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_With AU Dami_ Wayne Manor_ Time 10: AM

How do you tell your son that you know he is from another universe? Say it bluntly or lead up to it? Bruce knew the matter was stressing Damian out to the point where the child put himself in danger trying to sabotage his mission just because this mystery man chose to expose him. Maybe he should wait to talk to the boy so he could track down the man who had been sending the messages to Damian. He looked down at the Phone in his hands, Damian had no idea he had the device and if the boy found out he had lost it he would probably go into hysterics thinking his cover was blown.

"Alfred, tell Damian to meet me in the gym please." Bruce asked his Butler who made his way up the house to Bruce's room. The boy was still sharing a room with his father because the child still suffered nightmares in the night, another thing Bruce would get to the bottom of when Damian arrived. Alfred soon made his reappearance with Damian in tow, the boy's droopy face evidently showed that he had just woken up. When eye contact was made with his father he became alert as his eyes widened in attention.

"Young Master Damian is here sir" Alfred said courteously stepping aside and making his way back to the kitchen.

"I'm sorry it took me so long to come downstairs daddy, I was still asleep" Damian said almost ashamed looking down at his feet.

"That's alright son, at least you got some rest after the mad week you have been having." Bruce said calmly as he placed his two hands on Damian's shoulders offering the boy comfort. Bruce motioned for his son to sit on the Blue mat which was a few paces away from the two. Damian looked around and took in the surroundings of the room around him: Standard exercise machines, Blue mats stacked in the corner and Poles scattered around most likely where Dick used to practise his acrobatics. Bruce was quiet, most likely thinking hard of how to come about and tell Damian what was on his mind or how to break the news.

"Damian, I know you are from another universe." Bruce said as he decided to go for the blunt approach to telling his son. It a bad idea because as soon as he revealed what he knew, the boy's expression switched from calm and attentive to panic and fear. Damian's blue eyes started watering and he shook his head as if he didn't believe what was happening, it wasn't true! He did everything he was told to do!

"But I" –Damian Hyperventilates- "please don't hurt me! I…..I… am" -Damian Hyperventilates- "so sorry for lying to you!" The boy couldn't control his emotions, he was sobbing loudly and he felt to just go into a corner and die, he knew this was too good to be true and that he would have to give it back one day, the life he was living here was way too good. His father surprised him and wrapped his arms around him, he tried to escape not thinking himself worthy but his father was far too strong for him and soon he just melted into the Man's embrace.

"Listen, Damian, you are my little boy, nothing will change that, even though you haven't been with me all of your life, I am still technically your father and I made a promise to protect you the day you were born." Bruce said in a hushed tone as he hugged Damian tightly, refusing to let the boy go much to his protest.

"Now, the only thing I know is that you aren't from this universe, I need you to tell me the rest so I know how to move forward and help you and the other Damian." Bruce said separating himself from his son, He wiped the boy's wet eyes with his thumb and rubbed his back softly.

"The version of you in my universe…..he…. he hits me" Damian said shakily still clearly upset bringing up his past. "I'm sor…. I can't…. I…. I can't say anymore"

"Damian calm down son, I won't do anything to hurt you, please know that I won't be mad at you for telling me anything, but I need to know everything if I am going to help you and the other Damian." Bruce said supressing his anger on the revelation that this Damian was abused back home. No wonder the child craved so much love and affection.

"I will tell you everything I know father, I promise." Damian said trying to keep calm."My mother died from childbirth and my father blames me for the loss of her life and beats me whenever he has the excuse" Damian paused wiping his eyes vigorously to prevent more tears from falling. "I have no training what so ever in martial arts. I cannot defend myself but my father still made me Robin knowing this fact so that criminals would add to the bruises I already had. My brothers back home are powerless to stop him as I am secluded from them and I miss them so much"-one tear falls- Damian valiantly tried to keep a brave face as he explained his fucked up life to the dream version of his father, a man he could probably not live without.

"Damian I don't know how son but I will fix this, I will fix it all!" Bruce said trying to convince himself more than Damian. "I will start by training you, you will come on missions with me and you will learn how to properly defend yourself!" The father and son locked eyes, Bruce trying to convince Damian he would fix things and Damian pleading for the man not to hate him.

