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The Warriors loved to challenge each other to test of strength games all of the time. If they were tired of traditional challenges they would often invent their own. One of their favourite games was a simple game based on a gladiator style challenge. Two opponents would stand face to face and place their hands on a one metre bar. Their left hand would be placed on the top of the bar on the far left of their side and your right hand would be on the underneath and the inside of their opponent's hand. Once in position the game would start and the first person to let go would lose. A simple principle but it was easy to get hurt. Thor would almost always win. Occasionally he would lose his grip and lose but for the most part his strength was enough to overcome the rest. Occasionally, just occasionally, he was even able to convince Loki to play.

Thor had convinced Loki to hang out with him for the day. Loki had agreed before he realised that Thor was going to meet up with his buffoon friends otherwise he would have weaselled his was out of it. He thought it would be a day with just the Brothers but unfortunately he had ended up sitting on the sidelines in the training grounds, again. The group had been playing their games and Thor had been winning more than even he normally did. It had been a successful day for him and he was getting very cocky.

Loki had seen enough. He hated when Thor got too smug. Loki would be the one that would have to listen to his stories for the next few weeks. He stood, brushed himself off and walked down to the grounds. It took the Warriors a moment to notice Loki, they were still being mocked by Thor.

"You wish to challenge me brother?" Thor chuckled.

"Actually, yes brother, I do." Loki retorted before walking over and picking up the bar.

"Haha, very well Loki, have it your way. Do not blame me when you wake up on the ground." Thor taunted and walked over and positioned his hands for the game.

They began by sizing each other up. They would each take turns in trying to yank the bar from the others hands and try to twist so they have to let go but none of the simple moves had worked to shake Loki. Thor had to get serious. He tried to twist Loki one way but Loki was ready. What Loki was not ready for was Thor quickly turning back the other way and twisting so the pair was now facing back to back with the pole over their heads. Loki knew from here he was in trouble. He had to think fast. Unfortunately for Loki, he never had a chance to think of a counter attack. Thor used his height advantage to leverage the bar over his head, taking the unsuspecting Loki with it. Whole body and bar came flying over Thor's head and in an almost 360 rotation, slamming Loki hard into the ground in front of Thor's feet. Loki still had his hands resting on the bar but his eyes were closed and his body motionless. There was no tension left in his arms.

Thor's mind began to race. What had he done to his little brother? Is he seriously hurt? Is he unconscious? He began to lean over when Loki's eyes slowly fluttered open and within a split second awareness appeared back in his facial expression and he pulled down on the bar. Thor was still so shocked by the scene he had completely forgotten they were still competing and simply let go. He realised as soon as he did what had happened. Loki had played him.

Loki stood from the dusty grounds and dusted himself off once more before donning an accomplished grin and exiting the grounds completely. He had won. He felt great. He would no longer have to listen to Thor gloating about his victories, for a while. So what if he was not sure if he had indeed lost consciousness or not, Thor did not need to know that!

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