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Loki loved it when it rained. Thor was the God of Thunder but Loki preferred the rain. Rainstorms brought with them a nice cool wind that he loved. Each chance he got he would go outside to enjoy the breeze. This time it was raining in the late afternoon. There was still plenty of light and he knew Thor would be easy to convince as he loved to be outside as well.

Loki led Thor into the yard. It had slowed to a sprinkle but there was still plenty of puddles sparkling in the evening sun. Thor ran to the puddles and started jumping around trying to splash Loki with them. Loki's frustration grew until he had had enough. As Thor approached again to splash him with the nearest puddle Loki released the tree branch he had pulled down. It flicked up and let loose the droplets of water it had been storing. The mass of water dumped on Thor's head with a shocking wave of water and cold. He looked at Loki stunned. Loki looked at him for a moment and then began to laugh uncontrollably. Thor couldn't help but laugh as well. He had to admit it was pretty funny.

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