"Thank you father." Damian said loosely looking away. He left out the 'Dad' because he did not feel worthy to call the man that after deceiving him for so long, also he wasn't really this man's son, he was just an imposter….

"Damian, I am still your father as well even though you do not believe that. I won't reject you just because you aren't the Damian I am accustomed to" Bruce said obviously catching onto what the boy was thinking because of the absence of affection from the boy.

"Son, one more thing…..you need to tell me where you got the phone from."

"Uhm…..well….A mystery Man attacked me in my bedroom 4 days ago and….."

Before Damian could finish, one of Batman's freeze blast gadgets was smashed at the base of his feet and soon both him and his father was frozen in place as the gas hardened.

"You have to be fucking kidding me!" Tim said emerging from his hiding place behind one of the pillars in the gym suited in his red robin uniform. "He is from another fucking universe and you still treat him like fucking royalty" Tim said clearly pissed off at Bruce then proceeded to punch the wall next to him in anger.

"And you" Tim said turning his attention to Damian. "Learn to listen to orders properly you worthless demon! I told you to sabotage his mission so that he would HATE YOU! NOT so that he would have even more sympathy for you! If you learnt to listen then it wouldn't have to come to this" Rage clearly showing as Tim spoke to his younger brother.

"Tim… why would you do this?" Bruce said obviously confused. He then realised without the teen telling him his motives. He was so fucking blind; he should've suspected him from the beginning! Tim and Damian never got along!

"Yeah, 'dad' you realise now don't you! Ever since he has come into the fucking picture you have forgotten about me!" Tim said angrily. Bruce struggled in his frozen state to use his head to press the panic button located near the both of them.

"Don't even bother calling Dick or Alfred; they didn't expect me to sneak up on them so I sedated them both!" Tim pressed a button that lit up red and he placed it in his pocket.

"I've got a surprise for you both! It will be here soon."

"Tim! This is crazy, I haven't forgotten about you!" Tim ignored Bruce and walked over to the pair; he extended his weapon and smacked it across the mid-section of Damian smashing the ice and sending the boy across the room, knocking him out cold.

"Sure you haven't! After this brat is dead it can go back to how it was without him!"

"Tim you wouldn't dare!" Bruce snarled looking at Tim.

_Flashback 10 years ago_

"Congratulations Mr Wayne, it's a healthy baby boy
" the doctor said handing the new-born to Bruce.

"Where is Talia? How is she doing?"
Bruce asked worried.

"I'm sorry but she didn't make it Sir" The doctor said lying, he was told to say th
at by Talia. She wanted to have a sleeper agent that she could later replace with a clone of the boy
so that he would follow orders and also have the trust of his father. (
That plan failed of course)

"I see….
I guess our son Damian is her last gift to the world" Bruce said very solemnly "I will protect you with my life, I promise you that my little boy" Bruce said looking at the wrapped up baby in his arms. Damian had blue eyes that matched his father's and he just stared widely at the man who held him. No crying whatsoever which was very unusual for a new-born.

-Wayne manor, a few hours later-

"Dick, Jason, Tim, meet your little brother, Damian" Bruce said quietly as
he showed Damian who just stared wide eyed at his brothers

"Dad he is so tiny! Can I hold him
pleaseeeeee?" Dick's reaction was obviously happy and excited,it was what Bruce expected.

"Eh, he's nothing special and there's nothing cool about a crying baby, Dick!" Jason said crossing his arms; again his reaction was expected by Bruce.

"Daddy, he's cute and all but when are you taking him back?" Tim said obviously confused, Bruce had not expected
this; he thought Tim would love a little brother to play with.

"Tim, I don't think you get it…He is your little brother and he is coming to live with us." Bruce said trying to explain to the second youngest.

"Well, I don't like him" Tim said then proceeded to pinch Damian on his little arm causing the baby to cry very
, very loudly.

, why did you do that?" Bruce said trying to calm the baby down. "Dick please take Tim to his room I'll talk to him later" Bruce said bouncing Damian up and down.

_Zoom out of flashback_

"Of course I wouldn't kill my own little brother! I'm not a monster!" Tim said amused. "I'm not sure if the league of Assassins will though"

"Ahh it's you! Thank you for your call Tim, I'll take things from here" Talia said as she appeared from the shadows sword in hand and walked towards the incapacitated Damian.

Dun Dun Dun

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