge of the seat and reached for Chuck's belt.

Their make out session had warmed up a determined Sarah Walker and when Sarah was determined she made sure she got the job done. Sarah undid Chuck's belt and ran her hands up under his dress shirt. Chuck shivered as Sarah caressed his skin. Sarah applied several kisses up and down his stomach. She was about to reach for his button on his pants when Chuck grabbed her hands and lowered himself out from the sun roof. He gazed at Sarah as she looked up at him. Sarah leaned back as Chuck leaned into her. The limo wasn't the best suited for his tall frame but he made the best of it. Chuck leaned in and kissed Sarah on the neck. Chuck grabbed Sarah's legs and brought them around him – he needed to feel her close to him. Chuck watched as Sarah undid his tie and removed his shirt. Chuck removed his hold on her legs and leaned to the side as he unbutton her shirt and removed her satin purple bra. He loved her in purple. Chuck ran his lips up and down Sarah's skin. As the two became one, the world outside the car was unaware of the events that were going on inside.

And that was just the first night.

Let's say they didn't make it to the Smithsonian till later the next day.

Beckman had made arrangements for Chuck and Sarah to stay at the Four Seasons. Beckman was fitting the bill. So when Chuck and Sarah finally surfaced from the many rounds of intense love making they wandered around their huge suite looking over the gateway to the Lincoln Memorial, wearing their complimentary bathrobes. Chuck walked back towards Sarah who was sitting curled up in a chair by the window. Chuck leaned in and kissed her. But one kiss was never enough, the more the better. They knew that their time was precious and ever since Laos they knew that at any moment ones' life could change in a blink of an eye. Chuck sat down on the other chair. They had developed a huge appetite so Chuck ordered two continental breakfasts even though the time warranted lunch. As they sat waiting for breakfast Chuck sat lazily looking outside while intertwining his fingers with Sarah.

"So Mr. Bartowski, what do you want to see today? Our flight doesn't leave till tomorrow afternoon."

Chuck took his eyes away from the window and looked at Sarah. "I don't know I think that I have seen all that I wanted to see and more." Chuck winks at Sarah. Sarah blushed and leaned into kiss Chuck.

"You're adorable."

"I know." Chuck smiles back.

"I don't know, you lived here, what do you recommend?"

Sarah looks down towards the street. "I didn't have much of a life out here. I came and went and rarely stayed long enough to make any…." Sarah paused and her saving grace was a knock at the door.

Sarah got up before Chuck knew what hit him. Chuck looked over his shoulder as Sarah toddled off to the door. This was the first time in a while that Chuck saw some glimpse of the old Sarah coming through. Chuck wondered if she was resorting back to the old walled up Sarah. Chuck snapped out of his thoughts as Sarah walked back in and placed the tray on the table. Sarah lifted the metal covers and went for a strawberry and walked over and sat down on Chuck's lap, took a bite and offered Chuck the other half. Chuck held her as he bit into the other half. Sarah grabbed another strawberry and placed the strawberry between Chuck's lips. Sarah leaned in and ravished his lips and the strawberry all in one. Chuck tried to hold onto her as their lips dwelled ownership over the berry. Sarah leaned back and smiled, placed one more kiss on Chuck's forehead and returned to the chair next to him.

Later that day Chuck and Sarah strolled down Jefferson Avenue. Sarah wrapped her arms around Chuck as they took in the sights. They visited the local markets and took a carriage ride through the older historical parts of DC. Sarah felt safe in Chuck's arms as she listened to the clod hopping of the hooves hitting the cobblestone lanes. Chuck smiled as he watched Sarah. Chuck was enjoying the fact this Sarah was that girl again and not the hardened spy he briefly thought about earlier. Maybe this was going to be the beginning of the life he dreamt about for both of them. As the carriage made its rounds back to the beginning again, Sarah looked up and noticed a familiar sight. She asked the driver to stop at the next corner. Chuck paid the man and followed Sarah. Sarah grabbed Chuck's hand and entered the tall plain brownstone building.

"What are we doing here?"

"A surprise." Sarah walked up to the desk as a small older gentleman turned around.

He focussed his glasses that he removed from his shirt pocket, looked up and smiled and walked over and embraced Sarah.

"Oh my dear – it's been too long…."

"I know Walter, it has been."

Walter stood back to look up at the tall stature of a man beside her.

"Who's this?" As he smiled back at Sarah with a wink.

"Walter this is my boyfriend."

Walter was surprised that the word boyfriend was even mentioned.

Walter tugged down on Sarah's arm and whispered in her ear. "Does he know what you do for a living and are 'they' ok with it?"

Sarah stood up.

"Yes he does and yes they approve!"

