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My life is a never ending train that will soon be a train wreck. I'm Len kagamine, let's skip the intro here. I don't even want to explain my past, It's too painful to retell. I would tell you it if I could, but I can't remember most of it. I remember waking up on a cold hospital bed, people telling me who I was, and what I was supposed to do. I was told I had forgotten my memory, and it still never came back. I don't want to go into much detail, it's very complicated, I just want to forget it.

I have another problem as well. I'm going out with a girl I don't like. Hatsune miku. When I first met her, she was lovely and talented. Each time I kissed her, It would taste like strawberries, and she'd always have the scent of peppermint. However, time has passed, and miku has changed. She no longer smells delightful like she used to, very grotesque. When I kiss her, it's like kissing a pole, with a pigs tounge. And she's an dumb idiot who is rarely ever sane. I still have to go out with her though, because if I don't, she'll find some way to torture me.

Anyway, this day is going by so slow. Mainly because I had a weekendful of partys I had to go to. But the one thing that made me happy this weekend, what last Friday night. I remember it do vividly too, as if it just happened. I was going to get some fresh air because of all the alcohol in mikus house, it was overwhelming, so I decided to slip outside to the roof. Miku wouldn't notice, because she's got her body with a bunch of other drunk men. I wasn't expecting anything special of that night, all but my lonely self, starring st the beautiful stars. But I heard footsteps behind me, I turned around, and saw a small figure. A female girl, dressed in cold clothing. I felt warmed by her presence, and delighted that I wasn't alone.
"I'm sorry, I wasn't snooping...I..."

"it's ok, I need company anyway."

She padded slowly next to me, and a matter of words, I knew it was rin. Rin kagamine, a girl I don't know anything about. But whenever I was around her, I felt a connection, like I knew her from my past, as if I had forgotten something and I just happended to remember it. As we begun to talk, I felt safe with her, like I could trust her. However, our time was cut short. I was going to ask her something, but perhaps she'll never know.

The bell rung for lunch. Lunch, the best part of the school day. It's a time were Miku wouldn't bother me as much, and I could just hangout with my friends.
"hey Len!" Kaito waved to me from a lunch table. Gakupo was there too, and some white haired kid that was short, and easily mistakin for a girl. I brought my lunch to the table and sat down.
"len, did you bring my stuff?" Kaito said happily.
" yes..." I dug in the bag until I pull out a bunch of kaito's favorite ice creams.

"your the best!" as he begun devoring his ice cream, Gakupo sighed.
"he never stops eating ice cream.."he sighed. I turned my attention to the small boy sloaching next to gakupo.
"oh, this is piko-chan. He's a new student." Gakupo patted his head, as if he was a small child. I smiled at him as he waved shyly at me.
"Piko-chan, nice to meet you. I'm Len-kun." I stuck my hand out to him with a cheeky smile, and he gentally shook it back.
"Hello..." He whispered. All of a sudden, something distracted me. I'm not sure what though. I looked behind Kaito and caught a glimpse of rin, walking to her lunch table with her friends. Her smile made my stomach jump, and when she turned around to me, I acted like I was starring at something else. No. I don't have feelings for rin. I'm taken. Curse you damn hormones.
"Len-kun, your getting really distracted lately.."Kaito said as he stuffed a scoop of ice cream down his throat."what are you starring at?" he turned around and then looked and me again, this time with a large grin on his ice cream covered face.
"oh..I see.."he said as he scooped up the last of his chocolate ice cream, only to pull out a Ice cream bar. I'm surprised he isn't fat already.
"you see what?" I said to him.
"you like...no, Love rin-chan." he smiled evilly.
"no! I-I don't... " I studdered and blushed.
" I do admit, You keep starring at her. And you kept talking to her during history the other day." Gakupo sighed.
"I don't have any feelings for her...I have miku already." I crossed my arms.
"speaking of which...at her party on Friday, where were you for the first hour? Making love to rin-chan on the roof?" he teased.
"no, that didnt happen..stop it Kaito...That's not funny." I said annoyingly.
"Len-kun has a new girlfriend, Len-kun has a new girlfriend." he sang. I quickly cover his mouth.
"shut up! Can't you see that I don't like rin, I didnt do anything to her, and I never will!" I yelled at him. As I looked around, I saw that some people began starring at us. I let go of his mouth and he sighed.
"how disappointing..." he began to eat his ice cream again. After a while, the cafeteria began to become full of noise, and it grew louder and louder. As I turned around behind me, I saw a huge crowd of people.
"Wow.." Gakupo whispered.
"Does this happened everyday?" Piko asked.
"hey Len!" I heard gumi call from behind me."look at this!" Kaito dropped his ice cream on the ground when he looked behind me. As I turned, there was a large mob surrounded by two girls, two of which I could see. As I pushed through the mob, I heard people yelling "fight!" when I reached the middle, I could believe who the two was.
"Rin kagamine, today's a good day to die!" I heard miku yell.

