Hey guys! I'm back with another fanfic on Stolen by Lucy Christopher. It's also a songfic based on the song Different Worlds by Jes Hudak. (Listen to the song, it's so prettiful!) Please R&R. Enjoy!

~Different Worlds~

There was me.

I've been out on the ocean

Sailing alone, travelling nowhere…

London. A sea of nameless faces. So easy to get lost, to forget who I am. So many people, yet I still feel so alone. I've been here for all those years, leading a meaningless life. Surviving, but not living.

And then there was you.

You've been running on hard ground

With just you around, your heartbeat's the only sound…

The desert. Down in outback Australia, an endless stretch of sand and sky. Of emptiness. Where there's no one, nothing. Just you. You and your own world. Where you make your own rules, paint your own life. No one and nothing is there to stop you.

And then you found me.

So I'll look out for a lighthouse

See through the fog, search the horizon…

I searched for forever, but what was I searching for?

You'll be like in the movies

Where everything stops, you can see clearly now…

And then I found you.

But I know once in a while we will find

The sound of your heart beats with mine…

In that instant, my life changed completely. You took me away from everything I had, all I've ever known. To someplace else.

Your world.

And when it's time

I'll leave the ocean behind…

You showed me something else, taught me about something I never thought possible. Something so very different from my own world.

I'll leave the ocean behind…

But slowly, I grew to love your world.

'Cos I know once in a while we will find

The sound of your heart beats with mine…

My world, London, started to fade into the past.

And someday, the crash of the waves will be far away

And I will sail into your arms…

I grew to love you, too.

'Cos when it's time

I'll leave the ocean behind.

~The End~

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