Walter smiled and walked back around to the desk.

"Can we see the old place?"

Walter looked at Sarah and Chuck and he could see that Sarah was very happy. He could tell that this Chuck was taking care of her. Walter turned around and opened a cupboard that housed the buildings keys. He pulled out a key that had a straight shooter type key chain on it and closed the door. He walked back to the counter and slid the key towards Sarah.

"You remember which one it is?"

"Yes I do, it hasn't been that long?"

"Yes 2 years 14 days and…" Walter looked at his watch. "3 hours."

Sarah smiled. "Always a comedian…you and Chuck would get along quite well."

Sarah leaned over and kissed Walter on the head.

"We won't be long…."

"Take your time."

Sarah and Chuck walked over to the open elevator. Sarah slid the rod iron doors open. Chuck walked in and Sarah closed the door behind her. Sarah pressed the fourth floor. As the elevator ascended Sarah could hear Walter's voice.

"It's still your place you know."

Sarah leaned back and smiled. Chuck watched as the elevator rose to the fourth floor. He didn't really know what to expect or what he would find, and why Sarah would bring him to this place.

Sarah slid the doors open and exited to a long hallway. Sarah walked up to a door that read 406 (but to Chuck it looked like a storage closet) and placed the key into the door. The key clicked and the door opened. Sarah took Chuck's hand and entered. From there she slid a panel in the wall and out came a key pad. Now Chuck was very intrigued.

"You can never be too careful." Sarah typed in a series of numbers and pressed entered. The key pad slid back and the panel closed. Sarah opened the door that Chuck did not see at first. The door opened to a spacious loft type penthouse suite. The sun was setting and the reflections danced various shades of red onto the sparse white and brick facing walls. It was very simple yet oh so Sarah. Sarah closed the door and flipped on the lights under the kitchen sink. Chuck walked around as he tried to figure this place out. The room had a metal stairwell that led up to the loft he assumed and the kitchen and living room was one. Chuck walked over to the one set of windows and stared down to see that it led to an enclosed family type garden. The other set of windows opened up to Washington's waterfront and the edge of Union Station.

As Chuck took in the sights Sarah walked up to him and embraced him. Chuck loved when Sarah wrapped her arms around him.

"So what do you think?"

Chuck still looking out the window. "Not sure what to think, I am assuming that this is your place, I so hope it is, cause if it isn't and we are trespassing, I don't know if I could handle a night in jail…."

Sarah turned Chuck around and looked into his eyes. "Your spiraling Chuck….."

"Sorry but I ….."

Sarah grabbed his faced and kissed him lightly on the lips. Grabbed his hand and they walked away from the window.

"Yes this is my place. I got this place shortly after graduating from the farm. Because I was considered one of the best I was given this place as long as I needed it. It was great because it was so close to Union Station and the way it was hidden from the rest of the building was just what I needed. I would come back here after a mission and sleep and then get ready for the next mission. I did that for 3 years till I was given this mission."

Chuck smiled a fainted smile, and released his hold of Sarah's hand. Chuck walked around as Sarah watched. Sarah sat down on the lone couch. Chuck stopped at the stairs.

"So what's up there?"

Sarah smiled, got up and grabbed his hand. "Let me show you."

Sarah walked ahead as Chuck followed. As they ascended up the stairs, Chuck could see that it was loft style room with a single double bed. Sarah turned to Chuck. So this is it my place, my…."Chuck grabbed Sarah and embraced her and kissed her cheek.

"So the infamous Sarah's bat cave?"

"My what?"

"Oh nothing, just some Batman reference, that's all. So you didn't stay here often?"

"Not really, my suitcase never really got unpacked. I usually just had enough time to maybe sleep, do some laundry and off I went."

"So when you said that you didn't make many… you meant friends, a life outside the agency."

Sarah looked away from Chuck.

"Yeah, until you I didn't have much of anything."

Sarah released her hold of Chuck. And walked towards the small window facing the water.

"I used to dream, which was rare, about a different life that the one that I was living. I wished that my life hadn't changed the day my mom left. I always wondered what it would have been life if she hadn't left, but then if things weren't like they are now I wouldn't have met you again?"

Chuck walked over and placed his hands on her shoulders. Sarah leaned back into his chest.

"I'm so sorry that your dream didn't come true as you wanted it to, but I am so thankful that it didn't go as you wished it would cause like you said, we wouldn't have met again. I know that you, like me, you want some answers, wanting those missing years explained, but you have to look at the other side. You found your mom, I talked to my parents which I didn't think I ever would again. We now just need to find your dad and most of the pieces are there, and then we can put them back where they belong. If they can't then we will make new ones. I know that not knowing what the past would have brought us or where we would be without our past is eating away at you and plus coming here wasn't one of them. I want you to know that you're not alone in this. I promise that we will find the answers you need. The prophesy was just the beginning, there has to more to what we found in Sweden. I am not going to let you down."

