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Arthur walked out of the store quickly trying to get far away from the guy who made him feel crazy. He kept walking and tried to keep all thoughts out of his head until he reached a small park about thirty minutes away. It was empty so he sat on a swing and then started to think. He thought about how sweet Alfred had been this morning, he thought about how sweet he was all the time. Arthur had a tendency to push people away but that never stopped Alfred from coming back. Not only did he come back but he came back and took his heart too.

He was completely in love with this oblivious boy. No matter how many times Arthur was hurt he would keep coming back just like Alfred. Which was why he definitely had to get over these feelings quickly. If he didn't then he'd just keep getting hurt by Alfred's pure stupidity. With a sigh he pulled out his phone and texted the only other person he could really go to. The person responded almost automatically and it almost made Arthur smile. Y'know if he hadn't just ripped out his own heart and stomped on it viciously.

Alfred walked out of the store and to his car with a small smile playing on his lips. He couldn't help but grin wildly as he sat in his car and blasted the Beatles. They reminded him so much of Arthur so he really felt like smiling. He really did love that bo- wait... love? He really didn't just think love, did he? Holy shit he did. WAIT, ME... LOVE... ARTHUR... WHAT. He sat there for a second and tried to process his own thoughts. He then slowly slid down in his seat and buried his head in his hands.

He was a goddamn moron... only now did he realize he was in love with Arthur Kirkland. He, Alfred F. Jones, loved Arthur Kirkland. Was he really that bad with his own emotions that he couldn't have figured this out for years?! Moments and memories played back in his head. Every moment he'd ever spent with Arthur now chose this time to flash in his head. It all stopped on the final memory of the kiss on the beach. Alfred quickly stuck his keys in the car and drove to Arthur's house. He'd basically been the biggest douche for the past couple of years and rejected any thought of feelings for Arthur. He had to apologize wildly before grabbing the Brit and kissing him. He slowed the car down for a second and pulled to the side of the road. On second thought, that plan really wasn't going to work. At all.

He let out a sigh and tried to think of some other way. Maybe going over to his house pretending to have lost something and slowly build everything up? He had no idea. He wasn't the most romantic person, obviously. Well, a bad plan is better than no plan, right? With uncertainty he began to drive towards Arthur's house. It seemed like minutes had past as he was walking up the driveway and knocking loudly on the front door. He heard the faint voice of Artie's mom from inside as she got closer to the door.

"Arthur, I hope you know that stopped by to discuss your grades with me! Apparently, they're awful!" She opened the door and she smiled sweetly. "Hello, Alfred! Why are you here?"

"Mum, I know. I had some problems that I needed to sort out." Arthur walked over to the front door and froze when he saw Alfred standing there. Francis came trailing behind Arthur and paused when he saw the American as well. Alfred blinked and slowly started to figure things out. He may act like a complete idiot but that wasn't always the case. It was obvious what was going on, Arthur got tired of waiting for him. He gave Artie's mom a bright smile before stepping back out on the driveway.

"Nah, it's nothing too important. I thought I left something here the other day but I can get it later. You guys seem busy so i'll see ya later!" He laughed cheerily before turning around and trying not to cry. "See you in school tomorrow! Same goes to you Francis!" He walked back to his car without turning around and once he slid into the drivers seat. Hearing the front door click was one of the single most menacing sounds he has ever heard in his life. He drove far away from Arthur's house before pulling over and resting his head against the steering wheel. Oh shit...

Arthur didn't expect to see Alfred so soon after he had made his decision. He would've been sadder about the whole parting but it seemed like Alfred didn't even give a shit. When he woke up the next morning and saw Francis' car in his driveway instead of Alfred's he almost felt a pang of sadness. By the time he got outside he was okay with it, though. Walking hand in hand with him almost felt pretty good. For the first time in awhile he felt somewhat okay. Francis was blabbing about some stupid story and Arthur just smiled and nodded. Alfred, on the other hand, felt like complete and total shit. Lien walked quietly next to him and patted his shoulder.

"Erm, Alfred, its almost unnatural to see you like this... Are you gonna be okay?" She glanced up at him with concerned eyes. After all, she did harbor some feelings for him so seeing him like this hurt her too. He laughed mirthlessly and nodded.

"Sure I am, I'll be fucking dandy in a few weeks." He said brokenly. Lien heard the bell ring and quickly gave him a hug.

