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Alfred sat in the principal's office, acting pretty damn casual for someone who might get expelled.

"Alfred," The man started, rubbing at his temples. "I'm honestly at a loss here. You have never given me trouble before so I can't help but wonder what exactly is causing you to suddenly- rebel, although that isn't the best word for your behavior."

"Call it hormones?" Alfred suggested, grinning despite being in a serious situation. "Uhhh, I guess things have been kinda rough recently. Lots of stuff has been happening, don't wanna get into messy details, dude, but it's pretty killer."

"Understandable. I would hate to expel someone like you. You're a star athlete and actually very gifted in class. I would have to punish you, though." Alfred figured he could take any punishment. He wouldn't mind not playing a few sports, dropping a class wouldn't suck, detention wasn't exactly something new to him (he got caught doing way too many stupid things.)

"Maybe… taking away prom privileges seems like an appropriate punishment." Alfred blinked, sitting up a little bit straighter.

"Wait, no, that won't work. I've been like- i've been the one helping with that! Bro, you can't just kick me off the committee it's like a week away!" He protested, looking at the principal in shock. "Who is gonna take over?"

"I can ask another student, Francis is fairly competent with things like that so i'm sure he'll be lots of help." Alfred let out a groan, slumping in his seat. Great, Francis is going to take my position. First, he dates my best friend that I actually like and then he just takes the one thing i've been working on for months. Swell.

"... Alright, I have no complaints." Alfred said finally, staring down at his sneakers. Not being able to go to prom would suck, but then he wouldn't have to see Francis and Arthur macking in some dark corner. Nor would he have to deal with a sad Katyusha and pissy Ivan. It could've been a lot worse. Alfred was out of there in two seconds as soon as the principal said he could go, Ivan was waiting right outside the door.

"Er, sorry about- I didn't actually- I said some stupid shit about your sister. Feel free to hate me but just know I didn't mean any of it. I can't even take her to prom anyways, 'm not allowed to go." Ivan wasn't in the mood for talking but he gave Alfred a brisk nod anyways. Taking responsibilities for your own actions sure does fucking suck, Alfred thought to himself, No prom and i'm sure everyone hates me.

"Alfred!" He heard a split second before someone tackled him from behind with a hug. "God please tell me you aren't expelled." Lien muttered into his back. He let out a chuckle, turning around to ruffle her hair.

"I'm good, no prom for me, though. Not the biggest loss in existence." Lien raised an eyebrow, walking alongside the taller blonde.

"I guess it isn't a huge loss especially since you were dateless," she said, nudging Alfred with a teasing smile. "Too bad, huh? All the girls are gonna be so sad."

"I was already going to go without a date. The person I wanna take kind of already has a date. Bummer, right? Anyways, I better get going home. Tell the folks what happened and all that. Catch you on the flipside, Lien." He waved before jogging off, really wanting to stop all the conversations about prom and bullshit. As he walked off Lien couldn't help but wonder who Alfred wanted to ask to prom. He wasn't really the type to show interest in other people. After a few seconds she whipped out her phone and started to consult with the people in her class who knew Alfred the best, after all, the smartest kids in school HAD to have some sort of solution.

Alfred wasn't all that surprised when Matthew came to sit quietly beside him later that night. "What's wrong? You don't watch High School Musical unless you're really down," He said quietly. "You can tell me, keeping secrets from me is kind of hard anyways." It was times like this that he really despised his brother. His current penchant for musicals had NOTHING to do with his sadness- okay, that was a lie. Either way it was unfair of Matthew to know that information.

"I will keep secrets from you. Top secret information is not to be spread, Mattie. That is how wars are started. I would hate to accidentally start WWIII." He said, kind of irritated that he couldn't get lost in Zac Efron's voice.

"... You're upset about Arthur dating Francis, aren't you?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. God damn Canadians, they could see through any problem. Alfred let out a groan and let his head fall onto Matthew's shoulder.

"I can't go to prom either. I had my suit picked out- Artie picked it out with me. Why can't we go to prom together? Why is he going to prom with that bilingual moron?" Each word made Alfred curl up against his brother more. "THIS IS JUST SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING YOU HAVE NO IDEA. IT'S LIKE THE SECOND I ACTUALLY FIGURE SHIT OUT IT JUST GETS ALL MESSED UP AGAIN."

"You obviously liked Arthur from the beginning. This is technically your fault for not doing anything sooner." Matthew pointed out, lightly petting his brother's hair despite being slightly critical.

"NO NEED TO REMIND ME, I GET THAT. I get that I could've totally done something to get Arthur before Francis did. I just- kinda misinterpreted my feelings, I guess. I didn't think I was- kinda really gay for Arthur." Matthew frowned at his brother's choice of words.

"Can't you still do something about it, though? I don't think it's completely hopeless. The fact that you're giving up so soon is actually surprising to me." Matthew disentangled himself from his brother before heading back to his room. "I thought Alfred F. Jones wouldn't give up so easily." Alfred paused his moaning and whining at that because it was actually somewhat true. He was giving up on this whole thing incredibly fast. He shook his head, he was giving up for Arthur! Arthur obviously didn't want this so it would just be inconsiderate to force him into something. Urgh, feelings were stupid and hard.

He just needed some more fighting spirit; That wasn't exactly an abundant thing at the moment, though. Damn.

"So, Alfred didn't get suspended or expelled but now you're helping out with prom?" Arthur clarified, leaning against his locker as Francis talked.

"Oui, cheri. I'm tickled pink but it was rather sudden. I'm going to be busy doing all the work that idiot couldn't take care of." Francis sighed dramatically, leaning next to Arthur. "But this means free tickets for you and me. Which also means a more glamorous dinner afterwards."

"I'm looking forward to it," Arthur said simply, thinking about how Alfred was handling not being able to attend prom. Probably well enough considering how he was acting towards other people recently, the twat.
"Oui, I am as well. Then again I get to go with you so who wouldn't look forward to that?" Arthur stayed quietly as Francis chatted on. His thoughts were definitely somewhere else, focused on an obnoxious American who rarely took no as an answer.

"What? You want me to sneak you into prom?" Lien hissed out, glaring at Alfred.
"I also want you to convince Katyusha to change the theme last second to masquerade." Alfred chirped a grin coming to his face. "I would do it but I was kicked off prom committee and i'm pretty sure Kat doesn't even like me anymore." Lien let out a tired sigh, setting down her books and taking a seat.
"... I'll see what I can do. Just remember to save me a dance at the end of the night or something." She muttered finally.
"You're the beeeest, dude! You and I will so be dancing at least once. I will shake my groove thing with you." She snorted and pushed him away.
"You're ridiculous, Alfred. I really hope this is worth it."

Arthur is worth it, he thought quietly to himself.

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