Chuck saw a tear roll down Sarah's cheek. Chuck turn to face Sarah and placed the back of his index finger on Sarah's cheek and wiped the single tear from her face. As another tear fell he embraced her face and wiped the tears away with his thumb. Chuck lightly placed his lips on Sarah's. Sarah tried to kiss him back but the emotions, probably from the last few months got the best of her. Sarah was never a crier, but since she met Chuck, that human side of her, that girl inside was able to come out. It scared her to death and she feared that if she continued to let that part of her out, what else would come out.

Sarah gained some composure and as Chuck continued to kiss her, she knew that as long as he was with her, really with her nothing would harm her. A promise from Chuck was worth more than gold. Sarah wrapped her arms around him. Sarah directed Chuck to the bed. Chuck gently laid Sarah down on the bed not breaking their kiss. Chuck rolled Sarah over and continued to kiss her. Sarah grabbed Chuck's jacket and removed it off his shoulders. Chuck leaned back and pulled his shirt over his head. Sarah sat up and removed her shirt.

"I guess we have some time, and this is your place and…"



"Shut up and kiss me."

Chuck wiped the last tear and passionately kissed Sarah. Chuck went to for Sarah jeans. Each time he had the opportunity to do this he was so thankful and blessed. The fact that Sarah had come back into his life once again and that Beckman accepted their relationship, he knew that things were going to be ok.

Chuck placed Sarah under the sheets and ever so Chuck like made love to her. Sarah basked in the events that were unfolding. She knew that Chuck had magic hands as she secretly called them. How one man could make another feel was beyond her. Sarah knew that besides the magic hands, the nerdiness, the adorable antics, the risk taking. Chuck truly and deeply loved her.

Chuck adjusted his collar on his jacket as Sarah locked up the penthouse. Chuck had to sneak in few kisses just in case Sarah had forgotten what they felt like. Sarah closed the elevator door and pressed the main floor. Walter leaned over as he heard the elevator land on the main floor and the door open.

Sarah and Chuck walked over as they saw Walter smiling.

"Did we have a good visit?"

"Very much." A she looked up at Chuck then back to Walter.

Chuck felt his cheeks heat up. The way that Walter was looking at him he swore that he knew what they were doing up there, maybe her old place wasn't as secretive as she said it was. Sarah placed the key on the counter. Walter grabbed it and returned it to the cupboard.

"So Ms. Walker, where is home now?"

"LA, my new home is in LA with Chuck."

"Good to hear, I am so happy for you. You know that I love to see you smile."

"I know Walter, and don't worry I am taken care of."

"It's about time, I didn't think that you were going to get back up after your."

"Walter as you can see I am doing great." Sarah put on a fake smile. She could fool Walter, but Chuck knew that something didn't smell right.

Sarah said her goodbyes and walked out the door. Chuck followed and was about to hail a cab. Sarah brought his arm down.

"Can we walk back?"

"Sure, whatever you want."

Sarah repositioned her arm around Chuck's and headed back to the hotel. Sarah held onto Chuck as they walked the streets of DC. Chuck and Sarah noticed that they had walked into promenade of local restaurants. Chuck looked at the time and they hadn't eaten since 'their' breakfast and looked up at a Chinese restaurant.

"Sounds good, but can we take it back to the hotel?"


Sarah waited outside on the sidewalk as Chuck went in and ordered. Sarah sat down on the nearby bench, so she could see Chuck inside from the glass. Sarah watched as Chuck made faces at her and mouthed 'elephant shoe' which to anybody meant 'love you'. 20 minutes later Chuck walked out with a few bags of food.

"Did we buy the whole menu?"

"No, just one of everything."


"No, but close enough. I couldn't decide and it not being our regular place and not having Morgan around to find anything under $10 dollars I wanted to try as much as I could."

Sarah shook her head and smiled. They walked for a while and ended back up at the hotel. Sarah phoned down to the desk and asked them to bring up a few bottles of champagne. They ransacked the fridge with what was given to them and placed all the items on the table. This was their last night before reality kicked in. Chuck unwrapped the chop sticks and opened the containers of food, as Sarah brought in the bottles of champagne. Chuck quickly grabbed the ice bucket and ran down the hall; he placed the champagne in its own tin. Chuck and Sarah got into their pyjamas and sat on the floor. Sarah interlocked her legs with Chuck as they leaned against the couch and chair. Sarah and Chuck each had their own noodles but shared the rest exchanging chop sticks full of food between them. Chuck got up and filled Sarah's glass full of bubbly and resumed his spot next to her.