Rin's POV

It's lunch, the most chaotic part of the day. I have to rush to get into the lunch line before all the food is taken, as usual. Today was no different. I sat next to the same old people I usually eat with, Meiko and luka. The voices in my head don't make is easy. It's not easy being hald dead and still eat. Whenever I do eat a lot, I end up barfing it all out anyway.
"sup rin." Meiko said as she finished her can of soda."how's life?" she said as she smiled as her usual self.
"fine. But I'm so exitied for our class trip. We are going to america, it's going to be so fun!" I managed a smile as I said this. Luka put her hands together and grinned.

"We are going to have the best of times!" Luka said with warmth in her voice.
"You should be partners with lover boy over there, he keeps starring at you." Meiko smirked. I turned around behind me to see Len with his friends, however not looking at me.
"Len's not starting at me.." I said as I pulled my bangs behind my ear.
"Len, so you know him? Rumor around school is that you did some stuff to him on the roof of miku's party.." she said with a mouth full of food.
"no...who told you that?" I blushed.
"gumi." Meiko said. Gumi, one of Miku's fangirls. She always finds a way to rap everyone around her finger in some fashion, and Miku happened to have a group of girls who had no reason to stay, but were taken by Miku's charm and promise for popularity. What idiots. And now since word had gotten around that I had done sometime to me, Miku will soon find out. This is just trouble, how did I get myself into this? I should have stayed home, and kept my mouth shut.
"well, nothing like that happened. We just had a nice conversation, that's all." I stated.

"what ever you say.." she mumbled. A long term of silence followed, and as I begun eating, I discovered I forgot to buy soda. I walked up to the stand and bought one, so cold my fingers where numb.

Stupid Len. Stupid Miku. They'll ruin my life for sure. I thought. I opened it my coke and drank. As soon as I drank once more, I felt a nimble hand tug on my shoulder.

"rin kagamine." I heard a high pitched voice. I turned around, and there miku was. The diva who was spoiled. The girl who was making my life misrable. Why is she talking to me in the first place, I'll ruin her popularity.

"I need to have a word with you." she said to me.

"listen, word has been going around that you had fun with my boyfriend on friday. I just want to teach you a little lesson not to touch my boyfriend." she frowned.

"but I didn't do anything with him, I was just..."

"don't lie to me! I know you to were talking about me. Planning something!" slapped me hard in the face. I felt people swarm around us and the air got warm and tight with air and words, declaring "fight!" I felt all eyes on me, and miku getting fierce.

"Rin kagamine! Today's a good day to die!" she screamed. Everything seemed to slow down, and when miku charged for me, it wasn't hard to dodge her sissy hits. However, time began to speed up on me, and it hurt my body with mikus hands. I felt the crowds voices getting softer and softer and I knew I would soon pass out. Just as I was about to lose hope, I felt warm and inviting arm.

"Leave her alone!" I heard a lovely goddess like voice say. I opened my eyes and looked behind me. I didn't know who that was. I've never seen her ever, and I don't know her name. She was beautiful though, her soft blonde hair that was so shiny that it almost looked pink. Her bangs were braided and connected together in a wonder fashion, and her clothers where as if she plucked them from a fashion model.

Miku smiled and looked behind in the crowd. She pulled in Len and held his hand tight. As if showing of, She began to kiss own right in front of my eyes, and once she was finished, she smirked.

"And that's a warning." everybody began to clear like nothing had happened, and the only one to aid for me was the goddess girl who saved me. She pulled me into the girls bathroom and got paper towel and bandages to cover my blood. I knew my friendship with Len kagamine was probably over. Tears began flowing down my face.

