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I should be dead. I know I should be dead, but I'm still alive, still living with my half dead self. Every time I think of death, I shiver, and it whispers inside "take me." Why am I not dead? That's a question that haunts me to this very day. I should be dead, and I don't even know why I am alive. Sometimes I want to die, however, I still want to live. I'm scared to go to the "other side." I've seen nightmares of the other side, and it taunts me to even think about the hellish place that we will all end up. Do you think it's possible to cheat death?

Not in a million years. I'm Rin. Rin Kagamine. I don't want to explain my life story, but it's going to have to be explained sooner or later. As I said, I should be dead. I've seen things that no human has ever seen before. It has tainted my memory, and id rather not explain it. I remember long ago, i was a sick hospital patient, waiting to die. My parents were visiting me everyday, and it gave me hope that I would make it out of here alive. However, all of a sudden, they stopped visiting. Once they stopped visiting, all of my hope began to fade away. My vision began to blur, my hearing screeched, my body to broken and numb to move. If my parents didn't care for me anymore, then why should I live? It was then that I knew it was my time to die. It was my only way to peace. I was sure I was dead, however, I wasn't. I was somehow pushed back into life, and given back my body that healed. Was it god giving me a second chance? No, it was a mistake. What I saw when I entered death, it was horrifying. I saw my mother and father, they were lifeless and dead. They were soon more more then just dust then. I remember calling for them, but not response. As I woke up from death, I was told that my family had died from a accident, no survivors. My mother, my father, and brother, dead. It crushed me, I wish I could have died with them. But I'm still living. How Ironic.

I was enrolled in Vocaloid academy by my aunt, not knowing it was boarding school. I usually make no contact with any of the other students, however, i know each and every one of their names. One of them draws my attention though. Len Kagamine. He has the same last name, however, that is common. But, he somehow connects to me in a way i don't know. I choose to ignore it though.

Sometimes,hear voice, perhaps ones of souls I picked up from the other side. Telling me things that are useful, or guiding me. I must be crazy. Today is no different. I'm playing with my pencil in math class, paying no attention to the teacher. The unsteady thoughts rush through my head. Unable to organize then myself, and pitch myself in order to restrain them.

"Rin Kagamine!" I hear the teacher shout.

"yes ms. Yuzuki?" I say as If I was paying attention

"if this equals pi, then what is the surface area of this?" she points to a figure in the board.

"35" a little voice whispers in my head

"35, yukari sensei."

"good." she continues rambling about pi.

Saved again by the voices in my head. As the bell rings for passing period, I begin to walk to my history class. But remembering I forgot something from my room, I stumble through the hallway. Running with my mind still whispering things, I hear a voice that says "Len Kagamine." puzzled, I feel someone crash right into me, probably at the same speed I was going.

"idiot." The voice whispers

"shut up..." I whisper.

I'm on the cold ground, my body trembling.

"Are you ok, ms?" I hear a soft male voice say. I open my eyes to see I bumped into Len Kagamine. Out of All people, why him?

"yeah, sorry. Please forgive me." I shake my Head. I see Hes already up and he reaches his hand out to me. For a moment, I just Star into him endless azure eyes. His blonde and messy hair, his almost grown 15 Year old body. I grab his warm hand and stand up. He held out my books and I took them firmly. He bows and walks away to him class. As I become conscious again, I realize I had my history book this whole time.

My roommate's are Luka Megurine, and Meiko Sakine. They are two of the only people I really have a connection with. As the day closes itself like a book, I return to my dorm room, and was awakened by the sweet smell of perfume, almost choking me.

"What's that smell?" I cringe as I open the door.

"It's me, Rin. I'm going out tonight." Luka sighs and she looks through her closet. She takes out a few things, but just throws them helplessly on the ground.

"I'm going out too. You know Rin, you should come with us, You never do anything on Friday nights. All you do is sit around and watch TV, or use the computer." Meiko Says from across the room. She's dressed in shorts and a red jacket as she shakes her head slowly.

"No, I'm fine. Nobody knows me anyway, so I'll just kill the fun for you guys." I reply back.

"Oh Come on Rin-chan. You know you want to." Luka begs as she begins to undress from her uniform into a t-shirt and jeans.

