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Chapter 1

"Hey FERB!" the ten-year-old redhead shouted to his brother as he shot up from his blue bed sheets. He turned sideways to look at the purple bed across from him.

There he saw Ferb sleeping soundly beneath his covers, with his mouth slightly open and his hand dangling off the edge, hovering over an open book that was lying on the floor.

"Wake up, sleepy head!" Phineas shouted again, reaching behind himself to grab one of his pillows. He hoisted it above his head and launched it across the room, colliding it squarely with the green-haired face of his brother.

Ferb's eyes opened sleepily, and fixed on the smiling face of Phineas. The white, soft pillow that had now landed on top of Ferb had interrupted and muffled his restful breathing.

Pushing it off, Ferb tossed the pillow back to Phineas, who caught it in surprise. Now, Ferb was sitting with his feet hanging off the edge of his bed, looking at Phineas inquisitively.

"What should we do today?" Phineas asked him as he, too, sat upright on his bed.

Ferb stayed quiet for a moment, before smiling. He turned and grabbed his own purple pillow, and then launched it at Phineas' head.

Phineas felt the soft fabric hit him in the face as it bounced off and landed on the hardwood floor. Leaping off the mattress after it, Phineas dropped his bare feet onto the wood.

"Hey! Not fair!" Phineas giggled, reaching down to pick up the pillow. "I only threw mine to wake you up."

By now, Ferb had also leapt to the floor in front of Phineas. He looked at him and addressed, "I'm a light sleeper."

"No you're not!" Phineas contradicted. "I have to hit you in the face. Like this."

Phineas had turned and swung the pillow around himself in a circle, ending with a clean collide into Ferb. It sent him teetering down onto the wood floor, and Phineas stood over him, grinning satisfactorily.

But Phineas' victory was interrupted by Ferb, who reached up from his place on the floor to grab onto the side of his brother's shirt. With a yank, Phineas landed in surprise on the floor beside his brother.

Ferb tried to stand up again, but Phineas was quick. After only a moment to regain himself, Phineas stopped Ferb's attempt by launching himself overtop of him and pressing on his shoulders as they lay on the floor.

"Pinned ya!" he declared, as Ferb was forced to rest his head back onto the wood.

Ferb only grinned up at him determinedly. With a strong push of both hands, he had shoved his brother off of him and changed the sides. Now, Ferb had his hands on Phineas' shoulders as he stared down at him.

"No," he replied. "I have pinned you."

Then Ferb jumped off of Phineas and ran out the bedroom door.

"Come back!" Phineas called out in play, pushing himself up and sprinting after him. Poking his head out the door, he spotted his brother down the hall, heading for the stairs.

A sinister smile crept over Phineas' face as he started the pursuit. The last glimpse Phineas caught of Ferb was his back feet, as he slid on his stomach down the stairs' handrail.

Approaching, Phineas hopped up onto the rail and slid down himself. Sitting with both legs hanging over the side, he glided over it skillfully until he reached the bottom. Here, he flew off the end and landed straight on top of Ferb.

"Boys, boys!" their mom called out as she spotted them wrestling at the base of the stairs. "No fighting!"

"We're not fighting, Mom!" Phineas replied cheerfully as they both froze in their battle.

Ferb popped his head out from underneath Phineas' elbow and added, "We're just having a bit of fun."

"Well, breakfast is almost ready," their mom made known, chuckling at the innocence of her two sons as she returned to the kitchen.

Phineas and Ferb were both still lying on the floor, and found themselves breathing hard after their little tousle.

Phineas reached over and poked Ferb's shoulder with a smile, still lying on top of him.

"Blood brothers…" he started, still catching his breath. "…are brothers forever no matter what."

Finally able to breathe enough to stand up on his feet, Phineas bent down to help Ferb up by the hand. He continued, "But we'll be brothers forever no matter what, too, right Ferb?"

Ferb smiled at him, and nodded. Then, he reached up and gave him a thumb's up. "Definitely."

But now Ferb had changed his hand to hold up the palm. Phineas grinned ecstatically, before taking his own hand and slapping it. Then, they clenched their hands and gave each other a punch on the fists. After contact, Phineas spun around in place, returning to face Ferb as he pulled back his hand and wiggled his fingers happily in a display of fireworks, giggling all the same.

"Phineas! Ferb!" came their mom's hollering voice. "Do you boys want milk or orange juice?"

"Milk, please!" Phineas returned. "And Ferb wants O.J."

Skipping into the kitchen with Ferb following, Phineas hopped up into his chair. Before him already sat a plate of scrambled eggs and pancakes, complete with a cup of syrup beside it in the center of the table.

Across from him, Ferb had arrived at his own plate of food. He grabbed the cup of syrup and poured some over his own breakfast, before reaching over and placing it next to Phineas' plate. Phineas took it with a thankful grin and added the runny mixture to his stack.

Scooping up a few cut pieces of pancake with his fork, Phineas stuck them in his mouth as he enjoyed the homemade breakfast.

"We could put on a big puppet show for the whole neighborhood…" Phineas suggested to Ferb, as he also began to cut his food. "Or, the anti-gravity machine was fun. We could tie a bunch of chairs to balloons and float through the sky this time."

Their mom passed by the table and patted Phineas on the back. She suggested, "Or how about a Platypus Mansion for Perry?"

"That's a great idea, Mom! Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!" Phineas exclaimed. "Perry would love to have a Platypus Mansion. We could make it three stories, with a platypus-sized exercise room and sweat sauna!"

Candace, who had been busy upstairs and had not heard any of the morning conversation, came walking down the steps. She was still actively brushing her hair, and appeared to have only just gotten dressed.

Their mom looked up from the kitchen when she heard footsteps. Upon seeing her daughter, she mentioned, "Well, Candace, it seems the boys have their day planned already. How about you, honey? What's your schedule for today?"

"Oh, yeah, I…" Candace answered haphazardly as she focused on fixing her hair. "Stacy convinced me to go over to Jenny's this afternoon. Apparently her brother just flew in yesterday."

Phineas gulped down the rest of his glass of milk, before peering over to his sister in the livingroom. He asked curiously, "Django was gone?"

"No, actually Jenny has another brother that none of us knew about," Candace explained as she came into the kitchen and took up a plate.

"Oh, that's right," their mom remembered. "I heard about him. He moved out when he was eighteen and didn't keep in touch."

"Yeah," Candace confirmed with a full mouth. "Sad story, really. Jenny says they used to hang out all the time when they were little."

Paying most of her attention to finishing the scrambled eggs quickly, Candace kept talking without a thought. She flung her fork around for effect. "Apparently when he turned fourteen and went into high school he stopped wanting to hang out with her."

Sliding the quickly cleaned plate away, Candace stepped back from the table and elaborated, "Then four years later he moved out and they haven't spoken since. But Stacy'll be here in five minutes to walk over with me, so I have to start getting ready."

With that, she placed the plate in the sink and walked past Phineas. She pointed a finger at him and said directly, "So don't think about trying anything while I'm gone. I'll be back in an hour or two."

But Phineas hadn't paid attention to his sister's request. Instead, he had stopped eating his breakfast and was playing with his fork. His eyes were gazing distantly across the table towards his own brother, sitting in the seat in front of him.

"Hey, Ferb?" Phineas asked softly. His brother looked up and gave him a prompting expression, as if to reply 'yes?'

Phineas stopped for a moment, thinking of what he was trying to say. Instead, he just placed his fork back into the stack of pancakes and mumbled, "…Nothing."