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Chapter 1- Amu's P.O.V

"Amu... Amu..! AMU WAKE UP!" a familiar high voice screeched. I sat up from my laying position instantly, and maybe a little to fast because I started to feel dizzy.

I held onto my head and looked for the source of my rude awakening, and found that it was my devilish best friend with her long pale blonde pig tails and her usual fashion. She was wearing a Black Lollita dress with black knee high leather boots. Her violet eyes were staring a hole into me, I swear if she were staring at a pan with a raw egg in it, that thing would be cooking!

"What is it Utau?" I rubbed my eyes and then realized something. "Wait... how did you get into my house?"

"You left the front door open." Crap not again! This was the third time this week! "Seriously Amu you have to get a hold of yourself! You've been like this for ten days! Ever since..."

"Please Utau, don't bring it up. I don't want to talk about... him." That's right, a guy made me like this, and not just any guy, the man I was absolutely sure I wanted to be with for my whole life, even though he was a perverted neko.

"Amu, I know how you feel. My brother is so stupid and dense not to notice you, but as I said before, you got to get a hold of yourself, and take back what is yours! Come on girl, this isn't the stubborn, independent, persistent, impudent, blunt, hard headed-"

"Okay are you complimenting me or are you starting to pick a fight with me?" Utau sighed and grabbed my hand, giving it a little squeeze and looking me straight in the eye, her violet eyes showing immense concern and determination to convince me.

"Amu, do you love Ikuto?"

"... yes, but it's to late."

"It's never to late! Amu fight on! It's like your mom would say!"

I couldn't help but smile at that, we both looked at each other and repeated those memorable words that my mom would always say.

"If he ain't married, he's still on the market!" we both said in union with giggle at the end. I felt a bit more cheered up. I gave Utau a genuine smile.

"I'll try." and with that she leaped off my bed and gave a fist pump in the air.

"Alrighty! Oh wait that reminds me," she stopped her happy moment and sat down on my bed. "Exactly what happened that day my brother told you?"

"Oh..." well that just ruined my mood. "Well you see.."


I was all ready for today. Ikuto-kun had asked me to meet him at the park to tell me some very important news. I was wearing a red shirt with a black heart imprinted on the front, a black blazer, a blue plaid skirt, with black leggings that had white hearts on them and some red converse. I had put a bit of make-up on and I wore my hair in a French braid.

I'm so happy! I finally get a chance to confess... No he doesn't like me that way... plus he had a girlfriend, but maybe they broke up! I haven't seen her in a while. Oh gosh!

"Earth to Amu... you ready?" Oh he's here! Oh gosh! I hadn't noticed!

"I-Ikuto you're already here?" He chuckled.

"Clearly I am." He pointed at himself standing next to me. His presence seriously just lit up my day. "So are you ready, strawberry?" He gave his, oh so famous smirk. I couldn't help but blush and give him a smile.

"Naturally." And with that we headed out.

We went to a cafe and had a couple of donuts, I was laughing the whole time because Ikuto had a smudge of glaze from his donut on his cheek, and he hadn't realized it until he saw his reflection on the glass window. After that we headed to the arcade and played some good ol' pac man, pin ball, street fighter and air hockey. I lost seven to five. When we finished playing at the arcade we went for a stroll in the park and went to are favorite secret place there, plus before we had gotten to are secret area, he had bought me some chocolate ice cream! Isn't that sweet of him?

We sat at are secret area, somewhere we found when we were kids. It was a cute little area that had a great view of the sunset with a pond right near it and a huge oak tree that was bending down, we used it's huge branch as a seat, and flowers grew everywhere. Only Ikuto and I knew about this quaint little area, it was hidden by trees and many people didn't like coming to this area of the park so it was all to ourselves.

"So Amu... about that important thing I was going to tell you." Ikuto started up. My heart started beating rapidly, but I had to keep it in control.

"Yeah, I remember. What did you have to say?" Then he gave me a smile, and my heart probably missed a beat right there, I was excited and nervous of what was going to be unleashed from those beautiful lips.

"Well you remember Kimiki, right?" He looked a bit nervous, I wonder why.

"Yeah I remember Kimiki, your girlfriend, or am I wrong?" I hope that I was wrong.

"No, she's still my girlfriend, well um... actually my fiancee. Amu, I asked her to marry me." After that I felt like time it self stopped, my heart halted and started digging it's grave deeper into my body. My throat went dry as I felt a lump in it, and right at that moment I wanted to run, I wanted to leave this area where my heart was being buried, but I sucked it up. I couldn't show him that I was weak.

"That's... wow. I'm seriously speechless Ikuto. I have no words to express how I feel." Well that wasn't all a total lie. But I did have various words of how I felt. Abandoned, hurt, anger, frustration, depression, jealousy but the most of all that described me was, broken.

Even though I was emotionally injured I gave Ikuto a smile, a fake one actually because I could never truly smile now that I was broken.

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