Sunday pm Washington DC Four Seasons

Chuck grumbled at the fierce pounding that had awakened him. Chuck swore that he had just got to sleep. Sarah lay sprawled across his back. Chuck tried to focus on the sound. When Chuck raised his upper half, he knew that the sound was coming from the door. Chuck slowly crawled out waking Sarah in his attempt.

"What's that sound, make it stop."

"Can't babe, it's the door."

"Don't go, come back to bed."

Chuck left the bed room and sauntered to the door. He doubled checked to see if he had any clothes on. He looked down. Check!

Chuck opened the door and there stood a bell hop.

"Mr. Bartowski?"

Chuck regaining his stance. "Yes, can I help you?"

"Your ride is here?"

"My ride?"

"Yes sir to the airport. Your flight leaves in 2 hours and a G.B. stated that you not miss this flight!"

Chuck trying to take in the last few minutes.

"Sir your ride…."

"YEAH YEAH YEAH, Thanks, we'll be right down."

Chuck closed the door, walked back tripping on the discarded food containers and pillows. His head pounded worse than he ever experienced with the intersect. That last glass oh so good was oh so bad for his head. If he felt like he did what did Sarah feel like?

Chuck walked over and grabbed his suitcase and slammed it down reawaken Sarah.


"Sorry babe, but we got to go."

"Our flight doesn't leave till the afternoon."

"I know babe but it is the afternoon and they are waiting for us, so get your pretty self-up and get moving."

Sarah tried to raise her head but fell back into her pillow.

"Oh my head, it's your fault Chuck."

"My fault, I feel as bad as you do and I am up so suck it up and get moving….dear."

Sarah tried to smile but every muscle on her face hurt.

Sarah crawled up and walked over to the bathroom. Chuck grabbed her suitcase and tossed her clothes and carefully laid her CIA suit and his into the garment bag. He opened the door and the bell hop took the luggage and placed it on the trolley.

"I'll bring the rest down."

"Certainly sir."

The bell hop turned around and pushed the trolley down the hall. Chuck closed the door and continued to throw miscellaneous items into the last remaining bag. Chuck took Sarah clothes and opened the door to the bathroom. Sarah grabbed the clothes and quickly put them on. Chuck moved in behind her and quickly brushed his teeth and combed his hair; he looked at it and shook his head. Walked out of the bathroom and came back with a ball cap. He placed the cap on his head and grabbed Sarah's hair and quickly put in a ponytail as she brushed her teeth. Chuck grabbed another cap he had brought and placed it on Sarah's head. Chuck took one last look around and zipped up the bag. He looked at Sarah and tried to get a smile out of her but it was pointless. She wasn't up for it. Sarah grabbed her bag and took one last look herself and closed the door behind her.

They walked to the elevator and pressed the button. The doors open and they entered. Chuck pressed the button to the main floor, walked back, placed a kiss on Sarah's cheek and whispering 'good morning'.

Sarah smiled and whispered back good morning.'

Sarah checked in as Chuck scrounged the airport for a coffee shop. Chuck returned with two venti Americano's. Sarah took hers and embraced the hot coffee. Her senses slowly returning to normal. Chuck took the tickets from Sarah and placed them in his pocket of his jacket. They sat waiting for their plane. Sarah curled up beside Chuck and leaned against his shoulder just embracing the last few minutes of solitude. Chuck turned his head and kissed the top of Sarah's head and returned to nursing his coffee.


The cab dropped them off as Sarah pulled her luggage behind her. Chuck followed, Sarah decided to stay and go back in the morning when Chuck went to Castle. The way he was feeling he wasn't up for any physical torture what's so ever. Chuck opened the door and Sarah called shower first. Chuck didn't object. As Sarah showered Chuck collapsed on the couch. Chuck must have dozed off because when he awoke Sarah was staring at him bright eyed and looking beautiful. Her wet hair sprawled over her shoulders, and her t-shirt had caught his eye, as well as her pink short shorts. Sarah was wearing Chuck's black British shirt. Chuck sat up.

"I guess it is my turn."

"Yes and hurry."

Chuck exited to the bathroom. Sarah's smell lingered in the bathroom; Chuck looked up to see a faint note on the mirror. Sarah had written and 'I' and a heart sign and the letter U mirror. Chuck smiled and walked into the shower. He turned on the hot water and let the warmth embrace him. While Chuck showered Sarah headed to the kitchen and searched for something to make for supper. Chuck had gone shopping just before they left so there should have been something edible in the fridge to eat. Sarah wasn't a cook so it had to be easy to make. Sarah found some pasta and made a salad. As the water boiled she prepared the ingredients for the salad. Chuck came out and walked into the kitchen. He had put on his black sweats and was carrying a grey t shirt. As he entered Sarah turned around and admired his look. She had admired that wet look many times before. Chuck had the towel around his neck. He continued to dry his hair as Sarah placed her hands on his chest.

