Chapter 4

There in front of Jessica stood a very out of breath Mort, the sweat dripping from his brow. His face displayed a pained expression, as his eyes drifted down to see the mortally wounded body of Seth.

By this time Jessica appeared to be in a state of shock, she was rocking back and forth cradling his body. Her cheek pressed firmly against his, the tears streaming from her reddened eyes.

"What... What Happened" gasped a very out of breath Mort.

Jessica withdrew from Seth's cheek, but still remained clutching him tightly.

" He just... he just pulled out a pistol...and..." she broke down into a flood of tears. Relief seemed to take over her for just a second, but it was then overwhelmed by a solid fear that it was already too late.

Seeing the panic and fear in her eyes, Mort knelt down to Jessica's side:

"Jessica, I need you to listen to me this is very important"

She didn't seem to respond as if she was in a trance like state. Her eyes seemed transfixed onto Seth. Mort knew he needed to get an answer, he reached his hand out to touch her cheek and guided her eyes to meet his. This was the first time that he had ever seen her so traumatised and helpless and it suddenly became apparent that the secret she had kept so close to her heart was finally bringing itself to the surface.

Mort spoke again to her, this time in a softer tone "Jessica, I need the keys to your house if I can get some help for Seth, you need to listen to me"

Realising what the sheriff had just said, she released her grip on Seth for a moment just long enough for her to reach into her handbag and pull out a set of keys, which she placed into Mort's hand. With that he sprinted towards Jessica's front door to call for help.

What seemed like an hour was simply just minutes, before Mort appeared out of Jessica's front door, sprinting towards their direction. Once again he knelt beside them both, this time reaching out for Jessica's hand, placing his own on top of hers. He then leaned in closer, reached out his other hand and turned her face towards his own.

He then uttered five words "Everything's going to be ok"