This Chapter is dedicated to my friend, Hellsleprechaun because it was one of his stories which inspired me to continue writing this = D

House of Salvatore
7: 00 PM

"Why do I have to go I?" Asked Lex watching and adjusting his sport coat in the mirror, Damon rolled her eyes at him.

"Your father wants you in there"

"Yes, but do not understand this for months now that Dad has tried to stay away from Klaus and now is putting me on a golden platter with"

"That is not true, we only have a plan ..."

"What plan?" Asked the boy, Damon rolled his eyes again as I had never been very patient in their care have teenagers that asked about everything.

"A plan, go have to go now ... Stefan!" Damon cry down the hall and a few seconds after Stefan appeared dressed in his black jacket and something elegant, in fact Damon was dressed in a similar manner.

"Do I have to do this Damon?"

"Yes there is no option ... Elijah want us both stay in the house with Klaus"

"From when we trust in Elijah?"

"Hey, are you talking about my dad" cry Lex

"Your calm down Alexander ... I trust Elijah since our options are gone, Stefan ... leave your grumpy attitude at this time, You will not do or say something stupid at that dinner or I'll kick your ass," said the vampire, Lex only did sound to indicate that continued in the same room, shortly after the 3 came to the house of Klaus.

House of Klaus
8: 00 PM

Elijah opened the door and let salvatore enter the home, behind them was his son who just stared without understanding what was happening.

"Damon, Stefan ... Elijah has told me that they want to negotiate so let's do it like civilized men" Klaus said, pointing to the dinner table, then turned his gaze to Lex.

"My dear Alexander how is it that you're here?" wonder, Elijah I look serious, he had a plan of action.

"I have invited him, Damon met me with my son this afternoon and hoped to regain some lost time with Lex"

the man said Klaus smiled and motioned for everyone to sit down. Klaus and Stefan had his own confrontation, it took some time until Damon slapped in the Stefan ass from behind to tell him to shut up.

"Excuse my brother's manners, we're fine dinner with you," said Damon giving a serious look at his brother. They all sat down to eat and started talking about Rebekah, the past, the murder of the mother of Klaus and murder of the father of Salvatore. Elijah and Klaus then told them about Tathia, the first original pretova and its history with it, this was as a way to mock Elena.

"We should not put Elena in this conversation, a word more about it and this dinner ...will be over" warned Stefan but Klaus mocked him.

"Quiet boy, or I'll tear you apart"

"Try Klaus" Stefan said getting up from his chair and throwing it down, Damon got up quickly and put a hand on the arm of her brother.

"Stefan, that was enough"

"Let me go of Damon"

"I said that was enough"

"No.. Let me go" cry Stefan away from the Damon arm, taking a stake in his back pocket, Damon was surprised how do not see it before? then returned to take Stefan's arm,

"Excuse us, need to talk to my brother," said Damon walking towards the exit of the mansion, once loosed out Stefan.

"What the hell was all that Stefan?"

"You should not stop me, I could have hurt or ..."

"Ask a stupid, Stefan he is is stronger than us together,,, I have a plan and ruining these"

"So whether your plan is stupid" cry Stefan, Damon was very upset that he used his super speed to get ahead of his brother in seconds.

"I'm sick of this behavior ...I told you to kick your ass if you did something wrong, you did and I also do my promise ... but when we get home"

"But Damon"

"Save it for later, your ass is going to pay for this imprudence ... now back in the house and apologize and also for me, you say him... I'm taking air di ... Elijah means" muttered Damon, Stefan nodded his head as to see his brother angry, knew not to disturb more. Then back home and obeyed the words of Damon.

"I'll go talk to Damon ... Alexander please follow me" stated Elijah, the boy who apparently was the only one in that house was eating, let her plate and walked behind his father.

"Dad we're doing here?" Lex asked on the way, Elijah will turn to see and motioned to be quiet, the feared that Klaus was listening. Seguieron walking to meet Damon.

"Is all well with Stefan?" Elijah asked, Damon nodded and using only the movement of his lips and a sign indicated a room. Elijah nodded his head.

"Lets go" whisper in the ear of his son, the 3 ran at super speed and found the coffins of the original family.

"Let's do it" whispered Elijah, one of the coffins opened carefully and saw the body almost dry his sister Rebekah, the way a hand through his blond hair of the girl before taking the dagger from the breast of his sister.
Damon indicated another coffin to Lex, who opened the way and then quickly to meet the body of an unknown man was Finn, he take the knife quickly.
Elijah kept walking around the room and opened the last coffin, his younger brother Kol was there, her eyes lit up to see the boy so much wanted, he take the dagger quickly too.
Stefan's screams were heard from the mansion,

"Stefan" Damon murmured

"We must return ... Lex stay and feed your uncles when they wake up"

"But Dad ... I want to go with you, I can not stay"

"Yes you can and you will" said Elijah giving the child back and spanking him with a slight push towards the coffins.

Elijah ran back to the room with Damon, only to find a terrible scene, it was burning Klaus Stefan's arm.

"No" Damon cry trying to run to help his brother, but Elijah pressed it against the wall, it was all part of the charade.

"Bring me the missing coffin and let you go to your brother," said Klaus, Damon accept the deal and left the house.

"Go with him Elijah, bring me the coffin and keep my promise to reunite the family," said Klaus, Elijah went behind Damon.

The 2 vampires returned to the room of their coffins and found Alexander feeding Kol , the youngest of the originals and the only one who had fully awakened.

"Elijah" whisper the young vampire, Elijah fast way to his brother and took his arms.

"My little Kol"

"Brother has time is gone?"

"90 years baby, but are now well again and is the only thing I care"

"Elijah, Klaus is dead?"

"No Kol, but I need your help to do something ... we are not alone against" Major seeing his other 2 brothers awakening from death.

A few minutes passed when Damon and Elijah came home followed by Alexander that maintained a diabolicalsmile on his face and holding a tray, Klaus was left shocked to see them,

"Elijah What have you done?"

"I brought the dessert ... besides what I have done is learn not to trust your vulgar promises, we're doing it my way" indicated a recovered Elijah suddenly appeared behind the Kol.

"Long time brother" said the boy, Klaus ran at super speed but trying to flee Finn also appeared and nail a dagger in hand, after Rebekah also appeared doing the same.
His 3 brothers had undergone Klaus, while Elijah watched with joy the scene.

"You can go now, this is a family bussines," he told the Salvatores, Damon took the arm of her brother before leaving the house.
The original family hit a little before releasing Klaus it and start destroying the house, Klaus was dismayed that his family hated him but I could not expect otherwise, the reproaches and threats of brothers began making it explode.

"I am the hybrid, it could kill me ... I have nothing to fear them to you"

"No, but yo do when our have the other coffin," said Elijah, Klaus seemed sacary with the idea and few seconds later the front door was opened and Esther, the mother of all of them entered in the place, leaving them shocked.
Esther direct path to Klaus, who wept with rage and fear at the same time.

"You know why I'm here?"

"To kill me" Klaus whispered.

"You are my son Niklaus, I'm here to forgive you ... I want to be a family again," she told all her children in the place.

I dont Know I'm doing this very well, but I love how it is becoming, I just wanted to give some tension to the relationship of Damon and Stefan in the next chapter, a good spanking come to Stefan... ho Lex is also a great character in this is not it?