A Night to Remember

Chapter 6

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"It's got Ted Danson, and Magnum P.I and that Jewish actor." Alan rambled as we walked across the balcony to Jade's place.

"Shut up, Alan." Stu groaned, now slightly calmer. I walked ahead of the group, leading the way.

"What room is it again?" I asked.

"It's 825." Phil answered as a flustered and familiar blonde came out of the net apartment, on the phone.

"I know, I did. I already checked with her." She stressed. She looked in our direction. She gasped and grinned, "I've found him, I'll call you back." She hung up the phone, "Thank God, he was with his father. I was freaking out." She smiled cheerily taking Carlos from Alan.

"He's a father?" I mouthed. Phil just shrugged.

"I missed you, sweetie." She cooed, kissing the baby on the cheek, "and I missed you." She sounded suddenly seductive as she kissed Stu full on the mouth. I looked away in Phil's direction. He winked in my direction, and I tried my hardest not to blush.

"What the hell happened to you guys?" the bubbly blonde asked

"Actually, we were hoping you could tell us." Phil mumbled with a half-smile. Jade smiled, but still looked confused.

"What do you mean? I woke up this morning and I went to get you guys all coffee and I came back, and you were gone. Why are you being so quiet." She asked when no one replied.

"I'm not being quiet." Stu tried to perk up.

"You're so cute. Alright, I have to feed Tyler, come inside you guys." She invited. We each followed her into the home. I sat down on the couch, in between Phil and Alan.

"Would you guys like something to drink? I have water, tea, juice, and some milk." She asked, smiling at us. Stu raised his hand at the offer.

"I wouldn't mind a glass of tea."

As she poured it, she looked in our direction. "Ok, what's up. You guys are acting weird."

"Look, it's Jade right?" Phil started. She handed Stu his drink, and chuckled.

"Very funny Phil."

"Right, Jade. You remember our friend, Doug?" Phil asked her.

"Are you kidding? He was the best man at our weddings!" Jade exclaimed happily.

"Exactly. Well we can't find him and we're getting worried."

"Oh my God, that is so Doug." Next thing you know Stu spit his drink at Jade and Tyler. Baby Tyler started crying, and I looked at Stu in disbelief.

"Oh, sweetie, I'm gonna go clean him off. It's alright, daddy didn't mean it." Phil turned to Stu.

"What the fuck man, you gotta hold it together." He said.

"Holy Shit," Stu finally said.

"She is super hot man." I looked at Phil. "Not as hot as my wife but you should be proud of yourself." He placed his hand on my leg, but I removed it.

"She is wearing my grandmothers ring." He stressed.


"The ring I'm gonna give to Melissa. I showed them before you met up with us yesterday. Remember? My grandmothers Holocaust ring. She's wearing it!" Stu exclaimed.

"Shit!" I cursed.

"I didn't know they gave out rings in the Holocaust." I pinched Alan's arm.

"He's okay." She beamed.

"Oh, good." Phil nodded.

"He was just hungry." Jade told them as she sat down on an armchair opposite them with Tyler on her lap.

"About last night, uh, do you remember the last time you saw Doug?" Phil asked, getting to his own agenda.

"Uh, I haven't seen him since the weddings." She admitted.

"The wedding. Okay. Great. And, uh what time was that at?" Phil asked, as she just revealed her breast to feed Tyler.

"Well, it was, um… I guess it was around one, because I had to go back to work and finish my shift. And then when I got out I headed over to the hotel with Tyler."

"And was Doug there then?" I noticed Phil was trying to look at her tit.

"I didn't see Doug. Everyone was pretty much passed out except for you and Cassie. You two were having sex in the corner for the like the ninth time that night." I looked at Phil and he looked at me. We both were trying not to blush.

"May I ask, How do you know we were having sex for the ninth time?" I asked.

"When I walked into the room, Phil asked me for a condom because you guys were on round nine. Then you came out of the room, and said 'Fuck it,'. Then you tackled him to the ground near the bathroom." She said.

"Well, that answers one of my questions." I said, holding my head down.

"May I ask you a question, Cassie?" I lifted my head.

"I'm afraid to say yes." She chuckled.

"It's nothing bad." She said.

"Okay, What's your question?"

"Were you ever a stripper or a singer in the past?" My eyes went wide.

"Why do you ask?"

