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He couldn't bear looking into those big, round green eyes that had been following him everywhere he went – from the moment he stepped into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee until he walked to the front of the large window of his apartment to catch some air. He never liked kids. But, now he had to take care of one. What had made it worse is that he barely knew him and yet he hated him.

It had been a week since his best friend Takahiro died of a car accident with his girlfriend Manami, leaving to Akihiko his 14-year old brother Misaki.

You left me for a woman and now you died leaving me with a kid to take care of. He gritted his teeth in anger. He would have left the teen in an orphanage but he knew his conscience will not let him sleep for that.

He took a sip on his cup to calm his nerve before he faced the green-eyed teen. The anxious look on those big eyes irritated him.

"If you want to stay here longer, you'll have to stop staring at me like that." The boy nodded and lowered his head, focusing his eyes on his lap. Something ached in Akihiko's chest at the sight but he chose to ignore it. "I'll tell you the rules only once so you'll have to listen carefully. First, be as silent as possible whenever I'm working on a novel. I don't like noisy brats. Breakfast is always at 7:00. I'll drive you to school daily but I won't be able to fetch you. I have classes in the evening. Do you have any question?"

"Hmm… What do you want… for breakfast?" Misaki's voice quivered.

"Traditional Japanese breakfast." Akihiko took another sip on his cup. "Laundry is picked up every Saturday so you better have your dirty clothes ready by then."


Akihiko's jaws hardened at the mention of the nickname that his best friend had given him. His eyes narrowed as he spoke, "I don't want to hear that nickname from you. Call me Usami."

"S-sorry, Usami-san. It's just I always hear that from my brother and – "

"And I don't want you mentioning your brother."

"Usami-san…" was all Misaki could say as he stared at the cold violet eyes of his adopter.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes." The kid managed to mumble despite his fear.

"So, what do you want to say?"

"I… If – if it's okay with you," Akihiko waited as he watched the boy's right hand squeeze the left one with every word he uttered. "If it's okay, I'd like to do the laundry and the cleaning of the house."

"No. it would get in the way of your studies." He said firmly.

"But… but, it's my only way to pay the rent. I don't want to be a burden to you." The boy said still looking down.

"I said no, didn't I?"

"Please." The boy looked up to him, pleading. Akihiko's heart beat fast as the kid's large green eyes met his. He knew that the kid feared him but there was still the hint of audacity in the young one's eyes. He was hypnotized for a moment.


The author woke up from the trance, confused at what he felt. The two males stared at each other until Akihiko gave up.

"Fine. Do what you want." He set his cup on the table and decided to leave the kid. "Just make sure you won't have failing grades at the end of this school's term."

"Thank you, Usami-san!" The kid said loudly it hurt Akihiko's ears.

"What did I say about being loud?" He said a little less cold than before.

"Sorry." He heard the kid say before he closed the door to his study room. He sat on his desk and opened his laptop. The famous author has deadlines to meet. He typed away, dismissing the thought of the boy outside his room.

It was already past midnight when Akihiko finally came out of his hole. He strode to the kitchen in his usual graceful manner. The apartment was already dark and silent. He reckoned Misaki was already sleeping. He just filled his cup of coffee then walked back to his office again. It was only when he ascended the stairs that he noticed the tray of food beside his door.

Akihiko picked it up and brought it inside his office. He put it down beside his laptop then read the small note that the boy had left.


I knocked but you didn't answer so I just left the food beside the door. You haven't eaten anything since this afternoon. I hope you'll like the sandwich.


Akihiko crumpled the small sheet of paper then threw it on the trash bin. He grabbed the sandwich and made a small bite.

"Delicious…" he muttered under his breath, impressed at how the clubhouse sandwich tasted. He thought maybe his days would be different after adopting Takahiro's brother, but, it wouldn't be so bad.


Afternoon the next day, Akihiko had no classes in Teito University. He had just finished his manuscript and happily resting while watching TV. He faintly heard the door opening and a squeaky voice calling "I'm home."

"Welcome home." he answered lazily. He wouldn't have paid attention to the kid except that when he glanced at him, he seemed to be hiding something. The teen was scrambling past him, head down and bangs covering his eyes.

"Misaki." He called in his low, cold voice.

"U-Usami-san…" Misaki answered, fidgety.

"Look at me." He commanded.

The boy lowered his head all the more. "W-what i-is it, U-sami-san? D-do y-you need any… anything?"

"I said look at me."

The brunet slowly raised his head and Akihiko's eyes grew wide as he saw the bruises on his face.

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