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"It's so obvious that he likes you!" Arthur sighed and pushed Alfred away.

"Wanker, I don't want to date Francis..." Alfred laughed and replied back with "So you admit he likes you!" Arthur pushed him into the locker doors, he slammed against them. Then he laughed some more, Alfred was very sturdy.

"Excuse me, Alfred?" Arthur turned around to watch a nervous girl named Katyusha trying to talk to Alfred. "U-umm... we still need to plan for prom..." She was a big-chested girl with blue eyes and pale blonde hair. Bloody hell, Arthur thought, tough competition. Arthur ignored the conversation but kept his eyes on Alfred. Alfred kept his eyes on Katyusha and she naturally had her eyes on him. Arthur tugged his collar, he tried not getting jealous, it was hard.

"Okay, see ya' later Katyusha!" He waved and she nodded and walked away clutching her books tightly.

"I think you scarred the poor girl. Look at her, she can't wait to get away." Alfred snickered and muttered a foul word. "So, what were you and busty beauty talking about?" Alfred looked surprised at the nickname. He put his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling thoughtfully.

"You think she's pretty?" He asked, Arthur didn't hear any jealousy. Just curiosity. Why doesn't he ever get jealous? That's right it's an unrequited love... England sighed and nodded his head in response.

"What about you?" Arthur asked back, knowing Alfred he'd probably reply with "Dude, totally!" How Arthur could like such an unsophisticated man was beyond him. Arthur looked towards Alfred who looked like he was actually contemplating the question. He looked like he was actually going to give a good answer.

"Well, I guess she is pretty but she isn't really my type." That was a lot less shallow than expected, still shallow but... "Ah! Dude, I'm gonna be late to class, unlike Mr. Rome my teacher isn't so lenient when it comes to these things." Alfred waved and jogged away, everyone in the hallway watched him.

"Hey! Arthur!" Arthur turned to see Francis Bonnefoy approaching him and he groaned inwardly. "Shall we walk to Mr. Vargas' class together, hmm?" Arthur sighed and nodded. Before they could even move an inch yelling came from down the hall. Gilbert Weillschmidt and Antonio Fernandez Carriedo came running down the hall, they both tackled Francis, Arthur had narrowly missed being tackled.

"Not so fast, Francis!" Gilbert shouted pulling Francis into a headlock while Antonio pulled back Francis's leg. Francis whimpered while Arthur just watched the odd scene not sure what to make of it. I guess that's why they're called the Bad Touch Trio, pretty intimate for friends, eh?

"Well, hate to abandon you but i'm heading to class!" Arthur started to walk away as Francis started to wail loudly. He raised a hand and said "Love to stay and chat but..." He kept walking even though he heard multiple pleas for help from Francis. Arthur was, to be frank and blunt, kind of an asshole when it came to everyone but Alfred. He was thoroughly unfriendly and didn't have a clue why anyone would like him. He wasn't the biggest piece of eye-candy and the only thing he had going for him were his green eyes, shaggy blonde hair and British accent.

So having no idea why Francis liked him he was a rude bastard to him. Arthur entered the classroom and slid into a seat with a scowl on his face.

"So, Arthur, what do you think of the latest gossip?" A girl named Elizaveta Héderváry asked. She was nosy and on the newspaper committee, she also had a not-so-secret crush on the schools musical genius; Roderich Edelstein. Beside her was the school newspaper's photographer; Honda Kiku.

"I don't rightly know, Eliza, what is the latest gossip?" He asked without interest. She sat on his desk and put her hands grandly in the air, moving them every time she spoke.

"Well I heard that Kat asked Alfred to go to Prom since its ladies choice." Arthur tried to keep a blank look on his face but inside he was screaming. "So far it's caused both Lien and Toris to confess their undying love to Alfred!"

"Isn't Toris a guy though?" Arthur didn't really like his competition. All three of them were pretty good-looking. Toris Lorinaitis admittedly looked like a girl and apparently he had cross-dressed before too. Lien Chung was a drop-dead gorgeous Vietnamese girl, she didn't try to look feminine and usually wore oversized t-shirts and jeans. Still, she had long black-blue hair and golden-brown almond eyes. Katyusha Braginski was busty and pretty in a plain kind of way.

"Gosh, which one do you think he'll choose? I hope it's Toris, I do admittedly like some boy on boy action!" Eliza blabbered and Arthur got up and moved to a different desk. When would they have confessed, it must've happened very recently or else Alfred would've told me...

"I heard it all happened when class started, it caused this huge scandal and a lot of people were sent to the principal's office, he hasn't said yes to any particular person yet." Arthur sat down once more and instead of thinking of ways to confess to Alfred, he felt miserable for himself.

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