"are you alright?" she said as she grabbed a band aid.

"I'm fine. Thank you for helping me." I whispers in a voice not to be heard. But the voices in my head said otherwise. I was hurt inside, and I'm hurt outside as well.

"but what is your name?" I asked

"well, I don't really have one...but most people call me IA." she smiled. How could she not have a name?

"you don't have a name?"

"yeah, my parents abandon me when I was very young, so i don't have a name. And may I ask your name?." she said as she wipped away any trace of blood on my uniform. Her parent's abandon her? That must have been hard. At least I still faintly remember them. I knew that they cared for me. And when I lost them, it hurt me so bad. However, I can barely remember my brother, but it seems I had more of a connection to him then anyone. I forget his name, it was lost when I returned to the human world. A lot of my memories disappeared when I returned. All but the bad ones.
In a way, it's good she doesn't have parents or siblings, because she can't have a connection with them, therefore she cannot get emotionaly hurt if they pass on.

"I'm rin. By the way, I have never seen you at vocaloid academy before, why are you heere?"

"I'm a new student. Kinda. They are trying to find me an avalible room to share in the girls dorms, so right now I'm living in a motel." she said as we began to walk outside.

"that must be hard for you." I said as we began to walk out."hey, why don't you stay In my dorm? We only have three people and we have a extra bed no one uses."

"maybe,"she nodded."we can ask the head master." as we began to walk outside, I tried avoiding eye contact with Len, or anybody besides IA. However, I felt len's eyes try to make contact with me.

"it's ok, rin. Miku won't hurt you anymore." she whispered. Her soft voice made me smile as we walked to the lunch table.

"Rin, are you ok?" luka asked.

"you looked pretty beat up." Meiko frowned.

"I'm fine, it's all to done now though, that's what matters." they nodded, but then looked at IA.

"oh, this is IA." I said."she is probably going to be our new roommate." luka smiled.

"hey IA, im have the same math class together, right?" luka said. IA just nodded.

"I'm Meiko. I like beer." she said as she sipped her bottle of water.

As the bell rang, we said goodbye. Today was just another day, exept with IA, my new friend.

"that was a long first day." IA said as we entered to dorm. she set down her things next to the bed as the fresh sent of seafood carried through the air.

"luka-chan, what are you making to eat?" Meiko yelled as she was texting on the couch.

"octopus. You want some?"

"I think I'll pass.." Meiko yelled. IA layed on the bed and smiled.

"it's been a while since I've layed in a bed and felt like I could actually sleep." I smiled at her and turned on the TV. For my own unnatural immusment.

"hey rin..." luka said as she padded toward me, taking off her apron.

"Meiko, IA, and I have been talking about your fight at lunch...and, well, we think you like Len-kun." she nudged me.

"what? No, we've been over this. I don't have any feeling for him." I sighed.

"well, I talked to Kaito-kun and..." Meiko started."first of all he finds me really cute," she winked."and he thinks len might like you." Meiko giggled as she read a new text message.

"really? You think he does?" I whispered.

"yeah..." Meiko whispered. She got a new text, and she smiled again.

"Meiko, why do you keep smiling?" I asked.

"oh, you see, me and Kaito-kun...are going out now.."

" I knew he had feelings for you." I stated.

"I know right?" she jumped in her seat and smiled."And luka, how's it going with Gakupo?" Meiko said.

"better. He's starting to notice me now. He barely remembers me from 1st grade."

"ahh, I see. It looks like IA is the only one who hasn't been talking about boys." Meiko poked at IA.

"oh, me? Well...err.."

"c'mon, your secret is safe with us." Meiko smiled. I shook my head at IA, but she blinked and sighed.

"well..there was this other new student in one of my classes, actually, in our history class. We've only talked for a short while because the teacher paired us up together since we both were new. He's shy, but really sweet...I forgot his name..." she sighed.

"oh, I know him. Your in all of our history class during the same period, right? That's piko utatane." I said . She looked stunned, and then blinked a few times. To fill the silence, Meiko spoke.

"so, stoked for the trip to America?" Meiko clapped.

"yeah, I can't wait. But will we get to choose our partners? I forgot what the teacher said.

"the teacher said-" Meiko rushed to cover IA's mouth.

"the teacher didn't say anything. Meiko gave IA the evil eye and she nodded as if knowing what she was thinking. I still dont know, how trouble -some.

