Chapter 1


Administrator's Office

Grace Academy

London, England


"Come in," a low manly voice echoed in the large room. The door opened and in came a young girl, her sapphire blue eyes sparkling in the dark.

"You called for me, sir?" she asked in a sweet voice.

"Yes, actually, you have been chosen as an exchange student to the Grace Academy branch in Tokyo, Japan," the man explained. Grace Academy is one of the most prestigious schools in England, next to Cambridge University. It is also the largest school in the world as it has branches scattered all around the globe. "Originally, we planned to have you go to the California branch, but seeing that you have Japanese blood, we decided to transfer you to the Tokyo branch. I suppose there isn't any problem with that?"

"It's alright sir," the girl ran a hand on her golden hair. "It has been awhile since I last visited Japan. I am sure my brother wouldn't mind. Do I need to know more of this sir?"

"No, no more. Just be sure to prepare all necessary things. You will be staying in a custom-made dorm according to your liking. You will be leaving for Japan tomorrow," the man smiled. "Until then, make sure you say your farewells to your friends, I will talk to your brother about this matter, I am sure he will be able to understand, seeing as he was once an exchange student sent to China. He is also the one who made the custom touches of your dorm room. Alright then Miss Davis, I'll see you again in a few days."

"Okay sir, thank you," the girl exited the room. As soon as the door closed, she sighed.

Angelique Mai Davis is one of the popular students in Grace Academy. She had rich, long golden locks that framed her pretty face and fell to her waist, blue eyes that held wisdom, slim and curvy figure, high intelligence that is too much for her to graduate as a university student, and great sports and music skills.

Angelique is known as the only girl to participate and win four Junior Boys Tennis Tournaments. Heck, she was only 13, turning 14, yet she managed to beat those 16- and 17-year-olds without breaking a sweat! She also brought the tennis team against high school teams in inter-gender tournaments and win. With her sharp eyes, she uses them in her tennis style, analyzing tennis (and also in archery). In the tennis courts, she is dubbed as the Ice Queen or the Dancer of the Courts. Her sharp hearing also allows her to hear things that are faint, thus, she can play with her eyes closed. She is also next in line to the famous Davis lineage, her brother being the owner of the world's largest company.

She is also a talented musician, participating in different music contests with her trusty violin and piano. She is also an excellent figure skater, quite a skill honed by skating all around the academy. All in all, Angelique is Grace Academy's most prized student. And now, she was going to one of the Academy's main branches, which was the Japan campus. Angelique wanted to be transferred to California, because that was where Kevin Smith, her childhood friend, was.

"Angelique!" a voice called out to her from the vast tennis courts of the school. Angelique turned around, only to see the vice captain of the tennis team, Martin Campbell together with the regulars, waving frantically at her.

"Martin, what's wrong?" she asked, noticing the frantic look in the stoic blonde's eyes.

"Coach Cole told us that you're going to Japan," he breathed out.

"Yes, and I have to quit the club," Angelique said, her eyes down. "I'm sorry, but I have no choice, I just have to count on you to continue what we started Martin."

"But, with you out of England," Martin started as they sat in one of the benches around the courtyard. "Who's captain?"

"Silly, I'm appointing you of course," she laughed as she turned to the other regulars. "There isn't any problem with that right?"

"No! Martin will surely do a great job Angel!" Lilly, twin of Billy Allen who composes one of the best doubles pair, exclaimed. "We'll definitely live up to your expectations."

"Yep, and besides, I'm sure you'll be chosen as one of the participants in the Academy Tennis Tournaments," Françoise Blue, the Italian-American partner of Martin, said. "Who knows, we might compete against each other."

They laughed at the tiny joke. But all of them know that they can never win against their captain. Only Martin can score 3 games against her in the regular team. Reminiscing old memories, they laughed and smiled at everything.

That day, they planned the future line-ups without Angelique. Martin Campbell would be Captain, placed in Singles 1 or Doubles 1 with Françoise Blue, the Vice-Captain, as his partner. Lilly and Billy Allen, the twins, would still be in Doubles 2. Arianne Campbell, Martin's older sister, would be on Singles 2 or Doubles 1 with Françoise. Max Kennedy and Brandon Lee would take Singles 3 or Doubles 1 with Françoise.

That night, one can find Angelique Mai Davis preparing her clothes, tennis rackets and balls, violin, and her precious baby Siberian Husky, Mint. Mint was a gift from her brother on her 13th birthday. Sighing as she closed her bags, she fixed Mint's collar. It was nice to know that the dog was loyal, obedient and over-protective of her. The dog wouldn't leave her side even when she has classes or tournaments (well, she stays at the side of the courts).

The administrator did say something about me staying in a dorm right? I guess it will be fine, I do hope Angelou didn't take money from my winnings from the tournaments, she thought. But maybe my sponsors were the one who spent for the customization of my dorm room? Lucky! Oh well, I'll be leaving tomorrow at seven o'clock. Good thing I have Mint, I won't be lonely at all.

Heathrow Airport, England

Terminal 3

Departure Area

Angelique stood in the Departure Area together with the tennis club regulars.

"Here Angel, from all of us," Martin gave her a blue-covered album with the words Grace Academy England Tennis Club Regulars in gold print. She opened it and saw pictures of her together with the regulars on their trips, tournaments, training camps, parties, and practices.

"We managed to do that just last night!" Arianne exclaimed. Angelique smiled at them, tears nearly leaking off her eyes.

-Flight 217352 from Heathrow to Narita, check-in is now in progress. Flight 217352 from Heathrow to Narita, check-in is now in progress-

"Well, I guess I have to go, keep in touch guys," Angelique said, hugging each one of them.

"We'll miss you Angel," Lilly and Billy muttered synchronically.

"Goodbye," the regulars bid her as she started for the gateway. She turned around, smiling as she waved a hand to them. Mint, in her own way, was wagging her tail as a form of goodbye.

Narita Airport, Japan

Terminal 2

Arrival Area

Three tall figures were standing at the Arrival area, waiting for someone. The principal told them to fetch the exchange student from England, thus, we find them here.

-Flight 217352, from Heathrow to Narita has landed. Flight 217352, from Heathrow to Narita has landed.-

"It seems the plane has landed, she will be here shortly," the glasses-wearing brunette of the group said.

"Ore-sama wants to know why she is so important that Ore-sama has to meet her!" the 'diva' of the group exclaimed.

"Maa, maa, Atobe, I'm pretty sure she's important that the principal wants us to meet her, nee Tezuka-kun?" the bluenette with a kind smile said.

"Aa," Tezuka, the brunette, agreed.

"Humph," Atobe, the purple-haired diva, scoffed 'elegantly'. "You are too kind Yukimura."

'Yukimura' smiled wider. Tezuka then spotted a golden-haired girl with a Siberian Husky beside her.

"That must be her," Tezuka muttered. "Angelique Mai Davis."