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Ikuto- 26

Utau- 24

Kukai- 25

Rima- 21

Nagihiko- 25

Kimiki- 23

Chapter 2- Amu's P.O.V

"Oh Amu, you should have confessed anyways!" Utau practically yelled. No sorry she actually did yell. In my ear. Loud. "I would have. My dumb brother is really going to pay for this one. How can he not see that there's an awesome girl right near him? I mean your as awesome as Kimiki, way funnier, just as cheerful, and your just great! I don't like Kimiki honestly... and blah blah blah..." I didn't want to listen to Utau continue on and on about it, so I just blocked it off.


Kimiki was my first real friend, ever. I met her a long time ago. Before I met Ikuto in second grade. She was my Best friend before I fell for him, and that's why I hadn't confessed. Because I still remember everything I went through with her...

Flashback~~~~ Normal P.O.V

Four year old Amu sat in her backyard, staring at a beautiful bright flower in her hand. It's vibrant pink and yellow colors captivated the young girl as it slowly blossomed right in front of her eyes. The flower petals were a bright pink, just like her hair, and in the core of the flower was a beautiful bright yellow, with specks of black on it.

She smiled and slowly stroked the beautiful delicate flower's petals. She skipped off to her mother and showed the flower to her, saying "Mommy! Mommy! Look at what I found!"

Her mother turned around as she finished speaking on the phone and smiled at her daughter's discovery. "Oh, well look at what we have here! It's a Alstromeria. It's a very beautiful flower, isn't it? Do you know what it means?" Amu's mom asked her.

Amu shook her head, but a bright twinkle in her eye showed that she was very interested in learning what it meant. Her mom smiled and grabbed her daughter by her tiny waist, lifted her up, and sat her down on her lap.

"It means Friendship, the long-lasting beauty of commitment and care. When you meet a special friend that you want to have a long-lasting friendship with, give her or him this, and I'm sure you guys will be friends forever." With that, Amu smiled and hugged the flower to her tiny body.

A week later~~~

Amu walked around outside in her neighborhood, her parents were arguing again, and she didn't want to her the horrible words her dad would yell at her mom. Her heart ached as she remembered the language her mom told her not to repeat that her dad shrieked out, and all she wanted was a friend to talk to, but she had no friends. There was no one in her life so far that she could share her feelings with.

"I shouldn't have to deal with that brat!"

"She's your daughter! How could you say that?"

She walked off to a small field of grass that wasn't to far from the neighborhood, and there she cried. Her small body shook as her tears ran down her pink cheeks. She couldn't stop them from coming down, no matter how much she wanted them to stop.

"Are you okay?" a small high-pitched voice asked, which made Amu jump up in fear. She quickly turned to where she heard the voice and spotted a girl. This girl was chunkier than Amu and seemed a bit older. She had short dark raven black hair and hazel eyes, her facial expression gave off concern.

Amu quickly wiped away her tears and stuttered out ", I'm f-f-fine." The other girl, not believing Amu's words, frowned at her response and walked over while Amu wasn't looking, and when Amu least expected it, the girl hugged her.

Amu was shocked by what the girl had done. Her tears kept on rolling down her cheeks no matter how many times she tried to stop them.

"What's wrong?" the girl asked as she hugged Amu , and Amu just broke down.

"M-my... my d-dad forgot it was m-my birthday... a-and... my m-m-mommy tried to c-celebrate it with m-me, but my d-dad said it was a w-w-waste..." Amu shook again in the girl's arms. Her heart just ached as she repeated those hurtful words.

The girl pulled back slowly, but not to far from Amu and made eye contact with her. Amu felt that her hazel eyes were looking right into her soul.

"That's not true. Your dad might say that, but don't you dare believe him." She hugged her again and whispered into Amu's ear. "Today is a special day, it's the day that the heavens brought you into the world for a purpose, and I'm sure glad your here living. Today is your day, and don't let anyone else tell you other wise. Happy Birthday..."

"Amu... my name is A-Amu..." Amu barely said, her voice cracking as tears of joy rolled down now, no longer tears of depression. This girl just made her day.

"Happy Birthday, Amu. It's nice to know that your living. My name is Kimiki." the girl said.


End of Flash back~~~ Amu's P.O.V

That's how my friendship started with Kimiki. Kimiki had always been there for me. When the boys would bully me, we would have each others backs. When we needed another opinion on something, we would be there for each other. When one of us got hurt, we would take care of each others wounds. When my dad, or her mom mistreated us we would have a shoulder to cry on. We stuck through thick and thin, and I never once resented her. I had looked up to her. Since she was older than me she acted like a big Sister, and I loved her like she was my actual family. She was the best, and nothing, nothing was able to separate us. At least that's what we both thought until the summer of first grade for me...

Flashback~~~ Normal P.O.V

"Your leaving?" Amu asked, her whole face was sunken, her precious smile was turned way upside down, as she saw Kimiki's mom pack all their stuff in a huge moving van. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Kimiki was now the one who's tear would not stop. "I w-wanted to so b-badly, but m-my m-m-mom wouldn't let m-me see y-you until t-today. I'm s-so s-sorry, A-Amu! I wish I c-could stay but m-my mom says w-we have to l-leave, were moving to A-America..."

Amu now was in shock. "Am-America? That far?" Kimiki could only nod. Both their hearts were breaking at that moment when Amu thought of something. "Kimiki wait here, please don't leave until I come back!" And with that, Amu sprinted off leaving a confused Kimiki on the sidewalk.

