And there he was, challenging the Ice Queen without even knowing anything about his opponent.

What to do now?


Chapter 6


Room 2, 5th floor

Tennis Dorm

Grace Academy

Atobe Keigo stared at his ceiling, or rather, the roof of his four-poster bed ("You forgot to mention ultra king-sized!" "Sorry."). He had been awake since four o'clock this morning and hadn't been able to sleep since then.

The rich young master sighed, running a hand through his purple hair, the silver tints showing a bit. He was not one to dwell on problems which can be solved quickly. Or so he told himself. With that resolve, he began his looooooooong daily routine.

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoX


Tennis Dorm

Grace Academy

06:00 A.M.

Angelique heaved a sigh. She was currently eating breakfast with a large crowd which was quite the wrong decision. The food in the table was steadily disappearing as the regulars kept on eating.

I should've eaten when I was on my room; she pictured the fridge on the corner of her bedroom. She sighed again. She stood from where she was seated, going rather stealthily. She went to her room to retrieve her tennis bag and jersey, and her school bag. And her ice skates as well.

Yagyuu, however, noticed that she had gone from her seat. He wondered if there was something wrong. And then, Niou was again teasing the baby of Rikkaidai. He turned towards the door to the lounge and shrugged.

Surely, the girl would tell them if there was something wrong. They did tell her that she'll be able to depend on them during her stay on Japan. Hopefully, she would do that.

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoX

Indoor Tennis Courts

Sports Building

Grace Academy

Nobody thought it would rain this hard. Good thing the Academy had indoor tennis courts for practice when the weather was not on their side.

The boys had changed out of their uniforms into their jerseys. Angelique had to excuse herself to the females' restroom to change her own clothes. When she went back, the regulars were dressed in their respective team jerseys.

Angelique was dressed in her own London tennis team jersey. She was wearing a light blue shirt with white collar, dark blue and white strips on the side. The logo of Grace Academy England was positioned on the left breast of the shirt. The tennis skirt was a white pleated skirt, with two dark blue strips at the bottom of the skirt, which fell to her mid-thigh. She was wearing knee-length black leggings. She was also wearing her black Fila tennis shoes.

She spotted the three captains at one side. Atobe nodded at her. And she took that as a signal to go there in front of the newly lined teams.

"Everyone, this is Angelique Mai Davis. She's this year's exchange student from England. She'll be joining Hyoutei in the team," Atobe stated in his 'kingly' voice which no one can really turn against.

Unfortunately, someone just had to go against the King.

"What?! A girl in the team?! Unacceptable!" a non-regular senior exclaimed, rudely pointing at Angelique.

"I was expecting this," Angelique muttered. Then she said, "Fine, let's have a match. If I beat you, I join. Otherwise, I go."

She looked at the captains for permission. Of course, being a captain herself, she knew not to act on her own. An experience taught her that. The captains nodded at her. Though Atobe was a little hesitant at first.

The senior seemed reluctant initially. But he was reminded of his intent. He took his grey Technifibre TFLASH 300. The racket reminded Angelique of her previous opponents in England.

Angelique went to her own tennis bag and brought out her royal blue and black Wilson Three BLX tennis racket. It has always been her second favorite among her three rackets. It was her 'normal' racket. Her Yonex VCore Xi 100 tennis racket was her favorite. It was her 'Ice' racket. Which she uses only on tournaments.

Atobe signalled for Oohtori to be the referee of the impromptu match. He sighed. Looks like they'll be seeing her skills live for the first time.

Angelique was jumping up and down on her spot at the baseline. Because it was an impromptu match, she didn't have the chance to warm-up. Her opponent was looking smug at the other side of the court. Oohtori gestured for the two players to the net.

"Rough or smooth?" Angelique asked her opponent.

"Rough," he answered. The blue racket spun on the blue clay court and showed the upside down sign of A. Rough. "Service."

"End." Angelique muttered as she went to the baseline to do some light jumping. She wanted to finish this as soon as possible. So she turned to Oshitari. "Mind keeping time?" When the blue-haired boy nodded, "Thanks."

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoX

Indoor Tennis Courts

Sports Building

Grace Academy

No one spoke for a while. In the span of three minutes, Angelique had gracefully defeated her opponent in love matches. She kept her service-aces with consecutive Twist Serves. She continued getting receive-aces without batting an eyelash.

During the match, Angelique never left her position, shifting only on her left leg for follow throughs. At first, the audience thought it was a copy of Tezuka's 'Tezuka Zone.' But as the Seigaku rookie had explained to them, it was Angelique's 'Ball Manipulator.' True to its name, the move allows Angelique to manipulate the ball to wherever she wants it to land.

Everyone watched as the senior slumped to the court, sweating profusely, while Angelique was not even tired. She didn't even sweat a bit. The senior looked at her with weary eyes. She stared back.

"So, still think I can't join the team?" Angelique asked. The senior just shook his head quickly, as two seniors helped him off the court. Angelique just smiled and turned back to the captains' side.

With that, the Ice Queen was officially part of the club.

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoX

Indoor Tennis Courts

Sports Building

Grace Academy

The sports building housed 6 indoor courts, two courts for each team. But what caught Angelique's interest was the court covered with ice. It was the first ime she saw an ice-covered court. In England, the additional court was made of loose white sand. That way, playing in tennis shoes was useless. So they had to play barefooted, thus, increasing their leg strength.

Echizen noticed the attention that the Queen was giving the ice court. He went to her side after his practice match with Momoshiro.

"In the ice court, we play wearing skates," Echizen muttered. But he knew that she heard him. "Buchou said that it improves balance. And it does. But some of us still don't get the hang of it until now."

"Balance, huh?" Angelique mumbled. Something flashed in her eyes. But as soon as it came, it was gone. "Ice skating and tennis seems to be good together."

"Knowing you, jou-chan, you'd be doing well with that ice court."

"Want a match with me in that court?" she asked. "I'll ask permission, get us our skates."

"Hai," and the emerald-haired teen sprinted off as Angelique walked towards the captains.

Yukimura was the first to see her striding towards them. He turned to her direction expectantly. Her strides were confidence and gracefulness was present in every step she took.

"Atobe-san, can we use the ice court?" she asked her captain. The thought of someone being in a higher position than her was foreign to her mind.

"Why?" Tezuka was the one who inquired.

"I want to have a match with Ryo-Ryo," she smiled.

Fuji, who was just passing by the four of them, heard what Angelique had called the little prince. So he just had to ask, "Ryo-Ryo?"

Said 'Ryo-Ryo' froze midstep as he approached his 'jou-chan.'

"It's his nickname, he got it way back when we were still in America," Angelique answered.

Echizen winced. That nickname had certainly stuck to her and his previous teammates. He shivered when he remembered the begging he had to do for them to stop calling him that. Unfortunately, Angelique was the only one who kept on calling him that (besides calling him affectionately with agori(brat)), but he just can't talk it out of her. So it was stuck.

"Go ahead," Atobe voiced his consent. Tezuka and Yukimura stared at him. Atobe never gave his permission as easy as that. He always put up quite a scene before giving in. It was a rare occurrence.

Angelique smiled as she dragged Echizen away from them. She was about to have a match with one of her most favorite opponents. The Prince.

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoX


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