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"Wake up, pet."

I hate the nickname "pet". Seriously. If I had a spell cast on me that I'd have my eyeballs gouged and my skin burned off by sulfuric acid if someone did not call me "pet" for the rest of my life, I'd opt for the former. He's so inconsiderate sometimes; I haven't called him Wonder-Boy, since…Well, since last night, but that's beside the point. I hate that nickname.

And there was no way in HELL I was going to get up and entertain him. Not only because of the nickname, but because we'd been up half the night and I was damn tired. I don't know what he was thinking, waking me up before seven. It made me want to slap his stupid lightning bolt forehead. Didn't he know it takes time and effort and lots of sleep to look as good as me everyday?

"Pro…Professor Snape!"

Obviously not.

Nope, that one had only worked the first time he'd tried it. Honestly, he needed to get some new material. Not moving from my position facing the floor, I decided to talk. It wouldn't be long before he tried to the whole "nibbling on my ear" approach, and while that sounded like lots of fun, my conscience got to me. Yes, Malfoy's have conscience's, and mine was- whispering. 'Get up, you lazy bum, and talk to your boyfriend.' Since having a lively quarrel with myself wasn't sounding appealing, I dignified him a reply. "I'm never going to wake up if you call me 'pet'."

He ruffled my hair, and to the floor I gagged. That is truly the most annoying sensation known to man, especially since I'm rather fond of my hair the way it is. Untouched. Left alone. Harry Potter doesn't seem to grasp this concept. In fact, sometimes he's rather thick. For a second I wondered why I was going out with him.

"You know, Draco, in that position you're rather vulnerable…" his voice trailed off. I smirked at the ground. He's so horny. I flipped, pulling a face of mock disgust.

"You're sick, Potter. Really, you are. Talking about taking advantage of helpless old me. Honestly." It was hard to keep a straight face looking at him. He has the innocent look down pat.

He flipped a leg over my side and seated himself on my stomach. How dare he, acting as if I'm a chair. I almost told him to get his bum off my precious tummy when he spoke. "You know you would have enjoyed it."

I lost face and ginned. I've always looked like a bafoon when I grin, I hate it. It makes my beautiful visage look odd and distorted. "Probably, but that's beside the point." I stopped at that point, reaching a hand up to trace the outline of his features. I felt my grin disappear from my face, and suddenly I remembered something I'd almost forgotten. The whole reason why I was in this relationship."Guess what, Harry Potter." I whispered it softly, almost like I wasn't sure I wanted him to hear. He slid down next to me, and smiled lightly.

"I love you."

He paused, which was sheer torture. I held my breath and counted the seconds…one…two…three. "I love you, too."

Took him long enough.

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