Amu ran as fast as her little legs could take her. She ran to her backyard, dismissing her confused mom, and looked for the flower patch they had. Once she had spotted the flower patch she looked through them and found the Alstromeria. She plucked the flower out of the garden, and ran back to Kimiki.

Once she got there she was out of breath. Kimiki patted her breathless friend on the back, until Amu's lungs had enough oxygen to speak.

Amu looked right at Kimiki and showed her, her hand with the flower in it. "Take it."

Kimiki, confused, did so and smiled at the flower's beauty. "It's so pretty," she said as she stroked the flower, and then with a confused look, glanced back at Amu and asked her ", what is this for?"

Amu gave her a smile. "My mommy told me that this flower represents Friendship, the long-lasting beauty of commitment and care. She told me to give it to a friend that I want to have a long friendship with, and I want you to be that friend! I hope when you see this flower over there in America, it will remind you of me."

Kimiki, again started tearing up at her friend's words. She gave her a small smile and nodded. "Of course, Amu. Friends forever! I'll come back, I promise." Kimiki said, determined.

"You better!"

End of Flashback~~~

And with that, she left. She never came back, until my twentieth birthday. She showed up and she looked completely different. She was a lot thinner than she used to be, and was absolutely gorgeous. Her raven black hair was so long it reached her hips, and her hazel eyes shined more than they used to. She grew taller than ever, and her skin was flawlessly white. That day, Kimiki also met Ikuto, and it seemed Ikuto was head over heals for her... It broke my heart...

"Amu... Earth to Amu? Are you even listening to me?" And I came back to reality. Utau's shrieking can do that to a person.

"Huh? What?" I blinked a couple of times then I noticed we weren't in my room, we weren't even in my house anymore. We were in Utau's car.

Hey and when did I change? I was sure I was wearing my pajamas awhile ago, and now I'm wearing a neon green shirt with a bunch of black hearts all over it, some black skinny jeans, and my red converse. I don't even remember fixing my hair into a pony tail! Let alone putting my x-clip on it. These blank outs are starting to worry me...

"Amu You okay? You seem out of it. Is it because were heading over to Ikuto and Kimiki's house?" Utau asked concerned. "I told you we could have just said we couldn't go."

Now it's coming a bit back to me. "Crap... um... no I'm fine. Just thinking to much that I blanked out." And also my heart just went into hyper drive, but I'll be perfectly fine.

Utau seemed suspicious, but refrained her self from asking. I'm sure she didn't want to get distracted on the road... like last time. I won't even mention what happened.

The drive to Ikuto and Kimiki's house felt long, but I needed it to collect myself. If I didn't collect myself I'm pretty sure I would break down right then and there, and I don't want to be weak in front of them, ever.

Slowly we made it into Ikuto and Kimiki's drive way and parked there. Their Victorian house was just beautiful. It was a light pale pink and white. I had always wanted to live in a house like theirs. There was a porch that surrounded the house and flower bushes around the porch also. I took a glance around the house, just to see if there was anything else I hadn't seen. It didn't seem like Ikuto was here. Probably working at Easter. Must be hard for a famous violinist.

I got out of the car at the same time Utau did and closed my door. I was already wondering why Kimiki had called us over. Utau and I took small steps towards the door, my heart was pounding of anticipation. Did Kimiki know that I like Ikuto? Was she gonna beat me up? Were pimps going to be in there?

Amu get a hold of yourself! Kimiki isn't that type of girl! I mean she gets frightened just by seeing thugs on the street, so she couldn't be like that... but people do change.

I guess Utau sensed my conflicting emotions because she started patting my back, reassuring me that everything was going to be okay. I just gave her a small smile, hoping not to worry her.

Once we made it to the front door, it flung open. Kimiki stood right there with her big shiny perfect smile. She was wearing a frilly green salmon pink dress with a flower on her hair. Oh did I mention we were total opposites?

Kimiki was the gorgeous girly girl, while I was the punkish- not so girly girl. She wore pink, I wore black. She loved flower prints and vintage, I liked skull prints and retro. She was the optimistic person, and I was the realist. She was very care free, and I was the one who was always over thinking. Get the picture?

"Amu-chan~! Utau-chan~!" She squealed in her high-pitched voice. She hugged Utau and tackled me to the ground in her embrace. "Oh how I missed you guys!" She quickly got up, and helped me of course then ushered us in. "Come on in guys! Take a seat. Excuse the mess~ Ikuto was working on a piece earlier."

"A mess? If this is a mess to you Kimiki, then my room is a disaster." Everything in the room was tidy except for some papers that were scattered around the table. The room was very elegant itself.

Kimiki giggled, and shook her head. "Same old Amu, I'm going to have to come over and help you clean, aren't I? Now sit down, I'll get you girls something to drink."

"No, were fine Kimiki. We just came because you had said you needed to speak with us." Utau said. She didn't want to be here either, I noted, by the sickly sweet tone she used with Kimiki.

Kimiki smiled and sat down on the couch across from us. She dusted off invisible dust off her dress and then glanced up to us. "I have something- well more like a request to ask of you guys and I really hope you'll say yes..."

I have another bad feeling about this, and I know I shouldn't ask, but I was curious. "What is your request Kimiki?"

Kimiki tucked a strand of her raven black hair behind her ear, and in a pleading voice asked ", Amu, will you be my Maid-Of-Honor, and Utau will you be a bride's maid?"

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