"You know I never really got a decent good morning kiss today." As she circled her fingers on his chest.

Chuck swallowed quickly.

"I guess you're right. I guess I need to make up for that slip up."

Chuck placed his hands on Sarah's as he leaned down to kiss her. The kiss was soft but it quickly heated up as Chuck wrapped his arms around Sarah's back and brought her close. Sarah brought her arms up under his and held them against his shoulder blades. They dual ownership over each other lips, granting further access. Chuck let go his of embrace and lifted Sarah onto the counter. At this height there was no problem in seeing eye to eye on the situation. Chuck planted several kisses down the collar of his t- shirt. His hands wandered up and under her shirt. Sarah nestled her head in his neck.

"I could get use to these morning greetings." Moaning her pleas of approval.

"Your wish is my command."

Chuck continued to assault her senses with his kisses and touches but the pounding in his head was still too much for him. Chuck leaned back.

"Sorry babe. Too much celebrating last night."

"Well maybe after a nice supper you'll be in the mood to continue."

Chuck smiled. "A very big possibility."

He helped Sarah down and walked over and grabbed a few aspirin and chugged down a glass of water. Sarah walked over and added salt to her water and tossed in the pasta. Chuck leaned against the counter and watched Sarah busied herself in the kitchen.

"You know Ms. Walker; you're going to turn yourself into a girl one of these days."

"I am a girl."

"Well maybe a woman but a girl…"

Sarah slapped him on the arm.

Chuck got up from the table and kissed the cook. He started washing the dishes as Sarah watched from the table. When Chuck was done he walked over and picked up Sarah and placed her over his shoulder. He walked over to the couch and placed her down on the couch. Sarah laid back as Chuck leaned in.

"So we ready for dessert?"

Sarah raised her eyebrows.

"Don't you know it?"

Sarah brought Chuck closer. Chuck leaned as Sarah hands reached up behind Chuck grabbing his lower back. Sarah slid her hands down. The one good thing she thought to herself easy access.

Chuck allowed Sarah to continue as he went for her shirt. Chuck's sweats and his Brit t- shirt landed somewhere behind him. Sarah was so glad that Chuck was going commando, it made the adventure go a lot smoother.

MONDAY MORNING 07:00 (present day)

As Chuck continued to look for his sweats he tried to focus on where Sarah had thrown them. Sarah crawled out of the blankets on the floor and wrapped one of them around her. She laughed as Chuck tried to hold up a small blanket that he found to cover himself up. Sarah sat on the arm of the couch as her morning entertainment kept her occupied.

Chuck looked up and saw that Sarah woken up and seemed to enjoy the events as they were unfolding. Chuck walked over and planted a kiss on her lips.

"That's better and good morning to you."

"Yes good morning, have you seen my sweats."

"Well I didn't have them last."

"True but you did take them off me."

Sarah grabbed Chuck arms and brought him back for another kiss.

"I did and I would do it again in a heartbeat."

"You wouldn't."

As Sarah reached for the blanket. Chuck looked up and saw that his sweats had found a new home on the Indian Chief statue on the side wall. Sarah feeling disappointed that Chuck had found his sweats he did come back to give her a kiss.

Sarah followed him to the bathroom. She knew from the look on his face that he was starting to worry about what was going to happen, when he got to Castle. She knew that having Chuck train with Casey was a big step for him. And on top of it all not knowing what the recent download did to Chuck or could do to Chuck, left a big uncertainty for both of them. So far things had been good, Chuck had not flashed but Sarah couldn't say otherwise. Chuck showered as Sarah got his clothes ready.

Castle 08:00

Sarah dropped Chuck off and she headed back to her hotel room. Chuck walked down the stairs as Casey was coming around the side entrance.

"Good morning Chuck."

"Morning Casey."

"Congrats on convincing Beckman." Casey laughed.

"Ya thanks I think."

"So you ready?"

"Honestly no!"

"Good that's what I wanted to hear."

"Let's get started."

Chuck made his way to the dujo and made sure his shoes were tied. Casey grabbed 2 sets of gloves. Chuck fidgeted with them till Casey helped him. Casey walked to the inner circle and punched his gloves together. Casey bounced on his toes anticipating the next few hours.

Chuck saw how pleased Casey looked, but Casey's enjoyment meant many degrees of bruising for him.

"You know, I could get Sarah to train me, and you can go back let's say cleaning your guns?"

