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If you haven't read my first one, I'd encourage you to do so because there will be references made to it and it's a pretty good read, at least in my opinion. But it's not like you have to or anything, so if you just wanna read this one, it's all good.

Now let's get started! The 43rd Hunger Games is now a go!

"Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice."

"Robert Frost…" President Snow said thoughtfully, as the Head Gamemaker finished reciting the famous poem.

They had returned to the rose-filled garden to discuss the next Hunger Games. Just a year ago, they had sat in the very same place, going over the Games that would take place in a pristine city by the ocean. But that city had long since been destroyed by natural disasters. 23 of the 24 tributes had perished in one way or another.

For a while, the 42nd Hunger Games was all anyone could talk about. Tourists visited the ruined arena and reenacted the deaths of the tributes. But now, they were merely memories. Excitement for the next Games had pushed the previous one from everyone's mind.

"This poem inspired the arena for this year's Games." The Head Gamemaker explained, looking proud of herself. "It's not as flashy as last year's arena, since the audience will want to be seeing something different. It'll be more along the lines of a wilderness setting. It won't have cute commodities such as the Ferris wheel and the tributes will have a much harder time getting by."

"Excellent." Snow said tersely, "I was very pleased with your work last year—the President Snow Cones stand? Brilliant. I am sure this year will not disappoint at all. May I see the list of tributes?"

She obliged, handing him the list of contestants for the 43rd Games.

District 1 (Luxury)

M: Saffron Le Bel (16)

F: Ravish Blackwell (18)

District 2 (Masonry)

M: Zane Ronan (16)

F: Adrenaline Rush (17)

District 3 (Technology)

M: Seth Strider (17)

F: Baye Johnson (14)

District 4 (Fishing)

M: Dominic Goldanchor (15)

F: Kelsea Cutthroat (16)

District 5 (Power)

M: Lucifer "Luke" Haze (17)

F: Amara Lynn Keeler (15)

District 6 (Transportation)

M: Roam Ramble (18)

F: Ember Font (15)

District 7 (Lumber)

M: Ivan Kazankov (18)

F: Angela Pax Autumn (12)

District 8 (Textiles)

M: Hapi M. Saltzman (17)

F: Hera Sinclair (15)

District 9 (Grain)

M: Emmett Bandy (16)

F: Scarlet Kirkland (16)

District 10 (Livestock)

M: Jarek Damon (14)

F: Galloway Anson (15)

District 11 (Agriculture)

M: Kalin Barry (17)

F: Tiger-Lilly Sorna (14)

District 12 (Mining)

M: Bentley Rivera (14)

F: Beatriss "Bea" Thrett (15)

"Interesting…" President Snow said thoughtfully, "Well, I'm looking forward to seeing how each of these children die. You may go."

"Thank you, Mr. President." The Head Gamemaker beamed. Then she gathered up her things and left, her mind overflowing with ideas to perfect her latest arena.

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