I guess I figured it out that day when I saw them together.

It seems rather stupid when you write it down on paper, but I honestly never expected for...them to be

together. I could see both of them apart easily. A dark, messy haired fellow with brilliant eyes that

seemed to illuminate any room. And a very different boy.

A boy of hatred. Long blonde hair hung cynically to his shoulders, and stunning gray eyes that could

bring a grown man to his knees with fright.

Yes, they were both two very different boys.

When I first walked into the room which had held the Mirror of Erised in both boys' first year, I had

expected what was always there; an empty classroom. Yes, I was breaking my own rule, wandering around

at night, but I was not a student, and had not been for many years. Headmasters are allowed to bend

the rules for themselves from time to time, as far as I am concerned. Actually, at that point in time,

I had been taking a great many walks, for that year was an especially difficult one.

The dark side was coming on, stronger than I could have ever remembered.

Of course, the students knew nothing, I didn't want to upset them. I sersiously doubted that even the

Ministry had a clue to as what was happening, for while Fudge was a good man, he had no sense for

emergencies such as these. I was, behind my mask of calm demeanor, secretly pushing back a slow panic

which was taunting me at that moment. It was sad, really, that a great man such as myself, Albus

Dumbledorem, should fear Voldermort and his followers, but I honestly believed that all witches and

wizards had some sort of fear. Mine was the good and beauty of our world being sucked into what was the

dark side.

However, I am very off track, since this is not how this story is supposed to be going.

As I said earlier, I was walking about the castle, wondering if it would be safe enough to tell the

Professors my suspicions of the dark side. It was a terribly hard decision, since I had to take into

account Snapes old alliegence to Voldermort, yet I was steadily working towards telling them all. I

hadn't meant to drop in on the two sixth year boys. The classroom was actually rather dear to me; I had

kept the mirror in there for a reason. I had tried teaching once, years upon years ago, and had not

completely failed, but had not been much of a success. I was much to kind to the students; I just couldn't

stand for someone to do poorly. It had been my old classroom, and I still liked to visit it and pretend

I was looking out over young witches and wizards, eager to learn. It just happened to be a room that was

already occupied...

By none other that mortal enemies Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter.

I was rather taken aback, though if you asked me now I would deny it. They were wrapped in each others

arms, sleeping fitfully together. Harry's hair was a little more mussed then usual, and they was an

unusual amount of color in Draco's cheeks, but I barely could tell a difference. They both looked so

content, like they had found what they had been wanting their entire lives.

Enemies to lovers...Who would have thought?

I left then, happy for the both of them, when suddenly, the thought occured to me.

Exactly how far HAD they gone in my classroom?

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