A continuation of the previous chapter. Only a couple more sins to go.

Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

Often confused with love, it is purely physical attraction and has no lasting effect

Lust, that was one sin most of the people aboard the TDD-1 were guilty of. Anyone would be if they spent ten months of the year under the ocean. Kurz woke the next morning feeling... Good, great even. Not just because he'd had sex, because he had sex with her. He turned to face her, having woken up when she'd accidentally kicked him in her sleep.

He brushed the stray black hairs out of her face with a tender stroke. What had he ever done to deserve her? She was too perfect- there was no way he couldn't have fallen in love with her. And now after all those years of wanting her she was his. Kurz fell back asleep with a smile on his face.

He woke up alone.

He'd slept for an extra four hours and at some point she had gotten up and left. He felt empty and so sick inside. How could she do that? He got his answer when they met up back on the sub.

"It was a good night, Kurz, a real good night," Melissa told him when he asked about her disappearing act. "But that's all it was. Just scratching an itch." He felt his stomach disappear, how could he have been so stupid to hope that what they had was anything more than drunken lust?

He thought he might actually have had a chance to be with her, for more than a night.

He got his wish, Melissa would send him a look over dinner or walking through the halls, and they would meet up. His room, hers, a spacious closet. They'd greet each other with feverish kisses and he would make her call his name, sometimes needed to cover her mouth to keep from making noise. There were days where they met up multiple times, and each time Kurz felt like maybe he finally was getting his chance to show her how he felt.

"It's just sex, Kurz," Melissa said when he brought it up one evening. "It doesn't mean anything." He watched her walk away and slammed his fist into the wall, muttering to himself.

"It meant something to me."

Melissa just doesn't quite realize the extent of her feelings. It's easier for her to believe that they're both horny than the idea that there may be emotions there.

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