Damon path through the woods hold his brother's arm, Stefan just walked with downcast eyes trying to accept what was coming and above all to grasp what had happened at the home of Klaus.

"Damon ... What was all that Klaus's house?"

"It's simple, Elijah and me release the pesky brothers Klaus from confinement, ho and Bonnie could also open the coffin closed ... still do not know who was there ... but we liberated him "

"It means we can kill Klaus?"

"Well ... we do not, but we'll see"

"Your plan worked, brother it was great" said Stefan, Damon snorted superiority

"I know, but this will not save your ass for a punishment"

"Damon, you can not do this ... I am an adult," murmured Stefan, Damon rolled her eyes and dragged his brother to super speed, within seconds they were both in Stefan's room.

"But what?" Stefan asked before turning to look and see Damon sitting on his bed with a brush in hand with a smile on his face and making moves on her lap.
Where did the brush bag so fast? Stefan asked looking everywhere looking for a way out.

"Come on brother, take your punishment with the same courage with which he disobeyed me"

"Damon, I'm sorry ... I did not want to but you know that it bothers me to see Klaus much and you forced me to go to that stupid dinner in first place"

"I will not discuss that with you, if I asked you to this dinner was for Klaus believed in us, there was more choice and you know that Stefan"

"But ..."

"I do not hear a word more about yourself, stand on my lap or I'll force you to do and that's not going to like Stefan" said Damon, but his younger brother was being stubborn with this, not moving or looking at Damon.
Damon lost patience and rose quickly, taking Stefan's arm and dragged him to bed and then lay on your lap and start to hit it hard with his hand.


Stefan's screams started out as if it were a crazy being tortured, try getting the grip of his brother, but Damon just had to give a push to return to fall on their knees


"No more tantrums Stefan, it's time to grow up" Damon murmured, then he unbuttoned his pants and his brother under the flip, take the brush and continued the punishment.


"Damon ... Let me go, im not a child to do this to me "


"I know, you're worse you behave like a spoiled brat"


"Damon let me go... you're not my father ... I hate you "he shouted Stefan, Damon said nothing was limited to just put their finger in the Boxers of his brother and bring them down.

"No, brother, please do not do that" beg Stefan


"You will stop behaving in this way"


"I'm sick of your fights with Klaus, now ended forever, I will not let you come back to ruin such a plan like today"


"And if you ever do again, I swear I'll give you spanking every night for 1 month do you understand me?"
Asked the vampire, Stefan said nothing but just had his head hanging on to the savannah, Damon took this as a challenge and gave about 30 slashes more before stopping.

"I ask you Stefan, if you understand me?" Repeated the vampire, this time Stefan only said Yes like a whisper to respond.

"Okay ... get up" command Damon driving his brother to stand up, then watch the swollen eyes of his brother and got up to hug him.

"Never again Stefan and I will keep my promise"

"I promise, never again Damon" said Stefan clinging to the breast of his brother, Damon mourn for a few minutes left until it was separated from him. Stefan realized that although accommodation was still naked and clothing quickly.

"That is my boy, I want to you get some sleep ... We have laid a very heavy night and need rest, I'll go and speak with Bonnie "


"Good night little brother" Damon said giving him a spanking new Stefan to drive it to his bed, the cry before dropping on the mattress.

Meanwhile in the house of Klaus, Esther had embraced and kissed each of her children, asking them not to ask questions about the past, because she only cared for them to build a new present as a family.
The original brothers were distributed in the rooms of the mansion leaving Esther alone in the room, very thoughtful. Then Elijah entered the place with his head down.

"My son, Is something wrong?" Ask Esther stroking his chest, Elijah looked at her with a tender look, a look that few times in his life had been.

"Mother, I have no words to express how grateful I am for your return"

"I know son, but also that there is something else that worries you please tell me ..."

"Mother ... I must say that my father is dead ... Niklaus killed him"

"I know son, but it was not your fault ... your father knew what he was facing and I'm sure he is happy to have died in battle"

"But mother, I came here to avenge from Niklaus ... I wanted to kill him, so I returned my brothers to life, and ..."

"You were trying to do what you thought was right ... Choose all right now, all is forgiven between us, "said Esther taking his eldest son in his arms, as if it were just a kid again.
They broke the embrace to hear Alexander entering the room, looking for his father.

"Lex, son ... come here," whispered tenderly Elijah, the tone of his father impressed her son very surprised as to the way Elijah put an arm around his shoulders and turning to his mother.

"You must meet my son ... his name is Alexander" said Elijah, Esther smiled and took the child's hand.

"Alexander? Like my eldest son died ... Hello dear, "said Esther, Lex seemed to be afraid and just whisper a hello.

"Quiet, you do not have to fear from me ... "

"Sorry mother, he only has scary beacuse he dont know you" Elijah said cheerfully, Esther smiled again.

"I thought so, you're just like your father when he was your age, in every way ... but quiet Alexander have time to meet" the woman said, Alexander felt his head and a small smile.

Note: Esther mentions a reference to the name of Alexander, in this story I like to think that the first son of Esther (who died as a human on the true story) was called Alexander and that is why Elijah gave him that name to his son .
I wanted to give this moment to the relationship Stefan and Damon, see one Damon that cares and wants to Stefan but also correct his brother when he deserves it.
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