"Numbnuts! If Sarah trained you, she would worry about hurting you and you would turn into a sap and then she kiss it all better. She'll go all easy on you."

"I don't think that Sarah would go that easy on me. She can be pretty tough when she wants to be. The other night I could move for the longest time and…."

"Chuck, don't care about your love life and the fact that your two are together still blows my mind. If Walker can keep you in line that way and you're still standing right now then what I am going to do to you will be a cake walk. "

Chuck walked closer to Casey as Casey circled around him punching his gloves together.

"You have a lot to learn grasshopper."

Chuck smiled a faint smile. Any Kung Fu movies he recalled seeing that phrase didn't end well. Chuck prayed one last prayer as Casey circled him again.

"Flashed yet?"

Chuck shook his head. Casey tapped him on the shoulder. Then jabbed him a light upper cut.

"Flashed yet?"

Chuck started to move because if he remained still Casey would hit him again. Casey's light jabs stung and he feared what the heavier shots would feel like.

After an hour of Casey trying to get Chuck to flash. Chuck was giving up. He had held his own but without flashing Chuck was missing key moves that allowed Casey to take the advantage. Chuck could feel his lower lip begin to swell. He was too blame for that shot as Casey called for him to go left he went right into Casey's glove. Casey could see that Chuck was frustrated, Casey asked one more time.

"Flash yet? Take a breath."

Chuck took a deep breath and he instantly flashed. As Chuck came to. Casey threw a punch as Sarah walked in. Chuck looked at Sarah and not at Casey and got his right glove right in the middle of his chin. Chuck flipped back and landed hard on the mat. Casey and Sarah ran over to Chuck. Casey grabbed some sniffing salts and opened it under Chuck's nose. Chuck opened his eyes and Casey and Sarah stood back.

"Chuck you ok?"

Chuck laid there with his eyes open. As Casey and Sarah stood back they watched as Chuck slowly moved and flipped upwards to stand up.

Sarah and Casey looked at Chuck.

"Guys something's not right?"

"Chuck, what's the matter? What's not right?"

"I think I know Kung Fu?"

Casey turned to Sarah then looked at Chuck. As Chuck looked up his legs got the best of him and he fell to the floor. Casey picked him up and carried him to the first aid room. Sarah placed ice packs behind his neck. While Casey paced the floor.

"Honestly it wasn't that hard of a punch."

Sarah gave Casey a stern look.

10 mins later Chuck opened his eyes.

"So do you see why Sarah can't train you – one look at her and pow you're on the floor."

"WHAT! No it wasn't her fault."

Chuck sat up and brought his legs over the cot. "No it wasn't her. Casey you told me to flash and I tried but it wasn't happening then when you told to me take a breath something clicked and these new images entered my brain. The next thing I knew, is that I had memories of combat moves, Kung Fu and other forms of fighting…."

"What does that mean?"

"I don't know, but my head isn't doing too well."

Sarah helped Chuck off with his gloves. She noticed that Chuck wasn't wearing his dad's watch.

"Chuck where is the watch?"

"Back on the bench, why?"

"You are supposed to wear it at all times. I TOLD YOU THAT!"

"Yeah but I didn't want to get it busted."


Sarah got up and ran back to find his watch. She returned and forced it on his wrist. As soon as the watch snapped, Chuck's whole demeanour changed. Chuck was re-awakening.

Casey wouldn't believe it if he didn't see it himself. The watch actually seemed to change Chuck. Though he had no explanation he wanted to believe it just the same.

Chuck grabbed the ice pack and placed it on his lips. Casey apologized and left Chuck and Sarah.

Chuck leaned back to rest against the wall.

"Sorry Sarah I blew it."

Sarah joined him. "You didn't blow it. This is all new to you again. We don't know what this upload will do to you or what else you can do. We do know is that you have to wear this watch. Like your dad said it helps stabilize the flashes."

"Yeah I guess."

"So these new skills, do you think that there is more?"

"There has to be. And until the next flash we won't know. I won't know what it can do or what I will be able to do with it."

Sarah grabbed Chuck's hand.

"I think that you have had enough for one day. Beckman wants to see us at 11 so you better get changed. We will talk then."

Sarah got up and helped Chuck to his feet.

Sarah removed the ice pack and carefully kissed Chuck on the lips.


"Oh you big baby."

"It hurts…."

Sarah kissed him one more time then left Chuck to get changed.

Sarah walked into the armoury. Casey looked up.

"So what has Chuck got himself into now?"

"I don't know and until we talk to his dad or Chuck figures this out. Whatever comes first we just need to watch him carefully."

"Do you think that he could hurt someone, really hurt someone?"

