Chapter 1

A certain chill filled the night air in the little town of Cabot cove, the sky that was only lit by the stars above seemed to produce an unsettling atmosphere. Two figures linked arm in arm, slowly strolled into the brightness of the street lights and continued to saunter down the road.

"That was such a beautiful adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, I think Eve played the part very well Seth" exclaimed Jessica.

"A'yep, say Jess did you notice that odd looking fellow sitting in the back stalls?" Replied Seth.

Jessica glanced at the doctor, as if to question his seriousness of what he had just asked. Seth, noticing Jessica's expression, took it upon himself to question whether or not the figure was just simply a work of his imagination.

"Oh dear must just be my eyes, there not as good as they used to be you know" he exclaimed. With that they both continued on down the road, towards Jessica's house discussing their favourite sections of the play. Unbeknownst to both of them, the very same figure that Seth thought was just a character in his imagination, was in hot pursuit, ensuring to be concealed within the shadows of the night. However as the night grew old, the figure seemed to disappear amongst the darkness.

By this time Seth and Jessica had just reached her front gate, which was only lit by a simple street light.

"Well Seth that was such a lovely evening, I enjoyed it very much" said Jessica

"I enjoyed it too" he paused.

"Well I best be leavin' you to get some shut eye, you'll want a bright and early start in the morning" answered Seth. Just as he leaned in to kiss Jessica on the cheek, he suddenly froze to the sound of rustling in the bushes.

"Jess, did you hear that?" he whispered.

Jessica slowly panned around to where the rustling noise had come from to see a shadow lurking in the bushes. Unnerved and startled she called out to the dark figure.

"Who's there?" she cried. Her voice starting to crumble in fear, as the figure walked into the dull light of the street lamp. Both Seth and Jessica stood fixated on the figure that had revealed itself. There in front of them both stood a man, around 5 foot 8, his face concealed by a black balaclava, dressed in full black clothes. Jessica stepped forward.

"What do you want from us?" she asked.

"I want what's rightfully mine" the man replied.

"Now see hear young fellow, we don't have anything that belongs to you" Seth interjected. By which time he had tried to pull Jessica towards her garden path, trying to distance her from the danger.

"Oh I think you do" he answered. With that the man pulled his right hand out of his pocket to reveal a small pocket pistol, which he directed towards Jessica.

"Jessica, Look out!" cried Seth.