"Hey — you back to work already?"

Kensi smiled at Callen and Sam as she dropped her duffel bag in the corner. "Sorry, guys. I'm just here to get reacquainted with the gym. I've got two more weeks to get back into shape, and then you'll get to see me full-time once again."

She hadn't had a workout in so long that she'd almost forgotten what the inside of the gym at OSP looked like.

She was so looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. She'd missed her workouts like crazy…and she really wanted to look good in her wedding dress, too.

"Is Deeks home with the kid today?" Sam asked, pausing from his own workout at the punching bags.

"No, actually they were both right behind me." Kensi looked back through the open door to where she'd last seen the two of them.

Hetty had cornered them at the top of the stairs, and she now held the baby expertly in her arms as Deeks patiently stood by.

Their petite boss finally handed back the infant and went on her way.

Deeks cradled the baby securely in one arm and bent slightly to lift the empty carrier back off the floor.

Kensi smiled to herself. Barely four weeks old, and that girl already had her father totally wrapped around her tiny little finger.

She was a quiet baby, taking after her mother more than her father in that respect.

She didn't cry much, choosing to observe her world with wide blue eyes rather than loudly proclaim her place in it.

Sam was reaching for the baby before Deeks was even close to them. "Hey, there. Remember me? I'm your godfather."

Callen also took a turn holding her. "She got a name yet?"

"Larissa Rochelle Deeks," Kensi stated proudly. "But someone," she gave a pointed look at Deeks. "Thinks she needs a nickname."

"And I'm still pushing for 'Densi'," Deeks replied smoothly.

" 'Densi'?" Sam echoed. "How does that even remotely sound like 'Larissa Rochelle'?"

"It doesn't. It's a contraction of our names," he explained simply. " 'Deeks' and 'Kensi'— 'Densi'."

Callen spoke up again. "You do realize that Deeks is your last name, right? Not your first?"

"Yeah…but 'Marty' just doesn't blend with 'Kensi' like 'Deeks' does. 'Densi' sounds much better."

Sam just looked at him.

"What? It's cute," Deeks insisted.

"It's cute," Kensi agreed. "But it sounds too much like my name. 'Kensi'…'Densi' — it's just wrong."

"Densi Deeks," Callen tried out the name. "I dunno…I kinda like it."

His partner jabbed, "Well, it does beat just having a single letter…G."

"Oh, you are so lucky I'm holding a baby right now," Callen warned with a good-natured scoff.

"Alright — no bloodshed in front of the kid, huh?" Deeks interjected.

Nell entered the gym, her small high heels clicking across the floor. "Hey, guys — Hetty wants you in Ops."

When she saw the baby in Callen's arms she made a beeline for them. "Aww…she's adorable."

"Takes after me," Deeks replied impishly, earning an open-palmed smack from Kensi across his arm. "Ow! And her, too…"

She rubbed his arm where she'd just smacked him and rested her cheek briefly against his shoulder.

Nell put her finger into Larissa's tiny hand. "Hey — hi," she cooed in a funny voice. To the guys, she reminded, "Hetty's waiting."

Callen handed the baby to Kensi, who settled her back into the carrier where she'd be safe while her mother got some much-needed exercise.

"It's good to see you again, Kensi," Nell called over her shoulder as Sam and Callen followed her out.

"You, too," Kensi answered. "Bye, guys."

"Well…duty calls." Deeks started to leave too, but Kensi's hand pulled him right back toward her.

She stepped close, giving the front of his shirt a gentle tug. "Don't have too much fun without me."

His hands settled low on her back and he gave her a suggestive grin. "You know, I could just stay right here…and you and I could have lots of fun."

"As tempting as that sounds, I think you better go before you get in trouble."

But he enjoyed a lingering kiss from his fiancée first.

Deeks reluctantly pulled himself away. Giving a glance to his baby daughter, he said, "Take care of your mom, kiddo. Steal her donuts."

Kensi laughed, giving his backside a playful swat. "Get out of here."

The End.