"if we get to pick, you should be partners with Len."

"stop bringing him up!" I yelled and stood up. I walked away into my room and slammed the door behind it. What a disappointing night.

Len's POV

It was terrible. Watching Rin being beat up by a girl who was a monster dressed as a young teal haired diva. I wanted to call out for her to stop, but I couldn't. All that I could do was stand and watch. My eyes began to water as each punch weakened her closer to the ground. But a girl immerged from the crowd.

"leave her alone!" she held broken rin up to her. Relief went through my chest, however, I felt something pulling me in. Next thing I knew I was kidding miku. Gross. As I took a breathe, I noticed I was infront if everybody. Even rin.

"that's a warning!" miku announced as she pull me away. She led me back to my table and smiled.

"don't worry. That troll is out of your life now." she whispered. She kissed me and ran off. I want Rin in my life though. There's something special about her. Is this...love? My heartbeats faster when ever I see her...no. Not yet. We barely know each other. It will be fine, right? I have a perfect life with all the girls I want, good grades, good friends. I couldn't let a girl like that trip me up, right?

"that was unexpected..."Kaito said as we began to walk back to our dorm room. "it must have broken Len-kun's heart!" he sighed.

"I have no feelings for rin." I blurted out.

"denial." he said sarcastically. I didn't bother to respond as we entered the dorm.

"hey Len. Catch." I turn around to see Kaito throwing a DVD at me.

"its a guide on how to get a girl. For rin." no words surfaced, instead of being angers at him, I smiled at him, because now I knew who I actually liked. Who was my soul mate. And It wasn't miku.

"ok, so reguarding our trip to america. Class, we shall be traveling to San fransisco." The teacher stated as I heard cheering. As I heard this, my phone vibrated, and under the desk, check it.

One new text message from: the ice cream man.
Yes! I can't believe we are going to San fransisco!

As I sent my my text, I saw another new message.

New text from: the Ice cream man

Yes, our plan will be perfect. Love you too.

I puzzledly looked at Kaito from across the room.

New message from: the ice cream man.

Sorry, that was ment for Meiko...IGNORE IT! I don't love you Bro! Not in the kind of way :P

I sighed as I closed up my phone and listen to the teacher.

"now, I will pair you up for the trip. There is an odd number of girls, so two will be paired up with boys." gasps went through the room as I looked around. What girl could I be paired up with? My eyes went to rin. Oh no. This could be bad. My phone vibrated again, and I opened my phone.

2 new texts from, Meiko, and ice cream man.

Meiko: ooh..looks like you could be paired up with rinny. 3.

Ice cream man:

Hehehe...I hope I'm paired up with Meiko-chan..so we can be alone..in a room. Or you could paired up with rin.

I was angered by this, so I just didn't reply. Then my phone vibrated again.

New text from: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Hello? Meiko told me to text this number..she won't tell me why :/ who ever this is, sorry!

I replied back. " hey, idk who u r, but im Len."

New text from: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Eh...this is weird...this is rin.

As I read the text, my gave became warm again and I felt myself blush. Damn you Meiko.

To: rin

Hey rin. It's cool, don't need to be all weirded out by it...we still friends, right?


Yeah. If your talking about what happened during lunch...it's fine. So, what's up anyway?

What exactly is up? My life is a train wreck. And, I'm taking to her. Not just any her, HER.


Nothing much. Kaito texting me with his ice cream crazed hands again, do its nice to talk you someone nice for once.

From: rin

Lol, Kaito is obsessed with Ice cream as Meiko is obsessed with liquor.

I couldn't stop texting her. I could just see Kaito and Meiko smiling in the corner of my eye. Damn devils.

Soon enough, the bell rang, and I hadn't paid any attention at all to class. Just to texting. But I have not regrets.

"texting rinny all of class?" Kaito laughed as we reached our dorm.

"anyway, only three days until we leave to America, we should start packing.

"agreed." as we began packing, my phone rang.

New text: rinny.

Hey, r u packing?

I don't know why I nicknamed her rinny...


Yeah, you too?

Before I knew it, it was night. Again, Kaito, the devil, was smiling somewhere in his bed.

From: rinny


"night, rin." I whispers as I held my phone close to my chest. Night, my sweetheart.

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