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Daisy plucked the script out from under Violet's nose, in response Violet slammed her hand down on the table, hoping to stop Daisy from looking over it again; unfortunately speed wasn't on her side. Recoiling in pain Violet shot a glare at her sister.

"Like what is it now, Daisy?" Barley acknowledging her sisters words Daisy flicked through the script, until she came across a crisp white page with the exception of ACT III stamped in the middle. Her mouth became a thin line, Daisy couldn't help it. Worry was a strong emotion, too strong for anyone to fight.

"I'm worried," Daisy looked up from the script to meet Violet's demanding eyes. "About Misty in ACT III, she has to hold her breath for like the whole act. Even I can't like, hold my breath for that long." Violet snatched the script away from Daisy, anger obvious in her movements. Daisy looked over at Lily hoping her sister would understand, instead Lily shot her a look that said What did you do that for? Daisy sunk into her chair, she felt that her concern for Misty wasn't shared with the others. Wasted emotions are never a pleasant thing. Daisy wasn't sure why there was a sudden change in their attitude toward Misty, Misty used to be seen as the whiney, hot-headed and oh so annoying little sister that planned on becoming the world's greatest water Pokémon trainer. But now Misty had matured, her whining had ceased, she didn't blow up over the smallest things, and was over all a better person. Why? Is what Daisy wanted to know, maybe it was that boy she travelled with, the one with that red and white cap and a Pikachu riding on his shoulder. Shaking her head Daisy let determination set in; she was going to make the others see things her way wether they liked it or not.

"Okay, I like put in a few breaks. Happy?" Violet glared at Daisy who in response nodded firmly before grabbing the script and storming out of the room, leaving her two sisters completely confused.

"Like, what was that about?" Lily looked over at Violet who shrugged at the question. This was far from normal for Daisy and all Violet could do was shrug it off! Lily's anger quickly turned to exhaustion, after all she had just come off a plane and needed some rest, she'd deal with Violet later.

Misty clawed at the tiles around Cerulean's gym pool. All energy had left her arms and her nails were cracked but Misty didn't care, the only thing she cared about was finishing her practice and getting out of the mermaid costume. But she wasn't just angry about that, her sisters were nowhere to be seen when she needed them. Now she simply had to pull herself along the floor, not fun.

At least I don't have to wear that jewellery again. Misty sighed, looking on the bright side of things had never been her forte, in fact it was Ash that added light to a dark situation. And Misty knew she couldn't count on her sisters to make anything better for her, they were probably sitting around a table with coffee and laughing at their little sister.

"Hey Misty, like what are you doing?" Misty huffed in frustration, they had timing, Misty would give them that. Misty looked over at the source of the voice. Daisy was running across the tiles to her sister, completely bewildered as to what she was doing.

"What does it look like? You three were nowhere, so I had to hop here until I fell over!" Daisy nodded vaguely thinking of a way to help Misty off the floor, without breaking her nails. Misty saw Daisy look from her hands to the stranded mermaid on the gym floor. All Misty could do was roll her eyes as she reached out in front of her once more.

"No, no, no! Just like give me a minute." Daisy waved her long elegant hands out in front of her, eyes staying fixed on her nails, still wanting to salvage them. The sensational sister looked around the gym floor, her eyes lit up when she saw a sack truck sitting next to the supplies shed. It's blue paint seems to blend in with its surroundings except for the two blackened tyres at the base. A thin tray jolted out from the tyres, running along the ground, as pipes extended up from the tyres.

"Wait right there, I'll be like right back." With that Daisy was running across the gym floor. Misty huffed in frustration as she heard Daisy's heels clink along the tiles until she reached the supplies shed.

Hang on. What did she want from the supplies shed? Misty had a feeling it was going to be something bad, desperately Misty tried to pull herself along the floor but gave up when her body felt too heavy to move. Her body slumped onto the cold tiles, causing Misty to shiver. Suddenly Misty remembered the costume. Afraid she may have damaged it Misty rolled onto her back before sitting up, her eyes scanning over the mermaid costume, after a quick inspection Misty concluded that she hadn't done any major damage. At the same time a second set of eyes scanned over Misty, but they weren't focusing on the costume, they were fixed on her.

"So that's the gym leader, she defiantly has looks on her side, but does she have the talent to match?" The stranger left the pool area silently; he had years of training to thank for that.

"Daisy!" The man stopped cold hearing the desperation in Misty's voice. He looked over at the scene below him, shaking his head as Daisy unsuccessfully tried to pull Misty onto a sack truck. With little more than a sympathetic look at Misty the mysterious figure snuck out of the gym.

"Like, stay still Misty." Daisy wailed as her sister squirmed out of her hesitant grip.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Misty flicked her tail up in Daisy's face in an attempt to ward her off. "I'm making your job difficult and you still have to say like!" Daisy scowled at her sister while grabbing the fins of her tail and pulling it lightly.

"Hey! Do you want to tear it? To be honest I'd be glad if you did!" Reaching the end of her patience with Misty, Daisy leaned down grabbed Misty by the arms and pulled her up, Misty cringed under the force of her sisters hands but didn't say anything in protest, she knew Daisy wouldn't take anything else lightly. Misty managed to balance on her toes as Daisy allowed her to regain her balance, but with the toes of one foot planted on the ground it wasn't easy. With Daisy's help Misty managed to hop over to the pool, completely forgetting about the sack truck.

"Now we need to like get you up the diving board." Misty's jaw fell open.

Was she out of her mind? Misty paused and shook her head, wondering why she bothered asking herself that question. Hoping Daisy had dismissed her idea of getting Misty up the diving board, Misty glanced over at her sister but her hopes faded when she saw Daisy looking up at the diving board expectantly. Quickly Misty slipped into the water before her sister could say anything against it.

Misty closed her eyes as the water flowed around her, letting her thoughts wander. When her eyes opened Misty allowed herself to be swallowed up by the world around her. Seaking lead a chain of graceful Goldeen, weaving around coral reefs filled with Horsea which crawled along the sea floor, greeting a graceful Milotic as it swam over head. Gyarados twisted around his trainer before spoting the Horsea and swimming away. A small cave sat near the middle, this acted as a hiding place for the gym's two Luvisc. Misty started swimming around with the Pokémon letting herself get caught up in the moment.

Maybe, just maybe I could get used to this.

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