"Just... feel better, alright?" Before she ran off she brought out enough confidence to do ask him something. "Y'know, I don't think it would be healthy to mope around the house all weekend, how about coming to prom with me? I don't need an answer just yet and even going as friends would be amazing!" She smiled and started to walk off to class. He stood there in befuddlement before almost groaning. Like he really needed more problems with his love life.

"Hello there, Alfred." A voice said cheerily from behind him, he jumped and turned around. Ivan stood there menacingly with his infamous pipe in his hands. "I just wanted to stop by and tell you that Katyusha doesn't have a date to the prom." Alfred raised an eyebrow and gave him a tired grin.

"Really? I don't see why that's important to me, unless you wanted me to ask her or something. In that case, i'm going to have to say no." Ivan narrowed his eyes.

"Sorry, Alfred, that was not the answer I wanted. I suggest you ask Katyusha to the prom before things get messy, da?" Alfred shook his head and prepared for the beating of the century.

"My answer is still no."

Feliks burst into the classroom and immediately started to yell at everyone. "YOU GUYS LIKE WON'T EVEN BELIEVE WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! THERE IS LIKE A TOTALLY SERIOUS BATTLE TO THE DEATH FOR LIKE A MAIDEN'S HEART, YO!" Eliza squeezed past Feliks and into the classroom.

"Feliks, shut it, all your information here is wrong. What he meant to say was that Alfred and Ivan are beating the shit out of each other in the language hallway!" Everyone's eyes widened and they all ran out of the classroom to go see. All except Arthur who sat there shell-shocked, Francis paused at the doorway and waited for him.

"C'mon, cheri, we need to watch/stop this fight!" Arthur shakily got up and ran with Francis to the language hallway. He got to the large crowd of people surrounding the two of them right as Alfred got punched in the face. Alfred just shook it off and spat out blood before nailing the Russian right back. Some people were encouraging the fight and others were yelling to stop it. No one actually went in to physically stop it, though, in fear that they might get caught in the scuffle.

"CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE, IVAN? I'VE HAD A BAD WEEK!" Alfred roared as he punched Ivan in the stomach. Ivan grunted and threw him into the lockers.

"Nyet, Alfred, I cannot do that. I am frankly a bit tired of you so it is best if I deal with you now." Alfred slid down the lockers and glared up at the Russian. He was a bit outmatched here. Not only was Ivan bigger but he was also much stronger. He managed to get rid of his pipe but that barely gave him a chance. He figured the only way to win the fight was to make him lose his cool. He grinned wryly at Ivan before answering.

"You're just made 'cause I don't wanna date your sister, dude. Have I brought 'shame' to your whole family or something? I'm soooo fucking sorry that she isn't my type, bro!" He snickered. Everyone quieted down as Ivan's eyes grew wide. If Katyusha was in the crowd then Alfred would have to get down on his knees and apologize later. Ivan let out an angry roar and charged at him. He quickly ducked under his legs and kicked the Russian into the lockers. He grabbed his shoulders, spun him around and nailed him so he went out cold. Ivan crumpled to the ground and Alfred wiped at his bloody mouth.

It was at that moment that decided to walk down the hallway and notice what happened. He quickly got teachers to carry Ivan down to the infirmary. He barked at everyone and told them to leave the hallway but no one listened. He angrily walked over to Alfred and started to yell at him. "WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING? BEATING UP ANOTHER STUDENT ON CAMPUS! EVEN DARING TO START THE FIGHT!" People chimed in and said that Alfred didn't start the fight. He turned his wary eyes back to Alfred. "Is that true? Did the other student start the fight?"

"Depends, what happens to me if I did start the fight?" Alfred asked curiously. Arthur was shocked, did that moron want to get in trouble?! Or did he really start the fight...

"You'll get expelled, of course! I can't have mentally unbalanced students like you running around the school!" stated it like it should've been clear. Alfred nodded slowly.

"Mind talking about this with me somewhere more private, ?" He rolled his eyes and dragged Alfred to his office.

"Oh mon dieu... he couldn't have started that fight. He wouldn't have done that!" Francis said in disbelief.

"I agree completely! Alfred isn't that type of guy!" Eliza chimed in helpfully.

"Oh? So, you're both entirely sure of this? Especially after what he said about Katyusha?" Arthur asked bitterly. "I'm sure guys like him talk about women like that all the time." He gave everyone a piercing green glare before walking off. Everyone sat there quietly and began to gossip about what he said. Arthur didn't know why he just said that... probably because he was scared. He was scared of losing Alfred again.

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