"Yeah Rin, do something special for once, please? For us?" They both look at me at once, and I have no choice in this.

"Fine, I'll go. But it's not because I want to." Luka smiles and puts her hands together. Her mature body sifts through her closet again.

"None of your clothes will do, Rin. We should take you clothes shopping sometime..." She pulls out a large shirt. Pushing me toward Luka, Meiko violently moves me to her. Luka undresses me and puts on the shirt.

"It's a bit too big, but I'll just get a hair tie and tie the extra fabric to make it smaller." Meiko ties my shirt and begins to look in her closet again.

"Ah, there it is. I saved my shorts that were too small for me just for you. Now put it on." I hesitate, but I put it on. I was surprised to see that it actually fit, and when I looked in the mirror, what I saw was completely different from what I usually looked like.

"Wow." I whispered

"Big difference Rin. Now go put your Bow on. It will look so cute on you. Then We'll be ready to go." I put on my bow and my clips and slip on my shoes. I look really mature, and I actually don't look too flat chested then I usually do. I grab my Phone and slip it into my pocket. I grab my jacket, and blink a few times to adjust my vision a bit more.

"Beautiful." The voice whispers. I smile at this remark. We all walk out of the academy into Meiko's car. Of course, I get the back seat, Like a child.

"So, where exactly are we going to?" I ask.

"We are going to my friend's party at her summer house." Meiko smirks as she says this.

"Which friends?"

"Miku's." My heart sinks. Hatsune Miku. I hate her. The voices inside my head do too. I hate her for a reason though. She is a diva for one. She's such a teachers pet as well, and always gets what she wants. The clothes, the grades, the friends, the boys. However, what makes me the more anger is that she's going out with Len. I don't know why this upsets me, but it make me want to punch her.

"Do you have a problem with that?" Meiko says sarcastically.

"No, not at all." I reply. I won't let stupid Miku ruin this night for me, even though I don't really care about 'reputation.' I couldn't care less, but it still makes me angry that she's with Len. Do I like him? No, that can't be. I don't have a crush on him, I never have. And It will stay that way, right?

As we pull into the driveway, I see Miku's summer house. No, It's more of a castle. It's huge, How could anyone call that home? And it's crowded too, just perfect. As we exit out of the car, I notice the door. It's a huge door, I wonder what exactly lays behind the door.

When Meiko opened the door, I discovered why exactly I don't like party's. People were everywhere. Literally. There was five floors, and on each and every floor, there was tons of people.

"Hey Rin, go mingle!" I turned around to see meiko waving away from me and wandering into the crowd.

"Man, what friends..." I whisper. The music is superbly loud, so loud I can barely hear the voices in my head. How do I 'mingle?' I've never been to a party like this, actually, I've never been to a party. Period. I recognize some faces from school, but most are just a bunch of random people I'm sure don't go to Vocaloid Academy. I began to get a headache from all of the voices that are merging into one big blob of noise, so I travel up the long stairs. At each floor, I see a whole different crowd of people, the higher I got, the less sober they were. Some doing something I wish not to speak of. A blue hair man, whose name I remember as Kaito. I could tell he was sober, at least for now.

"Hey." He puts he arm around me."Come over here for me, would ya?" without my words surfacing, He pulls me into the crowd. Pushing me on a couch he raps his hand around me. I push away from him, but he pulls me in again.

"Hey, don't be that way." He pulls in toward me, trying to kiss me. He was getting closer, closer. I was in panic mode, so in natural instant, I slapped him right in the face. I ran away from him, all the way up the stairs, imagining his red cheek, just sitting there in shock.

Walking up the flights of stair, I finally reach the roof, the only place that is empty. As I close the door, I finally breath the first breathe of fresh air I've breathed in the past ten minutes. As I begin to walk to the edge of the roof, I notice a figure standing by the side. It was a male for certain, and in his hand was a bottle. A bottle of beer? Yes, it was. But it was unopened. He was just acting like he was actually drinking it, but not a single drop touched his lips. Under the moonlight, his hair shined a lovely golden color. I stood still behind him, remaining invisible to him.