"That, or hurt himself in the process. You know that he wears his heart on his sleeve and he takes everything to heart and from this last mission, he hasn't dealt with the fact that he shot someone."

Casey looked up and motioned for Sarah to change the topic. Sarah walked out and met up with Chuck. Casey joined them as Beckman came on the screen.

11:00 Castle

"So, team now that we have been reunited. Your new mission involves recovering a list of organizations that we believe are running various black market operations. We have been monitoring these leads for some time now. There has been a huge increase in human trafficking along with weapons and illicit drugs. We need to acquire that list. We believe that some of own personal may be involved with this trend. So I am taking it upon myself and this team to shut it down. We have some Intel that indicates there is a cargo ship that is arriving from China with in the next 48 hours. We need to get some surveillance of that sight and get some Intel on who is coming and going. We need to make these charges stick, so be very thorough with your Intel. We can't let these people walk. Major Casey I need you to take Chuck and set up surveillance at the pier. Walker I need you to search our databases to see if there is any commonness with ships leaving China and entering LA – I need to know if there is one company or many. Then you'll join Chuck and Major Casey later tonight at the pier. Any questions?

Chuck, Casey and Sarah looked at each other then back at Beckman.

"No maam." They all chided.

"Good then, be careful and good luck."

The screen went black as Chuck turned around and leaned against the table. "So here we go again."

"We good!" Casey looked at Chuck and Sarah.

"Yeah, let's do this."

Casey left as Chuck sat up. Sarah walked over to her computer. Chuck watched as Sarah began her searching. Sarah could see that Chuck hadn't moved from his spot. As Sarah continued to type, she could feel that Chuck was doing more than watching her.

"You know Mr. Bartowski, the more you continue to think about what you're thinking about; you're never going to get anything done."

Chuck got up and walked over to Sarah and placed his face in her neck. Carefully he placed kisses along the collar of her blouse. His lip was still swollen so he did his best. Sarah reached around and held his head close to her. Chuck continued to place kisses as Sarah turned around.

"You know this is going to harder than I thought it would. We are never going to get any work done."

"Who said anything about work?"


"Ok, ok I'll stop but don't come running to me when you start missing this." As Chuck circles his finger in front of Sarah.

Sarah smiled.

"Don't worry, Chuck I can refrain from temptation."

"Ha ha!" Chuck laughed as he headed to the armoury. "Good one Walker."

Sarah bit her lip because she knew that Chuck was right and that her ability to reason with her desires and love for Chuck was a battle that she couldn't quite get a grasp of, yet. No matter how hard she tried, Chuck had a hold on her. She knew she was safe as long as he was there with her.

Santa Monica Pier 22:00 hrs.

Sarah had dug up some Intel and names of ships that seemed to make regular trips to California and each rotation certain names came up as well. Sarah shared her Intel with the guys when she arrived. Chuck and Casey had just returned as well from placing cameras and audio equipment and waited in a black surveillance van. Casey flipped on the switch and the screens and audio lit up with images and sounds of dock workers doing their regular duties. The team didn't know where this list would be or who would have it – so anyone was fair game. Casey watched and snapped pictures while Chuck ran them through the CIA database. Sarah monitored the docks with her night goggles. The team spend the remaining night to the early morning surveying the docks. They assumed that they had enough for now and from the 'talk' on the docks; the next night would be the night when things were to turn good. Casey drove back to the apartment to get some shut eye. They agreed to meet at Sarah's hotel and head to the pier at 19:00hrs to head back out. This time they would set up shop at the local pub near the docks. They figured that anyone who needed to keep things on the DL would eventually turn up there.

Chuck walked Sarah to her car.

"Are you sure you don't want to come back with me?"

Sarah holding Chuck in her arms.

"I would love to but I know that sleep wouldn't be a priority and honey I need some sleep. I love spending time with you but the word sleep I would like to put it into action. And I haven't seen my mom since we got back from Norway. She wasn't home when I got there yesterday and I don't want her to think that there's something going on between us would I?"

Chuck smiled. "No we wouldn't want mom to think that would we?"

Chuck kissed Sarah goodbye and closed the car door behind her. Sarah rolled down the window. Chuck crouched down resting his head on the door frame. Sarah brushed the curls around his ear.

"I love you."

"I love you too!"

"See you later?"

Chuck knodded and kissed her one last time. Chuck got up and watched Sarah drive off.

Sarah's Hotel Room 06:00

Laura was sitting on the couch reading a book. Laura closed the book when she saw Sarah walk in. Laura's face lit up. This was new for both of them and it had been a long time in coming and she wanted to enjoy every moment.

"Hey Lisa, I mean Sarah."