"Last night you were a pro at pleasing the crowd, especially Phil. You have to teach me some of your moves and how to sing." She said.

"I sang?!" She nodded.

"Oh my god, that was the icing on the cake. You made the men go wild, and left with a bunch of money." She said. "Oh my goodness what was the lyrics to the song you were singing? Hit it up, get it up, gotta give me your get your ass up, show me how you burlesque." I sulked in my seat.

"I got a question. Um, you said when your shift ended. Does that mean you're a nurse? Or a blackjack dealer?" Stu asked, taking the attention from me.

"You know this, I'm a stripper." Wow.

"Well technically I'm an escort, but stripping's a great way to meet the clients."

"Smart." Phil nodded.

Stu shook his head in disbelief "Savvy."

"But that's all in the past now that I married a doctor." Me and Phil held back our grins.

"I'm just a dentist." Stu admitted.

"Now, now. Don't be modest after all aren't you the one that says a dentist is a doctor?" I teased. Just as I said that, a pair of cops busted through the door. The baby started crying and we all raised our hands in the air. The cops made the four of us get up. They put us all in handcuffs and stuffed us in the back of the police car.

We all sat there, chained together.

"Don't feel bad Stu, I'm technically married to a stripper too." I glared at Phil.

"Fuck you." I said. He rolled his eyes, and went to the phone to call Tracey. A group of young students walked towards us with one of the cops.

"So after we take their mug shots we bring them down here where they wait to be interviewed by the arresting officers. Trust me kids, you do not want to be sitting on these benches. We call this place Loserville." Each of the kids chuckled. One looked at me and pointed to me.

"Is that a prostitute?"

"You're confusing me with your mother." I said.

"My mom's a prostitute?!" I smiled.

"No no." The cop said, trying to cheer up the kid. "That is a prostitute." I lunged towards the cop, but Stu grabbed me.

One kid stopped to take a picture with his phone and Alan kicked it away. They glared at each other for a moment before the kid walked away.

"What was that all about?" Stu asked.

"He didn't ask to take my picture." Meanwhile, Phil was trying to convince Tracey to give us another night.

I looked back when I heard a cop yell out our last names. Phil hung up with Tracy and the boys tried to untangle themselves. It was funny to watch Stu hop over their arms and Alan to be dragged backwards as we walked to the interrogation room. Once we were in there we were un-hand cuffed and told to sit down at the table where a female officer was sitting looking at some papers. A male officer walked in and started talking to us.

"Lady and gentlemen. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is we found your Mercedes."

"Sweet." I said.

"Yeah, it's over at impound now. We picked it up at 5 a.m. this morning parked at the Las Vegas Boulevard." The cop said.

"In the middle, that's weird." Phil said, rubbing his chin.

The officer nodded "Yeah, that is weird. There was also a note." He pulled out a napkin "It says uh 'Couldn't find a meter but here's 4 bucks.'" He threw the napkin on the table. "The bad news is we can't get you in front of a judge until Monday morning."

"No, Our friend's wedding is tomorrow. We have to find our friend, and get him married tomorrow." I said.

"You stole a police car." The female cop said.

"We didn't steal anything. Um, we found it." Stu said, trying to convince them.

Alan nodded "Yeah, if anything we deserve a reward or something, like a trophy." I placed my head onto the table.

"I see assholes like you every day." The male officer stated.

"Every fucking day." The female officer emphasized.

"Let's go to Vegas, we'll all get drunk and laid!" They began making whooping noises. I raised my eyebrow at their actions. "Let's steal a cop car because it'd be really fucking funny." The female officer looked at us.

"Thinking you gonna get away with it. Not up in here."

"NOT UP IN HERE" The male officer emphasized. I nudged Phil for him to save us.

"Oh, uh, sir, if I may, um, I'm assuming that squad car belongs to one of you." He said.


"Yeah. Look I'm not a cop. I'm no hero. I'm a schoolteacher. But if one of my kids went missing on a field trip that would look really bad on me." He said.

"What are you getting at?" Stu looked at Phil.

"Yeah, Phil, what are you getting at?" Phil looks at me for help.

"I understand what he's saying. No one wants to look bad. We gotta get to a wedding and you guys don't need people talking about how some obnoxious tourists borrowed your squad car last night."

"Exactly." Phil said, agreeing with me. The two cops look at each other. The female cop looks at her partner and points to the clipboard. Those cops were with the group of kids, showing them around. Oh shit!

