I try not to laugh as my friend is sat pulling faces next to me, on a flight to LA. We've been sat for nine hours and we are closeto arriving. I look at my watch…..3pm. after the plane stops and we collect our lugguage, we hurry down to the exit and catch a taxi.

As we reach the hotel, there is a fancy sign with swirly letters spelling out "dream hotel". It looks very neat just from the outside. We collect our luggage and pay the taxi driver. We struggle with our suitcases up the million steps ahead of us. Two boys are behind us. "would you like us to carry them for you, are you struggling?" we nod and they carry them for us. We thank them as we get to reception. A lady is sat typing on the computer. She looks up and smiles at us. "oh hi, thankyou for checking in". after a few minutes we are heading of to find our room, the two boys follow with our luggage. They leave as we enter the room. It is a modern, classy room with three rooms leading off. A bathroom and two separate bedrooms. We chose which room we will have and start to unpack.

After a nice walk around the hotel and getting dressed, we make our way down to the outdoor dinning area. The two boys who carried our luggage are dressed up in jeans and shirts. The walk casually over to us. " hi, is it ok if we join you?" we agree and they pull chairs up. We all order something from the professional menu.

After a filling meal, they ask us our names and we ask theirs. "max and Nathan". Max is bald and Nathan a gelded side fringe. We take a walk down to the beach with them as the sun sets. We take our shoes off and paddle in the sea. Not caring if our feet are soaked. As the night goes on, they take us back to the hotel. After a few drinks and laughter. Emily says we should go to bed. I agree and we say goodnight.

When we walk down to breakfast the next day, the boys meet up with us. They don't speak much. I can tell something is up. "this is our last day" max says depressingly." We've only just met" I winge on. So we had to make the most of it together. Nathan takes Emily to the beach and max takes me shopping. " its not very manly for you to be shopping" I say winding him up. " well it looks like ill just have to buy things then." In a shop window, a gorgeous shell dress catches my eye. The price tag has $90 written on it. I walk away saying its expensive. Max tells me he needs to look at some beanies so he will meet me some where. After twenty minutes we meet back up again. And head to starbucks for a coffee. My hand lies on the table and slowly max glides his hand near mine, picks it and kisses it. I blush.

That night, I decide to put on a nice dress. We meet back up for one last time…. As we take our seats at the balcony dinning area, max kneels down, he holds a box and opens it, inside is a dimond ring. I look at Emily and tears stream down her eyes. I start to go red and hold my breath. " charlotte, I know we just met, but has taken these two days to say will you be mrs George?" a tear fills in my eyes. But I hold it in "…. Yes!" he picks me up and kisses me.

The next day max and Nathan are sat in reception with their bags ready. I run over to max and he hands me a bag. It has the $90 dress in. my jaw drops and I hug him. "I wish we could come with you" Emily says. "well…. Why don't you?" Nathan responds. I look in my purse. "we have enough" I say. " well get your bags ready cause your coming with us!" max says while pulling me towards him and plunging me into a deep kiss…..