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Chapter One: Voice from the past.

The sound of dripping water made it to her ear and into her mind. That wasn't right. It was cold. She was freezing. That was clearly not right. It was summer. But when she opened her eyes it was dark. So complete that she was not able to see a thing. Her head hurt. Her feet were cold. What was going on? She had been with Ziva. Just two friends having a girls night out in the city. Ziva…

"Ziva? You' here?" she asked and felt sick.

"I'm here Abby." a voice answered to her right. It sounded like Ziva was standing and was fully awake.

"Where are we?" Abby asked trying to adjust her eyes to the darkness but it was pointless.

"Dunno. Woke up some time ago. Couldn't wake you up. This room is not that big, but very high. I can't reach the ceiling even when I stretch."

Ziva had obviously already tried to find a way out. "I think there is a door, but it's not opening."

"Are your shoes missing to?" Abby asked worried. Somehow that tiny fact freaked her out.

"Yes, but I still have my gun."


Tony stepped out of the elevator humming a song. McGee was at his desk.

"Morning Tony. How come you are in such a good mood?" he asked.

"Oh nothing special. Today is a nice day, pretty sunshine." he said easily while collating papers on his desk. He took a small black box out of his pocket and opened it. Tim was back looking at something on his computer, not caring what Tony was doing.

In the box was a shinny little gold ring with a diamond on it. Size five. He placed the box in his drawer and looked towards Zivas desk. Empty.

"Ziva not in yet?" he asked.

"Nope." McGee answered: "Maybe she and Abby had a little too much fun yesterday on their girls night."

"What's the problem with having a little fun, McGee?" Gibbs asked as he walked towards his desk, a coffee in his hand.

"Nothing boss." McGee hurried to say.

"What do we have?" Tony wanted to know, but McGee suddenly shouted "NO!"

Almost everyone in the squad room looked over at him.

"What's wrong?", Tony asked hurrying to Tims desk. There were lines of code streaming down the screen, like a program being executed.

„I don't know. A virus maybe."

But then it stopped and a window opened with a video.

Gibbs had also come to see what was going on. "On the plasma screen.", he ordered and McGee started the video.

"Boss it's live." He said. The background was dark, they just saw a silhouette in front of a camera.

"Hello Leroy." Raspy voice came through the speakers. "Remember me?"

"No.", was the short and honest answer.

"But you should!", the voice grew angry within an instant. "You destroyed my life after all!"

Tony and McGee moved closer to the big screen.

"Who is this guy?"

"I have no idea."

"Oh… don't worry." The anger in the voice had disappeared as fast as it had appeared. "I only want to play a game. It's called 'You answer or they suffer' You took away from me, what I loved and now I'll take them from you. Your fist goal is to remember me, the second to find them. Then you'll have to decide which one you like more, because only one is going to survive. Or maybe they'll both die." Another video screen opened next to the fist. It was dark but then a light was tuned on. Tony, Tim and Gibbs could see a room. Walls made of concrete. Grey and tall. There was only one door and two people. They were shielding their eyes against the sudden light but the team knew that it was Abby and Ziva.

"Every time, you say or do something I do not like, they'll be in pain. I prepared a few challenges for them. Deadly challenges.", the raspy voice whispered. "Now, start remembering and let the Girls Night begin"


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