"Let me ask you a question, Do, uh, any of you have a heart condition or anything like that?" I nodded.

"Yes, I'm pregnant and I have epilepsy." I blurted.

"You're pregnant?" Phil asked.

"Whoops, probably should've told the father." I said. The male cop raises his eyebrow.

"You aren't pregnant."

"Lying, I see."

"I do have epilepsy." I admitted.


The four of us stood there in front of the group of children.

"Thanks, Stu." I whispered.

"Okay kids, you're in for a real treat today. These gentlemen have volunteered to demonstrate how a stun gun is used to subdue a suspect."

The cop picked up some stun guns "Now, there is two ways to use a stun gun. Up close and personal." While the guys were distracted with each other the cop hit Stu with the hand held one. Stu screamed and dropped. The kids started laughing at his misfortune.

The cop was fiddling with the gun "Or you can shoot it from a distance. Do I have any volunteers? You wanna come up here and do some shooting? Huh?" All the kids rose their hands "All right. How about you young lady. Come on up here. All right." A young girl walked up to the front and the cop turned and faced us "Let's go handsome, come on." Alan started to move forward "Not you fat Jesus, slide it on back. You, pretty boy." Phil got this weird look on his face and walked forward.

"All right it's real simple. All you gotta do is point, aim, and shoot. All right?" The female cop stated. She nodded and was handed the stun gun.

"Ok look, you really don't wanna do this."

"You can do this just focus." The cop said, encouraging her.

"Don't listen to this maniac. Let's think this thing through. "

"FINISH HIM!" The cop yelled. She shot the gun, and I felt my heart drop.

"Yeah! Right in the nuts! That was beautiful." the other cop laughed out. I kneeled down towards Phil as he held himself.

"Phil?" His eyes were closed tight. "Babe!?" He looked at me in the eye. I smirked when I saw he was okay.

"Well done. Give her a hand everyone." everyone gave her a hand including Alan.

"Alan." I hissed.

"Good job, well done. That was great. Good. Hey we got one more charge left. Anybody wanna do some shooting up here?" The kids raised their hands, and he looked into the crowd. "How about you big man. Come on up here."

"Alan, you're fucked." I whispered. The small boy got up and glared at Alan.

"Okay same instructions. Just point, aim, and shoot." The cop said. Alan stood there looking at the small child. You could see the tension between the two. I turned away, as the boy shot the taser.

"There you go. That's the stuff. I like the intensity. Eye of the tiger. Good. You're holding fifty thousand volts little man. Don't be afraid to ride the lightning."

At this point the red dot was on Alan's face and boy shot hitting him in the face. The cop started laughing again "In the face! In the face!" Alan was still standing, although not very steady. "Oh, he's still up. He's still up. All right everybody relax. Take it easy." He picked up the hand held one and got Alan in the neck making him fall over "We've seen it before. He just needs a little extra charge. There we go. Some of these big boys, you gotta give them two shots. Alright kids, Now who's ready to get their fingerprints taken." They cheered.

As they left, I noticed I was still kneeling next to my husband. Did I just call him my husband?! Did I really call him babe?! I seriously need get my head back into reality.

"Come on." I said. I helped him to his feet, and looked into his blue eyes. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He said.

I sat on the counter as he splashed his face with water.

"Better?" He nodded.

"Yeah." He grabbed a paper towel, and began drying his face. "About you calling me babe..."

"It slipped." I admitted.

"Really?" I nodded.

"I mean, let's face it Phil we both have relationships at home. So there-" Before I could say another word, he kissed my lips. He pulled away and looked in my eyes. I pulled him in for another kiss, and this time we were getting into it. His hands traveled up my thighs, and my tongue was in his mouth. I pulled away, and hopped off the counter. "I can't, Phil."

"Are you serious?! You're with a guy that's cheating on you as we speak, and I'm in a miserable relationship with a woman I don't even love. "

"It's just a phase for him." I said.

"Are you-Do you hear yourself right now?! You're willing to stay with a guy that treats you like shit."

"Like you treat me any better!"

"I treat you a whole lot better than he does." He said. True, but he's not gonna know that.

"I'm not gonna have this conversation with you Phil." Before I could leave, he grabbed my arm.

"If I didn't care, I would've signed those divorce papers back at the chapel." I shook my head and pulled my arm away.