"This is useless..." I heard his voice under his tone. I knew his voice from somewhere, but I didn't know where."This is just stupid." I heard him say. I wanted to talk to him, but I restrained all of my words. As long as I stay quiet and go to the exit, he'll never know I'm here...right..? I begin to walk to the door.

"Hey..." I hear his voice. I turn around and our eyes lock. His azure eyes shine, and I know exactly who it is. Len Kagamine.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't snooping.. I just.." I couldn't finish my sentence. Instead, I politely bow.

"It's fine. I was just talking to myself. You can stay, I need company anyway." He smiles at me with his cheeky smile. I want to say no, mainly because I have a social disorder, but my brain makes me accept it. I walk to the edge of the roof where he is at. Looking at the view, It become weird fast.

"Why haven't you drank your beer yet? Not that I'm encouraging it..just asking.." I murmur.

"I don't like it. It's terribly bitter and I'm 16, I'm too young to have beer. I just took it because my girlfriend was drink it.."

"Oh..I see." I whisper. My mind couldn't help wandering into that zone it does when it's been around too many people. It won't shut up, it's like I'm inside the party again. However, I ignored all of the voices.

"So, do you go to school at Vocaloid Academy?" He asks.

"Yeah, I do." For a moment, I feel his eyes directly on me, but I refuse to look at him.

"Oh yeah, you're that girl I accidently bumped into today. I'm sorry." He said."Anyway, what are you doing at a party like this? I never see you anywhere outside of school."

"Ah, you see, it's a long story. My friends dragged me to this party, but I've never been to on before. I can barely stand it down there."

"Me too. This is my girlfriends party, and I have to go to all of them, and every time she's wasted. And so, thus Is why I'm here on this roof, when my girlfriend is thinking I'm getting wasted. She's going to be looking for me soon." A long period of silence follows, but I feel I can tell anything to him.

"Listen," He finally says."We haven't officially met, and never got your name. I'm only in one of your classes, and I still don't have your name."

"I'm Rin Kagamine, and you?"I say even though I already know his name.

"Len Kagamine." He replies. His voice makes me want to melt. Wait a moment, since when did that happen? I really enjoy speaking with him, but now, I'm enjoying it too much.

"I hate party's." I blurt out randomly.

You do? Why?" He asks.

"Err...is that bad?" I say."I'm sorry."

"No, I'm not saying anything like that, I just wanted to know why."

"Well, it's too loud. And it's filled with people I don't like, or don't know. I can't seem to fit in anywhere, and when you're at a party, you either get drunk or high. Especially Miku's.." I say."No offense to miku..." Instead of him yelling at me, he just nods.

"Hey, Rin, can I ask you something?" My stomach begins to bubble.

"Yeah?" I say.

"Do you-" He's interrupted by the loud slamming of a door.

"Len-kun! There you are!" I hear Miku's voice from the door.

"I'm sorry, but I gotta go, I'll talk to you later." He walks away slowly. No. I don't want him to leave me. Once he leaves, I'll be alone once again. Everything will be the same as it was. All the warmth vanishes once Miku closed the door. Len is gone. And Miku took him away from me.

By the time it was twelve, half of the people were drunk and knocked out on the ground. Trying to avoid stepping on there bodies, I begin searching for Luka and Meiko. I text both of them over and over, but no replies. It wasn't long until I found Meiko, passed out with a beer bottle in her hand, and surrounded by several dozen bottles. I sigh and begin to lift her up. I lift her across the house into the back of her car. Just perfect, look like Luka will be driving tonight. I venture back into the house and search for Luka. I thought Luka would be the one sober, but I was wrong, she was half drunk, still dancing, as if she just drank a truck of coffee.

"Luka!" I yelled at her. She turned around.

"Oh hey Rin..."Her voice was cracking.

"It's time to go back to the academy." I yelled to her. I pull her into the car and discover she's too drunk to drive. Crap, I'm going to have to drive. In the dark. In a place I don't know. And I don't have my license yet.

I have to say, driving at night in a place i don't know is the most terrible experience ever, however, I made it back to campus. At 2 in the morning. Drunk Luka and I dragged Meiko to our dorms, and I'm glad to lay in my soft bed for once. I hope I never go to a party ever again. However, If Len is there, I'd stay forever.

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