"It's ok you can call me Lisa it is my name."

"Ok, so how was it? I am assuming that Beckman has you on a mission already?"

"Yeah it was good so far."

"Where's Chuck?"

"At his place, I need to get some sleep before tonight."

"And he was ok with that?"


"Well come on Lisa, I know that Chuck loves you very much and you love him too and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you two are very close."

Sarah never thought that she would ever have this conversation with her mom especially about a guy like Chuck.

"Chuck understands and he knows that my sleep is important to me plus I wanted to see you."

"Well you have and now you can go see him."

Sarah walked to her bedroom to shower. Sarah returned and wandered into the kitchen and saw that her mom had made her some bed time tea. Sarah quickly flashed to a time when she was little and her mom had always made something hot for her to drink after a bath and before bed. Sarah's mom believed that this would stop the chill from coming after coming out of a warm bath. Sarah pulled up a chair and sat by the table. Sarah chuckled to herself as she seemed easily distracted by memories and the last time she and Chuck had spent some time together in her hotel room. A huge smile ran across her face that got her mom interested.

"So, Lisa penny for your thoughts?"

"What? Oh sorry, just thinking that's all."

"One guy in particular."

"Maybe?" As, Sarah brought the cup to her lips.

Laura busied herself in the kitchen as Sarah nursed her tea. Sarah watched her mom and thanked whomever it was that had brought them back together. Though she seemed to be a stranger she was her mom and the years apart were just that.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport 14:00 hrs.

Stephen and Mary pulled up to the airport and doubled checked to see if they hadn't been followed. It had only been less than a month since they had talked to Chuck and visited with Sarah. After Stephen had found out about the ticker tape he was deeply shakened. He recalled that Mary and he had fallen asleep after their Intel had confirmed that Chuck and Sarah had arrived home safely. Knowing that his son was safe he thought that it would be safe to 'come out' of hiding. Stephen awoke and headed downstairs to see the alert that read Shaw. Stephen believed that Shaw was dead – that his son had shot him. So why would his name come up now? Stephen ran upstairs and awakened Mary. Mary ran downstairs to see for herself. She looked at Stephen with confusion. Maybe this chapter wasn't finished after all.

Stephen purchased 2 one way tickets to LA. He had to get to Chuck and Sarah as soon as possible. It was a huge possibility that Beckman didn't even know about this breach. If a dead man could talk Shaw would be the first in line. Stephen grabbed his bags and headed to the gate with Mary. As they approached the gate they both looked at each other, for they knew that if they returned they could get arrested if caught. But this was too important not to fight for their freedom. Stephen made one last email to the Tron site and informed Laura that they were enroute and that their last business wasn't put to rest as first thought.

Sarah's Hotel Room

Sarah rolled over as her alarm had blared its wake up call. Sarah loved her sleep but it wasn't fun waking up alone though. Maybe she should have taken her mom's advice and gone to see Chuck. But her body craved sleep – she desperately craved sleep.

Sarah grabbed a change of clothes and quickly got changed and headed out of the bedroom. Laura was sitting on the couch reading. Laura looked up and placed her glasses and her book down on the table.

"You still up mom?"

"Yeah, this time difference still isn't my best friend. Living in Sweden these past few years you get pretty use to one time then you end up here my nights and days are messed up."

"Well I hope that you're asleep when I get back."

"Do you think that you'll get the Intel you want?"

"I hope so, it pretty much an in and out mission."

"Just like the last one?"

"I hope not, I don't want a repeat of the last mission."

"It wasn't all that bad was it?"

"What the fact that Chuck got shot, I got beaten up bad twice, Bryce died, and Chuck shot someone and …."


Sarah knew that in the midst of all the bad, all the chaos there was intense passion and progress with her relationship with Chuck. Chuck had knocked down some pretty high walls, and in the process was able to reach that part of Sarah that Sarah worked so hard to hide, to keep safe, and to pretend that it didn't exist, or should ever exist again. Chuck had heart warmed her to the point that Sarah's cold façade was just that a façade, something that Sarah couldn't control anymore.

"And what?"

"Remember honey, the last mission wasn't all that bad."

Laura walked over and kissed Sarah on the cheek. "You found your first love again and we found each other again."

Sarah smiled and grabbed her bag. Casey and Chuck had text to say that they were downstairs.

Sarah leaned in and returned the kiss. Her mom was right.

"You get some sleep, ok?"

"I will, be safe?"

Sarah walked into the hall and took the stairs down. Chuck was waiting outside the van as Sarah opened the door to the parking lot. Chuck opened the door to the van. Sarah greeted Casey. Chuck smiled to Sarah as he closed the side door and jumped in the front. Casey sped off towards the pier.